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Taking the Kids: To the Vatican

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Talk about bragging rights. Post a picture of the kids standing in two countries -- at the same time.

Welcome to The Vatican, the world's smallest sovereign state, established in 1929. It's the modern version of the papal fiefdom that ruled Rome and much of central Italy ...Read more

Taking the Kids: How to save on a beach vacation

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Water slides, giant pools, white sandy beaches, kids' clubs and plenty for grown-ups to do; all that and an environmental lesson or two.

A trip to the beach is a perfect summer getaway -- and a bargain too. As long as you opt for a destination that's off-season in summer -- like the Caribbean or Arizona -- you can have your pick of deals. You ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Ten water-safety tips that can save a child's life this summer

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Who's watching the kids in the pool?

Someone should have eyes on them at all times -- even if they know how to swim. According to new research by Safe Kids Worldwide, completed with support from Nationwide Insurance’s homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-1849411">Read more

Taking the Kids: Celebrating July 4 kid-style

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Skip the fireworks! No, I'm not crazy. I know fireworks are synonymous with Independence Day celebrations with cities trying to outdo each other with bigger and better displays, but, especially if you have young kids, they may be frightened by the noise, the dark and the crowds. I remember more than one July 4th ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Aboard Carnival's newest ship, the Vista

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What's first the new, super-fast waterslide, IMAX movie or SkyRide attraction?

If you pick SkyRide, you get bragging rights for being among the first to ride a bike on an 800-foot track suspended 150 feet above the ocean. "You're strapped in so it wasn't scary," reported Thomas Skeen, 11. If that ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Ten gifts for the traveling dad

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Brian Duffy isn't your typical well-traveled dad. In fact, he has long had a unique vantage point -- from outer space. Duffy is a retired astronaut who logged nearly 41 days in space and, before that, thousands of hours as a pilot.

"My wife couldn't sleep very well when I wasn't on the planet," he joked the other day at a lunch to showcase all ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Traveling abroad despite terrorism

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Barbara Cioffi had no concerns when she boarded the crowded train to Rome with her husband and two kids. But she did have a surprise in store.

"When you listen to the coverage at home," the St. Louis mom said, "it sounds like everyone in Europe is afraid. But then you get on the trains packed with people going about their daily lives and you ...Read more

Taking the Kids: The new, enhanced Disney Springs in Orlando

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Ready to drive the kids into the lake?

No, I'm not crazy. All you have to do is book a $125 vintage Amphicar ride for the gang at the new ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Learning about our presidents from visiting their homes

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Lucky kids!

The six children of President Theodore Roosevelt had lots of room to "scramble," as they said -- a 23-room house and 95 acres on Long Island, complete with many pets (everything from dogs, turtles, pigs, ponies, rabbits, even a badger and black bear cub), water sports and a dad who, no matter how busy, loved nothing more than ...Read more

Taking the Kids: A once in a lifetime adventure

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Way to go, millennials! Kudos to your parents for passing on their love for travel. Now, though, you aren't waiting to take your kids on adventures -- even to places like Antarctica, once the purview of senior citizens.

"Antarctica is at the top of their list," said Todd Smith, CEO of ...Read more

Taking the Kids -- to Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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Why do those mountains look so blue?

The Cherokee described the Smoky Mountains as "shaconage," meaning "blue, like smoke."

That blue tint is actually water vapor from all the rain in the peaks that feeds the waterfalls and the streams where fishing is so popular.

Welcome to Great Smoky Mountains ...Read more

Taking the Kids -- to Cuba on the first U.S. cruise ship to sail here in more than 50 years

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HAVANA, Cuba -- Talk about bragging rights!

Tyson Russell, 10, his younger sister Lucy, 8, and a gaggle of cousins were the first American kids to step off an American ship in Cuba in more than 50 years.

"Cool," Tyson said.

"No one I know has been here," added his cousin Jacob Russell, 12. "It's exciting!"

It's all the more exciting because ...Read more

Mother's Day gifts, what she needs in her travel tote

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What's in your bag? If you're a mom on a trip with her kids, you probably feel like you've got everything you might need, whatever happens -- minor injuries, delays, hunger, thirst, meltdowns -- not to mention your electronic devices, passports, if you're leaving the country, toys, itineraries and maybe even a guidebook. That's not even ...Read more

Taking the Kids: An adventure closer to home this summer

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Will we be safe? Everywhere I go people have the same question about travel this spring and summer.

At the moment, there is a U.S. Department of State travel alert for Europe through June 20. Terrorist groups continue to plan near-...Read more

Taking the Kids: Off to Edinburgh

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Check out Daigon Alley! No, not at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando or Hollywood, but in Victoria Street in Edinburgh, Scotland, where J.K. Rowling famously wrote the first Harry Potter book while seated in a local coffee shop.

Veteran guide Sam Thomson, who owns homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-1819450">Read more

Taking the Kids: Outdoors during national parks week

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What do you see? There's no better question to ask kids when you're outdoors, especially at a national park or national monument this spring, suggests Joanie Budileni, chief of interpretation at Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico. Bandelier protects more than 33,000 acres of canyon and mesa...Read more

Taking the Kids: Learning the consequences of war at five war museums

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So many sacrifices! So many young lives ended too soon, or changed irrevocably. "Some things in history should not happen again," says Steven Fletcher, a New Orleans high school junior and Victory Corps. volunteer at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans. Fletcher participated in the museum's Normandy Academy travel program for high school ...Read more


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