Can you name that superheroine? Test your knowledge.

Points available: 10


She is the daughter of the Green Lantern and she first appeared in the Tales of the Green Lantern Corps #1.

  • A) Andromeda
  • B) Arrowette
  • C) Arisia Rrab

Originally the Star- Spangled Kid, but later known as Stargirl due to the Cosmic Staff she was presented with by Jack Knight.

  • A) Pat Dugan
  • B) Courtney Whitmore
  • C) Libby Lawrence Chambers

She is a member of the Justice Society of America, and has a sonic scream that shatters objects and incapitates villans.

  • A) Black Canary
  • B) The Bionic woman
  • C) Black Cat

She appears in mostly green on Cartoon Network and saves the town of Townsville along with her other two sisters.

  • A) Blossom
  • B) Bubbles
  • C) Buttercup

Associated with X-Men and the leader of the Morlocks.

  • A) Cat Claw
  • B) Callisto
  • C) Bounty

Real name: Helen Parr. She is a superheroine off of the Incredibles.

  • A) Elastigirl
  • B) Mirage
  • C) Edna

Featured in the film Kick-Ass.

  • A) Hit Girl
  • B) Halo
  • C) Hawkgirl

A member of the Outsiders, and is actually a supervillan. Her real name is revealed by the Teen Titans.

  • A) S.T.A.R.
  • B) Troia
  • C) Indigo

Debuted in the series Alias, she's known as Jewel and is married to Luke Cage.

  • A) Jennifer Kale
  • B) Jessica Jones
  • C) Jayna Cage

Disney's own crime fighting teenager, with an enemy named Dr. Drakken.

  • A) Shego
  • B) Kim Possible
  • C) Scarlet O'Neil