What do you know about Love?

So you THINK you know about love. Test your knowledge with this quiz!

Points available: 10


How many times do scientists suggest people will fall in love before marraige?

  • A) 1
  • B) 4
  • C) 5
  • D) 7

What is the rare disease that doesn't allow a person to feel the "rapture of love" called?

  • A) Hypolibertism
  • B) Hypopituitarism
  • C) Liaberastipuism
  • D) Leasonisticism

What does the circle of a wedding ring represent?

  • A) family
  • B) love & happiness
  • C) eternity
  • D) peace

What do many cultures use as a symbol of eternal love (expressing that love has neither a beginning nor an end)?

  • A) songs
  • B) rings
  • C) knots
  • D) lemons

Besides being a symbol of love, what does the heart represent?

  • A) The wings of a dove
  • B) Peace and contentment
  • C) Pride
  • D) Eternity

True or False. Men with higher testosterone levels tend to marry less often than others.

  • A) True
  • B) False

People who have intense "Hollywood-type" romances at the beginning of their relationships are more likely to divorce.

  • A) True
  • B) False

What percentage of people tilt their heads to the right when kissing?

  • A) 70%
  • B) 90%
  • C) 65%
  • D) 10%

True or False. Men who kiss their wives in the morning live five years longer than those who don't.

  • A) True
  • B) False

Which type of woman is more likely to be in a romantic relationship?

  • A) Feminists
  • B) Others