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Who has Africa's best brewery?

Boasting nearly 30 brewery locations, Nigeria has emerged as the largest beer-producing country in Africa. The continent's 8,000-year brewing history began with ancient Egyptian commercial brewing dynasties and still includes handmade tribal beers.

Do pleasant visits make you healthier?

Researchers have discovered that events such as pleasant family celebrations or evenings with friends boost the immune system for the following two days. Unpleasant moments had the opposite effect: negative events, such as being criticized at work...

What did MTV do to put out the fire?

In October 1993, the deliberately tasteless Beavis and Butt-head, MTV's animated top-rated series, was attacked for allegedly inspiring a 5-year-old child to start a fatal fire. In response, MTV agreed to run the controversial show in a later time...

Why do javelinas travel in groups?

Javelinas are free-ranging, yet territorial animals that travel in small herds. One of the reasons they travel in numbers is so they can huddle to stay warm — they don't handle cold well and can freeze to death quickly.

Is Tombstone larger than Tuscon?

While the mining town of Tucson, Arizona, become notorious for its saloons, gambling houses, and the bloody Earp-Clanton shoot-out at the O.K. Corral, Tombstone was actually larger than Tucson in the 1880s and, surprisingly, was the most ...