South American History

Test your knowledge of South American history.

Points available: 10


Which of these was not true about the Incan Empire?

  • A) Its capital was Cusco
  • B) They performed successful skull surgery
  • C) The Incan religion was monotheistic
  • D) The last Incan emporer was beheaded in 1572

After declaring independence, who was the first emperor of Brazil?

  • A) Pedro I
  • B) Pedro II
  • C) John VI
  • D) Charles IV

In the War of the Triple Alliance, what countries made up the Triple Alliance?

  • A) Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil
  • B) Paraguay, Brazil, and Uruguay
  • C) Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay
  • D) Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay

In what year did Trinidad and Tobago gain its independence from the United Kingdom?

  • A) 1962
  • B) 1975
  • C) 1966
  • D) 1947

What was the Darién scheme?

  • A) The brief attempt of at a Scottish colony on the Isthmus of Panama
  • B) The Spanish plan for invading Panama in 1572
  • C) The first European colony in South America
  • D) The first attempts of Vasco Núñez de Balboa to colonize Cuba

Which of these was a result of the War of the Pacific?

  • A) Peru became an independent nation
  • B) Chile became an independent nation
  • C) Bolivia became a land locked nation
  • D) Peru doubled its size

Spain and what other nation signed the Treaty of Tordesilhas, theoretically giving most of South America's land rights to Spain?

  • A) Portugal
  • B) Italy
  • C) France
  • D) Britain

When did Venezuela declare independence from Spain?

  • A) July 4, 1801
  • B) July 5, 1801
  • C) June 5, 1811
  • D) July 5, 1811

Which was not the name of a South American culture?

  • A) Inca
  • B) Nazca
  • C) Toltecs
  • D) Chavin

Who is beleived to be the first European to see Chile?

  • A) Christopher Columbus
  • B) Ferdinand Magellan
  • C) Charles Darwin
  • D) Juan Ponce de León