African History

Test your knowledge of African history

Points available: 10


Which was not a great African empire?

  • A) Mali Empire
  • B) Ashanti Confederacy
  • C) Fulani Empire
  • D) Gupta Empire

During which period in Egyptian history was the first pyramid built?

  • A) Old Kingdom
  • B) Middle Kingdom
  • C) New Kingdom
  • D) None of the above

What is not true about Kush civilization?

  • A) Like the Egyptians, the Kush built pyramids
  • B) They were never annexed by the Roman Empire
  • C) They were always under the political control of Egypt
  • D) They were one of the first cultures to settle on the Nile River

Which African country maintained independence through the period known as the Scramble for Africa (1880's to WWI)?

  • A) Congo
  • B) Ethiopia
  • C) Sudan
  • D) Egypt

How old is the Sahara desert?

  • A) 10,000 years
  • B) 1 million years
  • C) 2.5 million years
  • D) 5 million years

From which country did Namibia gain its independence?

  • A) South Africa
  • B) Spain
  • C) United States
  • D) Britain

When did Kenya gain its independence?

  • A) 1952
  • B) 1963
  • C) 1971
  • D) 1983

Who won the Battle of Kambula during the Anglo Zulu War?

  • A) Zulu
  • B) British
  • C) A truce was called stating neither side was victorious
  • D) This battle did not take place during the Anglo Zulu War

The former British protectorate of Northern Rhodesia is now what nation?

  • A) Chad
  • B) Niger
  • C) Zambia
  • D) Libya

What is true about the Republic of Liberia?

  • A) It is geographically the first inhabited place by man
  • B) It was founded with the intent of reintegrating freed American slaves into African culture
  • C) The settlers were regarded as American, not African
  • D) It is the only African nation to not engage in a civil war