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How should you store your beer?

Unlike wines, most beers should be stored upright to minimize oxidation and metal or plastic contamination from the cap. High-alcohol ales, however, which continue to ferment in their corked bottles, should be stored on their sides.

Where is the the world's tallest hotel?

With its duplex suites starting at $1,095 and reaching $18,000 per night, the Burj al-Arab, or tower of the Arabs, the world's tallest hotel, opened on December 1, 1999. Saudi Defense Minister Prince Sultan was the suite's first guest, staying ...

Which tech company was first in Silicon Valley

The first "technology" corporation to move into California's Silicon Valley was Hewlett-Packard, in 1938. Stanford University engineers Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard started their company in a Palo Alto garage with $1,538. Their first product was ...

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