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Homemade granola adds crunch to healthy breakfast

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Morning is one of my favorite parts of each weekday. Even though I may have worked late in my restaurants the night before, I love to get up to fix breakfast for my two young sons, Oliver and Alexander, before driving them to school.

Breakfast, as everyone knows, is important for starting the day right. A good morning meal gives you energy and ...Read more

Fresh fall produce harvests bountiful salad

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When it comes to seasonal cooking, most people speak glowingly of the pleasures of spring and summer produce, from tender green peas and asparagus to jewel-like fresh berries and juicy stone fruit. Who wouldn't love cooking with so many beautiful, delicious gifts from the garden?

Compared to that, autumn can sometimes feel at first like a ...Read more

Handy appliance eases pressure of cooking dinner

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By mid-September, as autumn approaches, summertime's family fun, with its picnics in the park and its backyard barbecues, is already beginning to feel like distant memories. Instead, thoughts of food turn more toward meals eaten at the dinner table -- especially dishes that are easy to cook and serve on a weeknight after Mom and Dad get home ...Read more

Try a Mediterranean spin on traditional Rosh Hashanah brisket dish

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The Jewish New Year celebration, Rosh Hashanah (literally "head of the year"), begins at sundown on Sunday, September 13. It's a period of solemn yet joyous celebration and reflection, a holiday that I myself have long appreciated through the heritage of my sons and of other beloved family members and...Read more

Grilling veggies for your Labor Day cookout

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According to the calendar, summer's official end is still about three weeks away. The unofficial last weekend of summer, though, comes with Labor Day, which always seems to feature the season's final big cookout.

Enthusiastic outdoor cooks usually pay lots of attention to the main courses for Labor Day. In my ...Read more

Sweet cherry tomatoes accent classic focaccia

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When sun-ripened tomato season is at its peak, I love to feature the juicy, savory, tart-sweet vegetable-fruits in so many dishes. Even in summer, however, you may want tomatoes to become an accent to a dish rather than its main attraction. Yes, every bite delivers the distilled essence of sunshine and warmth. But there will be times when you ...Read more

Blemished tomatoes star of quick, easy chicken dish

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I was shocked recently to hear that 30 to 40 percent of America's food supply is wasted, equaling more than 20 pounds (9 kilograms) of food per person per month. A significant portion of that waste consists of farm-grown produce judged not attractive enough (not sufficiently regular in shape or blemish-free) to be sold in supermarkets.

Of ...Read more

Sun-ripened tomatoes add fresh summer flavor to pasta

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Bite into a peak-of-season, sun-ripened tomato picked at the moment when it's fully matured, yet still firm, and you'll experience one of the greatest pleasures summer has to offer. The juices might run down your chin as your mouth fills with a flavor that's the perfect balance of savory and sweet. At that moment, you'll understand the culinary ...Read more

Summer tomato recipe: classic bruschetta

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I always look forward to the later weeks of summer, which are usually prime time for sun-ripened tomatoes. Farm stands, farmers' market stalls, supermarket produce sections, and home gardens alike are just bursting with juicy tomatoes that seem to capture the sweet warmth of the season in every bite.

There are so many ways to prepare and serve ...Read more

Sweet, cool summer soup beats the heat

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On some of summer's hottest days, dessert can run the risk of turning what should be a meal's crowning glory into the last straw. When the weather feels oppressive, who needs something overly filling as the final course?

Most of the time, we turn to the freezer for warm-weather desserts. Ice creams, sorbets and other frozen treats are proven ...Read more

Lighten up grilled meats for summer

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Meat eaters face a special dilemma in summer. It's prime time for grilling, and for them the epitome of food cooked quickly over an open fire usually means a great steak, beautifully patterned and flavored with char marks and dripping with delicious juices.

But more and more, we're all being told to moderate our consumption of red meat for the ...Read more

Thai flavors infuse steamed fish fillets

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We're closing in on the so-called dog days of summer: the hottest, most humid time of the year. (The term comes from the prominence in the sky of Sirius, the "Dog Star." But I think it's just as apt to think it describes days so hot even the most active dogs lie panting in the shade.)

One thing is for certain during the dog days: Many people ...Read more

An easy, elegant summertime dessert

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Mention summertime desserts, and the first thing people usually think of is ice cream. You'd have to travel far and wide to find anyone who doesn't love a scoop or two of their favorite vanilla, chocolate, mint chip or cookies-and-cream, sitting on top of a cone or maybe in a dish topped with hot fudge and whipped cream.

Good ice cream is more ...Read more

Make steaks memorable this Fourth of July

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The Fourth of July is, to me, the biggest grilling day of the year. At no other time, I imagine, do more people gather around the barbecue to enjoy their favorite open-air foods, whether burgers or hot dogs, chicken or steaks, slow-smoked ribs or other barbecued meats, lean seafood, or beautifully charred vegetables.

And with the...Read more

Enjoy your independence from high-fat ice creams

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When it comes to Fourth of July cookouts, I've always found that dessert is the course offering the best opportunity to prepare something patriotic.

Yes, hot dogs and hamburgers are as all-American as you can get when it comes to main dishes. So are ribs, pulled pork and chicken slathered in barbecue sauce. Of course, so many ...Read more

Help Dad eat his (grilled) vegetables on Father's Day

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Few things in this world today are predictable. It's still likely, though, that this coming Sunday, being Father's Day as well as the first day of summer, will find many dads manning (that's an appropriate choice of words!) the backyard grill, or being hosted at the homes of grown children who have fired up the barbecue. And ...Read more

You can enjoy your cherry cobbler and diet, too!

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I cannot tell a lie: I love cherry season! And even though the old story about young George Washington chopping down a tree may be more myth than fact, there is no way I personally could deny that - if a ladder weren't available - I might be tempted to use a hatchet to get to the sweetest, sun-ripened fruit.

Cherries are among of my favorite ...Read more

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