American Trivia

What do you know about the history of the United States? Do you know proper flag etiquette? How about holidays and observances? The ten questions below will test your knowledge from 1776 forward.

Points available: 10


In colonial America, which profession was called upon to make flags?

  • A) Seamstresses
  • B) Upholsterers
  • C) Soldiers
  • D) Homemakers

Which U.S. state was the first to be recognized after the original 13 colonies?

  • A) West Virginia
  • B) Alabama
  • C) Maine
  • D) Vermont

What is a vexillologist an expert on?

  • A) Flags
  • B) War history
  • C) Historical clothing
  • D) Weaponry

How many official federal holidays are observed in the United States?

  • A) Five
  • B) Seven
  • C) Ten
  • D) Twelve

Which politicial official is the head of the American Red Cross?

  • A) Surgeon General
  • B) Vice President
  • C) President
  • D) Attorney General

In what instance is it acceptable to fly the American flag upside down?

  • A) In times of distress
  • B) Upon the death of a president
  • C) By a family upon the death of a family member
  • D) It is never acceptable

In which publication was the Pledge of Allegiance first published?

  • A) The Washington Post
  • B) The Constitution
  • C) The McGuffy Reader
  • D) The Youth's Companion

Which part of the U.S. flag is the "canton"?

  • A) The top strip
  • B) The bottom stripe
  • C) The back
  • D) The blue square

What was Francis Scott Key's profession?

  • A) Songwriter
  • B) Lawyer
  • C) Teacher
  • D) None -- he was an unemployed soldier

The shape of which national monument is called an "obelisk"?

  • A) The Washington Monument
  • B) The Jefferson Memorial
  • C) The Lincoln Memorial
  • D) The US Capitol