Name that Game!

Kids getting restless? Tired of online activity controlling them? Get them back outside with these games you played as a child!

Points available: 10


(Hand Game) "All dressed in black black black, with silver buttons buttons buttons, all down her back back back" Name this Game!

  • A) Miss Susie Lou
  • B) Miss Mary Mack
  • C) Cinderella

One person controls this game, and its everyone's goal to reach him/her; but if they don't pay attention to instructions, they may get caught! Name this game!

  • A) Red Light, Green Light
  • B) Red Rover
  • C) Polar Express

This royal ball game is one of rank. Only four play at a time; and if it bounces twice before you hit it, you're out! Name this game!

  • A) Hacky Sack
  • B) Hopscotch
  • C) Four Square

This game can be played in a classroom, but don't cheat! This guessing game requires you to close your eyes and rely on your gut to win the round. Name this game!

  • A) Hide and Seek
  • B) Heads Up Seven Up
  • C) Picking Who Is "It"

This school gym game is played outside with a huge parachute, and a ball for each player. If your ball is the last one standing then you win! Name this game!

  • A) Popcorn
  • B) Jacks and Marbles
  • C) Pickle Ball

Everyone lines up and holds hands. The goal of this game is to not let go! The conductor of this line can be known to make this a crazy (but fun) ride. Name this game!

  • A) Train Tracks
  • B) Red Rover
  • C) Crack the Whip

Marco's on the hunt. And whenever he calls out, you have to answer. Name this game!

  • A) Marco Polo
  • B) Mini Marco Finns
  • C) Marco & Sons

1:00; 2:00; 3:00; 4:00..... 12:00 MIDNIGHT! Don't get caught trying to reach the base. Name this game.

  • A) Ghosts in the Graveyard
  • B) Duck Duck Goose
  • C) The Blind Game

Teams sit on opposite ends, each person with a number. When your number is called you have to beat the other teams player by reaching the object and racing back to your team without getting tagged. Name this game.

  • A) Red Rover
  • B) Octopus Tag
  • C) Steal the Bacon

He's hungry, and the kids are to be his meal. At 6 o'clock, the kids take six steps towards him. At 10 o'clock, they take ten steps towards him. They wait patiently until he says it's DINNERTIME; then it's a race back to the start line. Whoever gets caught turns into the monster. Name this game!

  • A) What's the Time Mr. Wolf
  • B) The Three Little Pigs
  • C) Dare Base