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This week the Answer Man looks at world explorers.

1. Prince Henry of Portugal (1394 - 1460) is known to history as Henry the Navigator. How did he earn this name?

2. Who discovered the St. Lawrence River in 1534?

3. Early explorers named this body of water the Great South Sea. By what name do we know "The Great South Sea?"

4. In the 1480s, a Portuguese ship paved the way for a sea course to the Far East by rounding the Cape of Good Hope, the southern tip of Africa. Who was the navigator who commanded that excursion?

5. Following in the wake of the navigator in the preceding question was another Portuguese seaman, who rounded the Cape of Good Hope about a dozen years later and continued on to Calicut in Hindustan. Name this mariner.

6. To the early European traders, the Promised Land for lucrative goods was Cathay. By what name do we know Cathay?

7. The book "Utopia" (1516) described communal land ownership, equal education for both sexes (a concept shocking in that time in history) and religious toleration. Who authored Utopia?

8. What was the caravel, which was of such importance to early explorations?

9. Magellan discovered and laid claim to the Philippines during his globe-rounding trip. What nation's flag was planted on the Philippines?

10. Hawaii was first opened to the West by a British explorer in 1778. Name that famed sea captain.



1. Prince Henry earned the title of Henry the Navigator after establishing a school and observatory to train seamen, which did much for the opening of the navigational routes to the Far East.

2. Jacques Cartier, by commission of King Francis I of France, explored the St. Lawrence River and its estuaries.

3. The Great South Sea is now known as the Pacific Ocean.

4. The journey was navigated by Bartolomeu Diaz (sometimes spelled Bartolomeu Dias).

5. Vasco da Gama was the first to sail to India around the Cape.

6. Cathay is the land we know as China.

7. "Utopia" was written by Sir Thomas More (1478 - 1535).

8. The caravel was a ship designed by the Portuguese in the fifteenth century. It was compact and seaworthy for long voyages.

9. Although Magellan was a Portuguese nobleman, he was sailing under the flag of Spain, in whose name he claimed the Philippines.

10. Captain James Cook discovered the Sandwich Islands, which we know as Hawaii.


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