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Around the World: Keeping Fit at 30,000 Feet!

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Whether you take to the skies to get to a much anticipated once in a lifetime vacation destination or flight is a required and routine component of your professional commitments, air travel is taxing on your body.

Of course, the most common complaint from travelers is jet lag. But a disrupted sleep cycle isn’t the only change your body ...Read more

Around the World: Toronto’s PATH Offers Year Round Climate Control

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Culturally sophisticated Toronto deserves its reputation as a cool urban environment that offers tourists a wide range of sizzling hot attractions. The hip Ontario capital offers wonderful museums, sports centers, great eateries, fabulous shopping and a full calendar of appealing events year round.

And, year round, regardless of prevailing ...Read more

Around the World: Uniquely Authentic Los Angeles Tours Take You Off The Beaten Track

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The biggest question for tourists who are seeking an authentic Los Angeles experience is: Where do I start?

Los Angeles is the epitome of massive urban sprawl, a land and culturescape of loosely linked bordering communities, each of which has a unique history, milieu, and collection of hidden treasures for tourists to see.

If you don’t have ...Read more

Denmark’s LEGOLAND is Still An Original!

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You may have heard that there’s a new film, “LEGO: A Brickumentary,” documenting the history and global creative impact of the toy that so many of us played with as children, and that many of us continue to enjoy as adults.

The documentary follows LEGO’s popularity and influence around the world, but one place where you can really ...Read more

Around the World: Finland’s Savonlinna and the Surrounding Lake District are Tops For Tourists

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Throughout central and eastern Finland, in the area known as the Lake District, smooth blacktop sweeps past sun-drenched fields of golden flowers and through shady patches of pine forests, Bordering the road, clusters of stalk-like fireweed blaze the rich purple hue of their flowers over the lush landscape.

A myriad of clear blue lakes - ...Read more

Around the World: Don’t Wait for Labor Day To Take a Factory Tour!

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Labor Day, which falls on September 7 this year, isn’t a good time for a factory tour. In fact, most factories are closed to celebrate the day that honors workers who toil throughout the year to make all sorts of products that enhance daily life for millions of Americans.

But many of your favorite products with legendary brand names do offer ...Read more

Around the World: Step into American History at Old Sturbridge Village

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Among all of Massachusetts' famously quaint colonial towns, Old Sturbridge Village offers tourists a unique opportunity to step right into history and experience the colonial lifestyle.

Old Sturbridge Village is a town that is a museum, and a museum that is a town. In fact, it's an exemplary living museum, a place where you can connect with ...Read more

Around the World: Staying Healthy During Flight

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Let’s face it: airplanes are germ-packed places where travelers are exposed to a full range of contagious diseases. You face the possibility of catching a vacation-spoiling disease whether the plane filled with other passengers during a peak travel seasons or relatively empty. Whether you’re seated in coach, business or first class, you’re...Read more

Around the World: “Bon Bini” is Aruban for "Welcome", and They Mean It!

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ORANJESTAD, ARUBA -- Each Tuesday evening, tourists in this charming Caribbean island town gather at Fort Zoutman for Aruba’s weekly Bonbini Festival, a spectacular display song, dance and crafts, presented in celebration of the island's unique cultural heritage.

“Bon bini” means welcome in Papiamento, Aruba’s distinctive l sometimes ...Read more

Around the World: Hong Kong for Foodies!

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HONG KONG – The high energy of this rush and bustle city pulses in its flashing brightly colored neon signs, about half of which lead, it seems, to food.

There’s no mistaking it: Hong Kong is heaven for foodies!

Fact is, the city boasts so many restaurants that you could actually dine out three times a day for a decade and never eat in ...Read more

Around the World: A Great Comic Adventure in Brussels

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BRUSSELS, Belgium -- Many travelers owe their inspiration to seek adventure abroad to Tintin, the popular fictitious journalist who travels around the globe seeking answers to mysteries in which circumstances and his curious nature intersect.

Althuogh Tintin is a cartoon character and his quests are pure fiction, fables about him have ...Read more

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