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Should you drink "comet wine?"

Portuguese wine bottled in 1811 is called "comet wine." Its excellent quality is believed to be due to the Great Comet of that year. The term "comet wine" is often used for any wine made in the year of an important comet.

How were 'vile humours' removed from the body?

Medical treatment, during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, was aimed at ridding the sick of "vile humours" by vomiting, purging, and bleeding. The treatment was often the immediate cause of death. Some prescriptions called for "letting" ...

When did Americans first eat beef?

Beef seems so American, but it was actually an import. Spaniards brought the first cattle to the United States in the sixteenth century. Originally, the settlers regarded them as beasts of burden, but the Indians found them delicious. The Indians,...