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Taking the Kids: Ten-plus ideas for summer adventures in ski country

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Time for a bike ride? Not so fast! Not if you are going to try mountain-biking, says Rick Sokoloff, the mountain bike program director at Smugglers’ Notch Resort in Vermont and co-founder of the Stowe Mountain Bike Club.

It's a lot different to bike on a ...Read more

Taking the Kids: To Half Moon Bay

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We're walking past groves of soaring redwood "families," some with their innards carved out as the result of forest fires.

But we're not in a crowded national park. In fact, we've pretty much got the hiking trail to ourselves in Butano State Park in the Santa Cruz Mountains, midway between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay and only a little more ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Twenty-one ways to show your love on summer vacation!

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Let's hear it for dads! Grandpas, too! Sure moms may do a lot of the vacation heavy lifting -- planning (and worrying) that all will go well and everyone will have a fun time. But even if moms are the chief planners, as research suggests, dads do plenty of heaving lifting too -- starting with the suitcases and duffels. They're the ones playing ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Ten fabulous Caribbean summer deals

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Psst! Looking for a summer beach bargain? You know, somewhere with white sand beaches, clear blue water and plenty of activities to keep everyone happy -- paddle-boarding, giant sand castle building, boogie-boarding and snorkeling. Let's not forget kayaking.

Sure it's high season in places like Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the Outer Banks of North ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Visiting Universal Orlando as it celebrates its 25th year

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Gavrie Watkins is in vacation heaven. A huge Harry Potter fan, the 11-year-old joyfully traversed the cobblestone paths of Diagon Alley, Universal Studios' year-old addition to its "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" experience. Diagon Alley now is connected via the Hogwarts Express to Hogsmeade, which is located next door at Universal's homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-1665192">Read more

Taking the Kids: Off the tourist track in Mexico

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Got the binoculars? Make it a contest to see how many different species of birds the kids can count. On a good day, you might see 120, says our naturalist guide Francisco Nombre, who just happens to hold Mexico's 2015 title for "The Big Day," seeing the most different species in a 24-hour period.

People come to homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-1662353">Read more

Taking the Kids: Why families love all-inclusives, even when they didn't think they would

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New Yorker Angela Manna's family typically wouldn't choose an all-inclusive resort, but suddenly she's seen the light.

"It's great," she acknowledged. "Everything is so effortless." Her family, including a 9-year-old and an 11-year-old, were relaxing at the beachfront Now Amber resort in Puerto ...Read more

Taking the Kids: A Mother's Day gift guaranteed to please

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No Mother's Day candy, please! Honestly, do you know a mom who isn't trying to shed a few pounds? (Me included!)

This Mother's Day, give the moms in your life something they will really appreciate. My friend, Nancy Schretter, managing editor of Family Travel Network...Read more

Taking the Kids: Orlando, the most visited city in America

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Do you like to be first? First in line, first to see the newest attractions, first to stay at a new hotel?

If that's your family's travel style, you'll be right at home in Orlando, Florida, this summer with enough new attractions and hotels to give you ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Having a souvenir strategy

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How Many? How much? When? After "are we there yet?" the next questions, and unfortunately ones that last the entire vacation, have to do with souvenirs. And it doesn't matter if your kids are five or 15. They all want to know:

How many souvenirs can I get?

How much can I spend?

When can we shop? (Possibly the most asked question from older ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Outside of London

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What could be more English then coming face to face with a snowy owl, exploring a "Lost in the Willows" maze, inspired by the classic children's tale "The Wind in the Willows," playing hide-and-seek in huge hedges and then climbing a haunted staircase at a centuries-old castle?

Let's not forget the kids' favorite at homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-1642985">Read more

Taking the Kids: Finding your park

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Who would have thought a big hole would wow the kids? Of course, it's not just any hole. The Grand Canyon is perhaps the most spectacular hole anywhere. It's a mile deep with 10 miles separating the South Rim, where we were, from the North Rim.

No wonder it attracts 5 million visitors a year, who ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Checking out the new coasters

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Love them or hate them? Maybe your family is divided on the subject of roller coasters; my family has been for as long as I can remember. From the time they were just tall enough, two of my kids couldn't wait to ride the fastest, biggest coasters in the park; the third preferred other attractions.

Me too, especially since I screamed so loud on ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Camping doesn't mean leaving tech behind

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Toilet paper or cellphone? Younger campers say having a smartphone on a camping trip is nearly as important as toilet paper, according to the 2015 North American Camping Report. I'm guessing your kids would agree and, depending on their age, might even say their ...Read more

Taking the Kids: A trip to Monticello, getting acquainted with Jefferson

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What do you know about Thomas Jefferson?

"He wrote the Declaration of Independence!" one boy answered.

"He was the third president!" answered another.

"He was a nice man," said 5-year-old Hannah, who added that, "I really don't know anything about Jefferson."

Forty minutes later, Hannah and the kids, after a special family tour of homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-1628114">Read more

Taking the Kids: The Sonoran desert in Arizona

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It is pitch-black and I am riding a bike through the Sonoran desert in Arizona. Good thing my bike has a light and I'm on a paved trail -- a golf cart trail at the expansive (some 1,300 acres) Boulders Resort in Scottsdale, known for its distinctive giant boulders that look like granite snowmen. The ...Read more


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