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Where is the Bermuda Triangle?

As its name suggests, the Bermuda Triangle is approximately triangular in shape, with three corners roughly defined by Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Its size is nearly half a million square miles. The Triangle marks a ...

Who built the Taj Mahal?

Nobody knows who built the Taj Mahal. The names of the architects, masons, and designers that have come down to us have all proved to be latter-day inventions, and there is no evidence to indicate who the real creators were.

Where was the U.N. born?

San Francisco was the birthplace of the United Nations in 1945. After a brief stop at Lake Success, New York, it was moved to New York City because many European nations believed San Francisco was too far to travel.

Is there a saltwater crocodile?

The Jardine River in Australia’s Cape York Peninsula is home to Crocodylus porosus, the saltwater or estuarine crocodile. It is the largest and perhaps most dangerous of all 23 species of crocodilians.