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Is Tombstone larger than Tuscon?

While the mining town of Tucson, Arizona, become notorious for its saloons, gambling houses, and the bloody Earp-Clanton shoot-out at the O.K. Corral, Tombstone was actually larger than Tucson in the 1880s and, surprisingly, was the most ...

Can people see as well as owls?

We think we cannot see at night. But given enough time to adjust, the human eye can, for a time, see almost as well as an owl's. Ultimately, as the amount of light decreases, an owl detects shapes after a human no longer can.

Who was Nike?

In Greek mythology, Nike was a goddess who personified victory, also known as the Winged Goddess of Victory. Nike and her siblings were close companions of Zeus. Styx brought them to Zeus when the god was assembling allies for the Titan War ...