Holiday Trivia

Test your holiday knowledge.

Points available: 10


Besides the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come, what other ghost visited Scrooge?

  • A) Fezziwig
  • B) Bob Cratchit
  • C) Jacob Marley
  • D) Tiny Tim

Which of the following is NOT part of Armenia's traditional Christmas Eve dinner?

  • A) Potatoes
  • B) Fried fish
  • C) Lettuce
  • D) Spinach

From which language does the word "carol" originate?

  • A) French
  • B) Greek
  • C) Latin
  • D) Middle English

What items are hidden away on Christmas Eve in Norway?

  • A) Presents
  • B) Mirrors
  • C) Knives
  • D) Brooms

How many different ways have been found to spell 'Hanukkah' in English?

  • A) Three
  • B) Five
  • C) Two
  • D) Seventeen

In what country would it be common to find a spider web on a Christmas tree?

  • A) Germany
  • B) The Ukraine
  • C) Poland
  • D) Russia

Which snack was introduced in 1902 as a Christmas novelty?

  • A) Animal Crackers
  • B) Chocolate Santas
  • C) Cracker Jacks
  • D) Candy canes

Which is NOT a letter found on the Dreidel?

  • A) Nun
  • B) Shin
  • C) Aleph
  • D) Gimel

Which "Seinfeld" character created Festivus?

  • A) Cosmo Kramer
  • B) Newman
  • C) Frank Costanza
  • D) Elaine Benes

Who was the first English monarch to own a Christmas tree?

  • A) Elizabeth I
  • B) Victoria
  • C) George V
  • D) Edward VIII