Animal Cross-Breeds

Think you know your cross-breeds? Try this quiz...

Points available: 10


A chausie cat is a cross between:

  • A) A jungle cat and a house cat
  • B) A Siamese and a Maine coon
  • C) A bobcat and a lynx
  • D) Two feral cats

A cama is a cross between:

  • A) A cat and a mongoose
  • B) A cow and a moose
  • C) A camel and a llama
  • D) A cockatiel and a macaw

What is the difference between a hinney and a mule?

  • A) Size
  • B) Age
  • C) Breed of horses bred together
  • D) Gender of the respective horse and mule

Which is not a name for a horse/zebra crossbreed?

  • A) Zebroid
  • B) Zorse
  • C) Zedonk
  • D) Zetland

Which is the result of breeding a female tiger with a male lion?

  • A) Liger
  • B) Tiglon
  • C) Tigon
  • D) Tion

How big can lion/tiger crossbreeds grow to be?

  • A) 3/4 the size of a tiger.
  • B) About the same size as a lion.
  • C) One and a half times the size of a lion.
  • D) They never stop growing.

The smaller relatives of what wildcat are bred with domestic cats to produce Bengal cats?

  • A) Lion
  • B) Leopard
  • C) Tiger
  • D) Jaguar

Which is not a real crossbreed of a buffalo with another animal?

  • A) Bisalo
  • B) Beefalo
  • C) Cattalo
  • D) Yakalo

What is a wolphin a crossbreed of?

  • A) A wolf and a domestic dog
  • B) A walrus and a dolphin
  • C) A whale and a dolphin
  • D) A wolf and a coyote

What has not been proven to be a common problem in crossbred animals?

  • A) Sterility
  • B) Stunted growth
  • C) Prematured births
  • D) Shortened life span