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It's soup season! Chase the winter chill away with a zesty bowl of soup

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Last year, much of the Midwest and Eastern U.S. endured snowstorm after snowstorm. Right now, where I live in Southern California, we're in the grip of what meteorologists have been saying may be the biggest El Nino rain system ever.

Yes, winter can feel like a burden. But I like to think of it in much more optimistic terms: It's perfect soup ...Read more

No-stress steak: Try this easy-to-make French bistro classic for your next dinner party

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As we near the end of January, memories of all that holiday entertaining have begun to fade and many people begin to think about throwing dinner parties again.

One thing I've noticed over the years about the way people entertain at home is that they mistakenly think they have to go all out, preparing labor-intensive, multi-step dishes to ...Read more

Back to basics: A lesson on scrambled eggs

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Just as New Year's resolutions often inspire us to eat more healthily and exercise more often, so does January see many of us trying to live more economically. And one of the smartest ways to save money is to enjoy more meals cooked at home.

Yet, it sometimes seems to me as if the home kitchen can feel like a foreign territory to...Read more

Jump-start the new year with three smoothie recipes

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The new year always feels like it offers us an opportunity to celebrate new beginnings. That's why so many of us make resolutions at this time of year -- the most widespread of which, not surprisingly, revolve around a desire to eat more healthfully and shed some pounds.

Fortunately, all the beautiful produce you can find in your supermarket, ...Read more

Easy hors d'oeuvres for your New Year's Eve party

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One of my favorite ways to entertain is with an hors d'oeuvre party. So many other food lovers feel the same way. I would have a hard time finding anyone who doesn't love a celebration at which delicious bites of food are displayed on one or more buffet tables or passed around, to be enjoyed with wine, beer, cocktails, a homemade punch or even ...Read more

Go nuts! Entertain guests with a last-minute party snack, favor

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What's a party without crunchy, toasted nuts? Whether you're host or guest, you'll probably agree that nuts are perfect for parties. Plus, a dish of roasted nuts is great when you and your friends sit down to watch an upcoming sporting event, such as the New Year's Day bowl games or the Super Bowl, or for the spate of awards shows...Read more

Easy holiday side comes from the oven

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You might think that, working as I do in the food world, the rush of festive meals coming at the end of the year would leave me feeling tired. But the opposite, in fact, is true.

For one thing, some of my restaurants are closed for the big holiday occasions, so I do get to feel like I have a little time off. Even more important is the simple ...Read more

Tangerines, dried cranberries add sweetness to holiday salad

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"Try my special salad," said the hostess at a holiday party I was invited to in the mid-1970s during my early years in the United States. "It's called ambrosia."

Now, I don't want to disrespect anyone who likes ambrosia, and I know many people to this day have fond memories of that old-fashioned mixture of sweetened canned fruit, marshmallows, ...Read more

A lighter approach to holiday celebrations

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It often puzzles me the way people who love good food go wild during the holiday season and then, just days later, try to change their personalities and habits completely and become healthy eaters the moment they have made their New Year's resolutions.

In my life as a chef, I have gradually evolved a personal approach to cooking ...Read more

Start the Thanksgiving feast with a delicious, healthy soup

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Time and time again, I hear home cooks saying something along the lines of, "I forgot all about my Thanksgiving dinner first course!" Fortunately, I have a perfect solution in the form of what may be my all-time favorite soups. One that guests in my restaurants ask for again and again: butternut squash soup. And once you've looked...Read more

Austrian-style crepes for holiday breakfast or dessert

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Whenever I think of special occasions from my childhood, one of the dishes that always comes to mind is the palatschinken, literally "pancakes with filling" in the Austrian dialect, that my mother or grandmother made as a special dessert or even a breakfast dish for my sisters, brother and me. Of course, the time of year during which I ate my ...Read more

A culinary salute to veterans: Elevate traditional comfort food to a gourmet experience

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Wednesday, November 11, is Veterans Day in the United States; the holiday honors the men and women who have served in our nation's armed forces. It also marks the anniversary of the end of World War I, a date recognized in many countries around the world as a time to remember those who defend them.

Every ...Read more

Healthy, flavorful scone recipe makes holiday season extra special

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Just as so many people consider the Labor Day weekend to be the official start of grilling season, I think of the first week of November as the start of baking season. Halloween is over, and the time has come to turn our thoughts to preparing all the cookies, pies, cakes and other baked goods that we'll serve and ...Read more

Frighteningly easy-to-make treats for Halloween

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I didn't really know much about the American tradition of celebrating Halloween when I was growing up in Austria in the 1950s. Around the same time of year, we observed Seleenwoche (All Souls' Week). No candy was involved. Instead, the tradition was to leave out on a table in our home a lantern and bread and water to welcome ...Read more

Curry spices up dinner between holidays

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Here we are in the middle of a sort of entertaining no man's land between Labor Day's end-of-summertime backyard barbecues and the holiday feasts soon to come. Sure we have Halloween coming up, but most of the parties people throw then seem to revolve around candies, cookies and punchbowls.

But I'm a firm believer ...Read more

Colorful carrots add sweetness to autumnal soup

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To every season, it seems, there is a kind of recipe to be cooked. Summer, most people would agree, is a time for grilling or making ice cream. Winter sees robust stews and braises bubbling away. Many cooks love to welcome springtime with fresh vegetable salads or, later in the season, the first of the sweet berries foretell summer.

Autumn, for...Read more

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