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Why weren't the French canals popular?

The French system of canals was built for transportation. The Burgundy Canal connects Paris to the Mediterranean. This was a superb idea in the late 1600s when construction was started. But the canal system wasn't completed until the early 1800s, ...

How many Cheese Nips are produced annually?

Nabisco bakes almost 18 billion Cheese Nips Crackers every year. That's enough to cover over 3,500 football fields! Placed end-to-end, all the Cheese Nips would extend for 282,000 miles. More than the distance from the earth to the moon.

Which fruit is most popular?

Bananas are the most popular fruit in America. The average person eats 33 pounds of bananas a year. Over 4 million tons of bananas are imported into the United States every year.

How large was Ross's telescope?

In 1845, the third Earl of Ross, a wealthy amateur astronomer, built the world's largest telescope on his Ireland estate. The earl's reflecting telescope had a 72-inch metal mirror, and was suspended between two ivy-covered stone walls.