Trivia Pop Quiz

See if you can figure out these facts about famous (and not-so-famous) people and characters.

Points available: 10


Brothers Adolf and Rudpof Dossler each formed their own leading company for which of these products?

  • A) Cars
  • B) Shoes
  • C) Sewing machines
  • D) Credit cards

What is the name of the victim in the board game "Clue"?

  • A) Mr. Boddy
  • B) Dr. Lucky
  • C) Mr. Murdah
  • D) Mr. Rich

What modern-day assignment has the Catholic Church given the Virgin Mary?

  • A) Patron saint of telecommunications
  • B) Patron saint of motorists
  • C) Patron saint of aircraft
  • D) Patron saint of highways

What is Little Red Riding Hood's given name?

  • A) Jeanne
  • B) Maron
  • C) Finne
  • D) Blanchette

From the four choices, pick the name of the right fielder from the famous "Who's on First?" skit.

  • A) Why
  • B) Because
  • C) Tomorrow
  • D) There was no right fielder named

Before they became famous, which of these bands was initially called "On a Friday"?

  • A) The Byrds
  • B) The Who
  • C) Depeche Mode
  • D) Radiohead

Which of these is not the name of one of Snoopy's old friends or relatives from the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm?

  • A) Marbles
  • B) Sally
  • C) Molly
  • D) Spike

What animal is it believed Augustus Caesar was afraid of?

  • A) Dogs
  • B) Cats
  • C) Birds
  • D) Rats

In all, how many husbands did Calamity Jane have?

  • A) Six
  • B) Eleven
  • C) Twelve
  • D) Seventeen

Who was the first world leader to send an e-mail?

  • A) Ronald Reagan
  • B) Pope John Paul II
  • C) Queen Elizabeth II
  • D) President George H.W. Bush