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Help! Alitalia Misspelled My Name And Won't Change It Back

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I'm hoping you can help me. My husband booked a trip over the phone with an Alitalia agent whose first language obviously was not English. Though my husband spelled my name more than once, he assumed that when the agent read it back correctly, it was typed in correctly.

Bad assumption. We didn't realize until after the 24-hour cancellation ...Read more

One Year Later, Our Ticket Refund Is MIA

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: American Airlines made a data-entry error when my husband and I booked our airline tickets by phone. An agent entered our return dates as January 2016 -- a full year after our planned dates of travel.

The airline agreed to refund the tickets, but we've had no luck with getting the money back. Our original tickets were purchased in April 2014...Read more

Oh, Did We Say Dollars? We Meant Euros

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I think I've reached a dead end with KLM and wondered if you could help. At the end of January, I contacted the airline through Facebook about tickets to Tanzania. My family and I are planning to fly there for three weeks in June and then extend our layover in Amsterdam for a week on the return trip.

KLM quoted me a price in dollars, ...Read more

A 'Unique And Complicated' Request For A Refund

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I have an extremely complicated and unique situation involving an airline ticket. Basically, circumstances beyond my control caused me to miss a flight and rebook another, and the airline refuses to refund me. I'm hoping you can help me get the refund I deserve.

From July 2014 to November 2014, I volunteered for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife ...Read more

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