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Around the World: A Hudson River adventure aboard the Sloop Mystic Whaler

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It’s a beautiful day for sailing. Blue skies and a good breeze.

As the bell rings and rope are cast off, the tall ship “Sloop Mystic Whaler ” slips away from her mooring at NYC’s 79th Street Boat Basin, angles into the flow of the Hudson River and begins to move downstream.

Almost immediately, the captain and crew, ...Read more

Around the World: Cruising Alaska’s Inside Passage

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A thunderous crack off the starboard bow alerts us that a huge ice block, almost as large as our ship, is breaking off the glacier. The new iceberg crashes into the water, then bobs up and down in the sea and drifts toward the mouth of the aptly named bay.

We’re traversing the Inside Passage, that part of Alaska which ...Read more

Around the World: Travel Healthier With These Simple and Easy Precautions

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In response, I pointed out that we were going to big modern cities in a country with an advanced medical system, and that I didn’t plan to get any shots, not even boosters.

But, since she seemed worried sick by the thought of hospitalization in a foreign land, I advised her to consult with her personal physician, or with a ...Read more

Around the World: Boston’s Freedom Trail

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Don’t wait for Independence Day to think about our forebears’ struggles to achieve self-determination. The freedoms they sought and won should be honored and celebrated every day, as the ongoing cause to sustain individual freedom becomes more difficult in our increasingly complex and interdependent society.

Looking ...Read more

Around the World: For Memorial Day, Make it Washington DC

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In fact, visiting Washington DC and Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day is a sort of pilgrimage of patriotism.

It’s good to begin the tour with stops at the Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln Memorial monuments. These patriotic landmarks may not be integrated into the official Memorial Day ceremonies, but the spirit ...Read more

Around the World: Packing 101 for 2016

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Regardless of destination and planned events, the rule of thumb for packing is ‘less is more’ or ‘less is better’ -- even if you’re travelling to business meetings that require you to dress for success or to personal events where you are obliged to posh it up.

Travel life becomes easier if you can embrace the ‘less...Read more

Around the World: Visiting Sherlock at Home in London

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If you’re a Sherlock Holmes fan (and who isn’t?), you know that 221b Baker Street is the address at which the revered detective resided for much of his career -- from 1861 to 1904, to be exact -- along with his equally beloved colleague, sidekick and biographer, Dr. John H. Watson.

Today, 221b Baker Street serves as the Sherlock...Read more

Around the World: Southeast South Dakota is More than Mount Rushmore!

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Their South Dakota trip is over quickly. South Dakota -- and especially the scenic and historic area surrounding Sioux Falls in the southeastern South Dakota -- deserves more time!

I say go to South Dakota for Mount Rushmore, but stay for Sioux Falls and surroundings. This is a wonderful area for a four or five-day road trip ...Read more

Around the World: Cruising From New York

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Many tourists who want to view New York City’s magnificent skyline from the water take a two hour harbor tour aboard the Circle Line or hop aboard the Staten Island Ferry for the 30 minute commuter crossing between lower Manhattan’s Whitehall Terminal and Staten Island’s St. George Terminal -- and, to be quite honest, both of those local ...Read more

Around the World: It’s Time for Spring Break in Florida

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Spring break is a popular travel phenomenon, so flights and accommodations can be pricey. If you’re looking for bargain travel that won’t break your budget, look on the Internet to find and compare deals on destinations and packages.

On the East Coast, Florida is famously the first choice for college students for whom ‘...Read more

Around the World: Touring Tel Aviv’s Extraordinary “White City” Bauhaus Architecture

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Actually it’s easy to stumble upon this fact, because Bauhaus architecture is one of Tel Aviv’s most popular tourist attractions, and one of modern-day Israel’s strongest cultural ties with Germany.

Actually, Bauhaus in Tel Aviv is more than just a style of architecture. The design and philosophy behind it played an ...Read more

Around The World: It’s A Good Time for Training in Europe!

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If you’re thinking about going to Europe, use the lead time to customize your own version of the grand tour. Selecting several of your favorite cities or resort areas and designing a sweeping itinerary lets you garner greater value from your long distance transatlantic flights.

Most likely, if you have a week away and you ...Read more

Around the World: Amsterdam’s Hotel Lloyd is a Cultural Embassy for Travelers in Zeeburg

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AMSTERDAM-- One of this lovely old city's most compelling charms is that it is constantly reinventing itself.
While conserving its past glories – the historic canals, fabled gabled houses and cobblestone streets -- Amsterdam is truly trend-setting in its ultramodern architecture and cutting edge concepts for urban ...Read more


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