Trivia / Knowledge

How large is the West Wind Drift?

The West Wind Drift, one of the main ocean currents in the southern hemisphere, carries 2,000 times more water than the Amazon River. It flows more than twice as fast as a person can swim.

How long has cheese been protected by law?

The first law to protect the cheese industry was enacted in 1411, when Charles VI gave the people of Roquefort “the monopoly of curing cheese as has been done in the caves of Roquefort village since time immemorial.”

What does a porcupine do during mating season?

During the mating season, male porcupines bristle their quills at each other and chatter their teeth in rage before attacking. All porcupines at this time become very vocal: grunting, whining, chattering, even barking and mewing at each other.