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Cream of Mushroom Soup

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I started dieting at age 12. Some of you may know that already.

I know now that 12 years old is too early to go on a diet. At the time, I was worried because I was going to be in my big sister’s wedding and I was afraid of what I’d look like in the pictures. Even then I knew that ‘wedding pictures are forever.” I look at those pictures ...Read more

Roasted Red Potatoes with Onions and Balsamic Vinegar

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Did You Say...I Can Eat More Carbs!?

I have to admit. I’ve been keeping a secret.

I have had good reason to keep the secret, and that is, there wasn’t much data out, and I didn’t want to send you down a rabbit hole unprepared for the results.

I’ve been harping over the years on how bad for you the “white stuff is.” Bread, ...Read more

Mini Quiches

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If it’s not good to mix religion with politics, how about politics and food?

I rarely buy an issue of Us Magazine but I was attracted to the cover this week. The headline, “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me,” featuring presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

The most interesting thing I learned in the article is that Hillary Clinton ...Read more

Beef Stew In A Dutch Oven

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There are 77 neighborhoods in Chicago. They each have a name. They all have a history. And they all have their own, unique charm. 2.7 million people call these neighborhoods home.

Speaking of home…we have a new one. We also have new offices.

We moved to a Chicago neighborhood called Ravenswood and both our home and office are located on ...Read more

Chicken Breasts with Zola's French Pan Sauce

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Last Saturday was the first time I saw a commercial for a body lotion specifically designed for people with Type 2 diabetes. I didn’t realize Type 2 diabetics need special lotion. I suspect they really don’t; that regular lotion will do, but this gives the lotion company another unique element to draw you to buy their lotion instead of ...Read more

Orange Strawberry Dessert

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Editor's Note: We think you'll enjoy today's previously published Zola classic...

People are always asking me what the consequences are if they cheat on a diet. I always answer the same way.

It depends.

There are some minor cheats you can make on a diet without putting yourself in the penalty box.

There are other things you can do to ...Read more

Cabbage Soup And My Mother's Apple Crisp

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I’m Irish and particularly fond of St. Patrick’s Day. By the time you read this, Chicago will have dyed the river green and I will have witnessed the event. They do it the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day now, so when the holiday lands later in the week they manage to make an entire week-long celebration. I don’t celebrate all week long ...Read more

Spinach Chicken Casserole Bowls

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Remember when smoking was fashionable? It seemed like everyone smoked.

You’d see famous actors smoking in movies. Golfers smoked cigarettes as they made their way down the fairways. Nightclubs were filled with smoke, and it was seen as sexy to be sitting in the glow of candlelight and a cloud of smoke with a cigarette in your hand. Chivalrous...Read more

Cauliflower Pancakes

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I have discovered a new way to stay regular. It’s not fiber. It’s a mineral. Magnesium.

Lots of people have a challenge staying regular. Overweight or skinny. Constipation can be an issue; and one that can interrupt your life in a most uncomfortable way.

When dieting, lots of people get constipated. As you reduce the amount of fats you...Read more

Italian Almond Cake

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The grocery stores around here are overflowing with paczki. Paczki are Polish donuts. (We have the largest population of Polish people outside of Warsaw here in Chicago). Paczki are HUGE. Each one packs a full punch at 425-500 calories. I have no idea how many carbs are in one. You can smell the carbs just walking past the display.

Paczki are a...Read more

Maple Pork Tenderloin

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I have been wanting to scream at Oprah Winfrey ever since the news announced her investment in Weight Watchers. $48 Million is a LOT of money.

Not only have I wanted to tell her that her money would have been much more beneficial to the overweight population if she had teamed up with me, but that she is doing them a disservice.

I’m going to ...Read more

Italian Lemon Chicken

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Super Bowl is right around the corner, and if you’re like the majority of red-blooded Americans, I didn’t need to tell you that.

This is the 50th year of the Super Bowl. I can remember the first one pretty clearly. The Packers were playing in it, so it was required TV watching in my family. And no potty breaks until the commercials. I was ...Read more

Mexican Hash

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I’ve heard of star athletes dislocating their knees. Never a cat.

We came home from lunch one day and found our little kitty, Tattoo with her leg held up and she was trembling.

I rushed her to the vet and they took xrays. She had dislocated her knee laterally, so that means it was sticking out on the outside of her leg. Uber painful. We have...Read more


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