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The Parent 'Hood: No Snapchat

Q: Your son says your no-Snapchat rule makes him an outcast. Should you cave?

Parent advice (from Tribune staff contributors):

No. Snapchat, like most social media tools, is both opportunity and pitfall. Look at all the embarrassing mistakes ...

Ask Mr. Dad: Exploring the culinary arts

Dear Mr. Dad: I'm not a whiz in the kitchen but I learned enough as a kid to make it through college without having to subsist solely on peanut butter sandwiches and Ramen noodles. My wife and I both cook meals but we can't seem to get our son (...

Ask Mr. Dad: When tempers flare

Dear Mr. Dad: My son is 6, and he's still having temper tantrums. Call me crazy, but I thought they would have petered out long ago. Most of the other parents we know say their kids stopped having tantrums when they were 2 or 3. But my son is ...

The Parent 'Hood: Encouraging girls to exercise

Your daughter is a couch potato. Will urging her to get more exercise give her a bad body image?

Parent advice (from Tribune staff contributors):

Depends how the idea is presented. Start by suggesting something together: "Want to ride bikes?" ...