Sex Ed 411

Not sure if you want to have "the talk" with your kids? Take this quiz for a brief inside scoop.

Points available: 10


How many federal law programs support the teaching of both abstinence and contraception?

  • A) 4
  • B) 3
  • C) 2
  • D) 1
  • E) none

What percentage of teachers are prohibited from teaching their students about contraceptives?

  • A) 25%
  • B) 40%
  • C) 10%
  • D) 75%

True or False. The U.S. has a teen pregnancy rate that is twice as high as England or Canada.

  • A) True
  • B) False

While girls born to teen moms are more likely to become teen moms themselves; what is more likely to happen to boys born to teen moms?

  • A) they become successful in their careers
  • B) they become teen dads
  • C) they end up in prison
  • D) they become single dads

Which of the following STDs has a cure?

  • A) Herpes
  • B) Hepatitis B
  • C) Genital Warts/ HPV
  • D) Gonorrhea
  • E) AIDS/ HIV

How many people are living with HIV/AIDS around the world?

  • A) 22.5 million
  • B) 29.4 million
  • C) 33.3 million
  • D) 59 million

What is the goal of "sex education"?

  • A) to learn about sex and forming attitudes and beliefs about sex
  • B) to educate when to have sex
  • C) to teach how to put on a condom

Which federal program does not have a lot of success?

  • A) Abstinence- Only Education programs
  • B) Abstinence- Until- Marriage Education programs
  • C) Comprehensive Sex Education programs

"One in eight seconds...."

  • A) A teenager gets pregnant
  • B) Someone dies from a STD
  • C) Someone is diagnosed with a STD

Which of the following is not a way to prevent pregnancy?

  • A) Condoms
  • B) Abstinence
  • C) Oral Contraceptives
  • D) Coitus Interruptus