Know what you're Dreaming?

Dreams. What does it mean when....

Points available: 10


Killing a Bear...

  • A) Liberation from entanglements
  • B) Facing your fears
  • C) You will receive a gift

Seeing a clean, white bed...

  • A) New opportunities
  • B) End of worries
  • C) New love prospects in the near future

Dreaming of a birth....

  • A) Its a sign of birth
  • B) Its a sign of death
  • C) Its a sign of new wealth


  • A) There will be unexpected good fortune
  • B) You will learn a new skill
  • C) That special someone will appear in your life soon

Driving a vehicle....

  • A) There will be a car accident
  • B) New obstacles will appear in your life
  • C) Take no chances with your money (i.e. gambling)

Eating ham....

  • A) You will lose something that means a lot to you
  • B) You're hungry! Time to wake up before you get sick
  • C) You have an important phone call coming your way

Eating honey....

  • A) You will attain wealth and love
  • B) You are feeling satisfaction in your life
  • C) Your lover is untrustworthy

Dreaming of a wedding/ marraige....

  • A) You will have friends that appreciate you
  • B) Death in the family
  • C) Business affairs will assume a discouraging tone

Being tattoed....

  • A) You will be the target for someone's jealousy
  • B) You will soon break with family members over strange practices
  • C) You will take a long, hard journey from home

Thirsty for tea...

  • A) You will have unexpected help on a problem
  • B) You will marry a wealthy man
  • C) You will be surprised with uninvited guests