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Taking the Kids: Meeting the locals in Jamaica

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"More sweet potato pudding?" Doris Morgan asks. We're having lunch at her Montego Bay home -- local specialties like Bammy, made from ground cassava that's fried, roasted breadfruit, pumpkin bread, star apple fruit and my favorite, the sweet potato pudding.

But before lunch, we'd never met Mrs. Morgan, her husband Clayton, daughter Nneka, who ...Read more

Taking the Kids: A ship within a mega ship

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Connie Abodeely isn't a fan of mega ships or Caribbean itineraries. But she's really looking forward to her family's upcoming trip on Norwegian's newest ship, the Escape, which carries more than 4,200 passengers.

"There is so much for the grandchildren to do on board," she explains -- ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Zip Lining into Berlin

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Could you have done it? One family zip-lined to freedom -- in a home-crafted zip line. A woman escaped hiding in a hollowed-out surfboard strapped atop her car. Two other families made it in an impossibly small hot-air balloon. There were escapes in hollowed-out machines, in repurposed cars, in a kayak and hang glider, through tunnels. ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Learn a snowsport month

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How about a nice walk in the woods? No matter that it's dumping snow, freezing and 9,400 feet above sea level. We've got snowshoes strapped to our boots, goggles, the right clothes and we're all still smiling from the gourmet lunch we devoured at the Pine Creek Cookhouse at the base of the Elk ...Read more

Taking the Kids: A Family-Style River Cruise

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Where is that old carving partly painted blue? We're in picturesque Bamberg, Germany on a GPS scavenger hunt and, truth be told, there was a fair amount of grumbling among our young scavenger hunters -- it was raining; it was hard. One family dropped out. Another opted for more hot chocolate and coffee rather than the hunt.

But our team, the "...Read more

Taking the Kids: Ten wishes for happy travel in 2016

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We're watching the mango man sculpt mangos into fruit flowers to sell on the beach, as we sit under a thatched talapas eating just-caught fish that had been grilled and served up on freshly made corn tortillas.

People come to San Blas in the Riviera Nayarit area of ...Read more

Taking the Kids: The true secret to vacation happiness -- asking their help planning!

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Pity the California dad. He had spent a lot of money to take his wife and three daughters on an adventure trip to Costa Rica -- idyllic remote eco lodges, nesting sea turtles, monkeys in the trees, butterfly gardens. As adventures went, it hit all the buttons for my 13-year-old niece and her pal -- we were on that same trip from Thomson Family ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Heading to see what's new at theme parks

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Got a change of clothes in your backpack? "Otherwise you are going to be wet all day after the water rides," explained KateLynn Schlenker during a recent visit to Disneyland. The 13-year-old Arizonian added, "Throw in some flip-flops, too, so your shoes don't get wet either."

"And be brave and try everything because you don't know which ride ...Read more

Taking The Kids: To a galaxy far, far away, with Disney

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Darth Vader thinks I'm a spy. "I sense that your loyalty is not with the Empire," Darth Vader declares.

"We are looking for a Rebel Spy. Perhaps it is you..."

I'm speechless. You would be too with a menacing Darth haranguing you behind his black helmet and costume. But then I laugh and we pose for a picture. This is Disneyland, after all, at ...Read more

Taking the Kids: To Keystone, Colo., one of the most kid-centric ski areas in the country

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Want to be king of winter for a day? Step right up would-be Ice Queens, too. Sit right down on the ice throne -- the largest snow structure in ski country at Keystone Resort, complete with ice slide and kid-sized tunnel.

"Really fun," said Rebecca Hopeck visiting with her 6-year-old daughter at the top of Keystone Mountain in Colorado. "You can...Read more

Taking the Kids: Where holiday lights build family traditions

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Maybe it's snow-tubing or racing down an ice slide in Grapevine, Texas.

So what if the snow isn't real. Those who visit the "Christmas Capital of Texas" don't care, not with more than 1,400 holiday events -- beginning November 12.

For many families, ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Montana has outdoor fun all year 'round

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What's up, Gertrude? We were a lot more interested in her than she was in us, I'm afraid. Gertrude was one of the 1,800-pound bison we encountered on a snowshoe trek around Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park one cold winter day.

I love Yellowstone in winter -- no crowds, lots of animals and...Read more

Taking the Kids: Off to Seattle

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See if the kids can name an everyday product that was invented in Seattle.

Seattle, of course, has long been home to innovators -- everyone from Bill Gates to Jeff Bezos, who started Amazon, to Bill Boeing. Costco started in Seattle, so did Starbucks...Read more

Taking the Kids: An important history lesson through baseball in Kansas City

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They were among the best baseball players in the United States, traveling cross-country to play the game they loved before cheering fans. But they were often forced to sleep on their bus and eat peanut butter crackers.

"They could fill up the ballpark but couldn't get a meal or a place to stay from the same fans that had just cheered them," ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Saving Money and Having More Fun By Booking Your Own Cruise Excursions

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In the historic Sicilian town of Taormina, Aldo Valerio greets us like friends he hasn't seen in a long while, with effusive hugs and kisses.

But we're strangers who've only corresponded a few times via email. Valerio, along with his wife, runs a tour company called Secret Italia ( ...Read more

Taking the Kids: To Lake Placid and a resort that gets it right for families

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Lynne Kylish has struck gold. Not literally, but Kylish, the mom of three from New Jersey, thinks her family found vacation nirvana at the Whiteface Lodge ( in Lake Placid, N.Y., ( And for a busy family looking to ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Staying in a Real Castle

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Reed Hunt, 5, was skeptical. Sure he'd seen plenty of castles in Disney movies and had read stories where castles figured in the plot, but real castles? He didn't think they existed.

That's when his mom Erica decided to bring Reed and his older brother Will to ...Read more

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