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Are cashews poisonous?

Cashew nuts are expensive, and never have shells because the shell and skin of the cashew nut contains extremely caustic oil that can painfully blister the skin. This dangerous oil must be completely removed before the nut can be touched or eaten.

How far back does Celtic poetry go?

The bards of the Irish royal houses composed countless songs which subsequently became part of the repertoire of the medieval troubadours. By these means, Celtic poetry dating back to the 8th century has survived.

Was the bikini an instant hit?

Contrary to what you might think, it took fifteen years for the bikini to be accepted in the United States. In 1951 bikinis were banned from the Miss World Contest. In 1957, however, Brigitte Bardot's bikini in And God Created Woman created a ...

Do we eat more or less today?

Americans today consume nearly the same number of calories per day as Americans did in 1910, but the weight of the average American has increased substantially due to lack of exercise.