Slang Usage

Most all of us have used slang before, but this quiz will test even the most "whacked out" vocabulary users? (For all grammarians: Consider this quiz a fun and funny way to vent your slang frustrations.)

Points available: 10


Which of the following is considered a "badload?"

  • A) A bad set of circumstances
  • B) A drunk
  • C) A bad spouse
  • D) A bad outlook on life

"For shizzle" means?

  • A) Forever
  • B) For sure
  • C) Lots of money
  • D) A short timespan

"Patootie" -- often yelled "Rat's patootie!" -- means?

  • A) Happiness
  • B) Buttocks
  • C) Lovely
  • D) Catching a bad a break

"Scootch" is a way of saying?

  • A) Go away completely
  • B) Squash that bug
  • C) Time to move on
  • D) Move a small amount

In slang usage, a "chad" can mean?

  • A) A pinch of chewing tobacco
  • B) A ballot
  • C) A long walk (Go take a "chad!")
  • D) Chads are mean people so "don't be a Chad!"

A "chick flick" is a movie about?

  • A) Adult Chickens
  • B) Baby chickens
  • C) Any type of bird
  • D) Something women would most likely be interested in

A "c-note" refers to?

  • A) A $2 bill
  • B) A $10 bill
  • C) A $50 bill
  • D) A $100 bill

The "Garfunkel" of a pair is the most...?

  • A) ...Shy
  • B) ...Nice
  • C) ...Outgoing
  • D) ...Jubilant

Which of the following is a "mimbo?"

  • A) An attractive female
  • B) Unintelligent male
  • C) Smart elderly person
  • D) A young genius

Don't "splurk" with me basically means?

  • A) Don't bother me!
  • B) Don't annoy me!
  • C) Don't push me!
  • D) Don't test me!
  • E) All of the above