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Summertime grilling: This recipe will help you stay swimsuit-ready

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The start of the grilling season kicks off on Memorial Day. Although we cook a lot of main-dish meats, poultry and seafood year-round over a live fire at my restaurants, at home I can't wait to head to my patio to fire up the grill for family meals.

At this time of year, though, like many people, my wife ...Read more

Shape up! Start the morning right with a healthy, delicious 'green drink'

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With Memorial Day, summer's unofficial start, a couple of weeks away, and real summer arriving a few weeks later, shaping up for the coming season's outdoor activities is on a lot of people's minds. So you probably wouldn't be surprised by how often I get requests in my restaurants for "something light."

Of course, there are so ...Read more

Fast food: Quickly cooked cod fillets convenient for family dinner, entertaining

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When people hear the term "convenience food," all too often their minds turn to something you probably shouldn't be eating but have to because of limited time. It could be frozen or canned food; or maybe something picked up from the prepared foods section of your supermarket, like a whole rotisserie chicken or some sort of soup that has been ...Read more

Make Mom a batch of delicious pancakes for Mother's Day

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The best home cooks I ever knew were my mother and grandmother. Maybe all the delicious schnitzels, dumplings, cookies and desserts they made for my sisters, my brother and me during our childhood years in Austria convinced me of that. But I really do believe that their honest, simple approach to cooking, emphasizing the best seasonal ...Read more

Fiesta feast: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a healthy version of a classic Mexican dish

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Working as a chef based in greater Los Angeles, though I also have restaurants across the U.S. and around the world, I'm very aware of the richness of Latino culture. So many good, hardworking people from Mexico and countries further south live in my home state that Spanish is virtually a second language here.

And, of course, I've grown not ...Read more

Fresh fare: Earth Day omelet recipe features farmers' market veggies

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Earth Day is being observed worldwide on Friday, April 22. It's a holiday unlike any other: a celebration based simply on the fact that we all live together on this planet and benefit from taking care of all its many natural wonders and resources.

Earth Day had its start in 1970 as an environmental-...Read more

The secret to making creamy mashed potatoes

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"What's the secret...?"

Those words begin so many of the questions people ask me in my restaurants, or when they meet me in public. It sometimes feels to me as if everyone believes there's some special storehouse of magical knowledge locked away somewhere, and only professional chefs have the key.

To tell you the truth, there really are "...Read more

Simplicity is the key to cooking a world-famous pasta dish

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It always delights me how some of the world's greatest recipes are also the simplest. Start with just a few high-quality ingredients, cook them in a way that highlights their natural qualities and serve them with just a little imagination, and it's very possible that the result will be something that everyone finds amazing.

Take, for example, ...Read more

All dressed up: Freshen up salad with homemade versions of classic dressings

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With spring upon us now, you could say we're entering the salad days of cooking. Shakespeare coined the term "salad days" to refer to someone's green and inexperienced youth, but the words are equally appropriate to describe the time of year when fine, fresh, tender, often green, young produce is beginning to fill farmers' market stalls. ...Read more

Spring ahead: Enjoy a light, healthy take on a classic seasonal vegetable dish

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Springtime is just a few days old. Already, enthusiastic cooks everywhere are celebrating its arrival by preparing lighter, fresher-tasting dishes that feature the finest seasonal produce. From salads and soups to main courses and sides, young leaves, roots, shoots, pods and other edible plants are beguiling food lovers with their bright colors,...Read more

Brilliant bolognese: The classic Italian sauce comes together in a few simple steps

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Aspiring chefs and home cooks alike ask my advice about how they can get better in the kitchen. It may surprise you to know that one of my main tips is one word: simplify.

When people start out with big hopes in the kitchen, they often put too much into one recipe. I made that mistake myself early on.

But if you start with good ingredients and...Read more

Hot potato: A creamy, cheesy puree with a French accent

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A plate of mashed potatoes ranks among the most widely beloved side dishes I know. It's easy to understand why.

They're an ideal comfort food: earthy and mild, rich yet also austere, filling and yet delightfully easy on the palate. They also go with virtually any main dish. At Spago, my CUT steakhouses, and many of my other restaurants, they're...Read more

Top secret! You won't believe how easy it is to make this restaurant favorite

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It always surprises me how many chefs love to talk about "secret" recipes that they won't divulge to anyone, no matter how polite or pleading the request might be. Why? Because, to tell you the truth, there aren't really that many top secrets in the world of restaurants.

Most experienced chefs can look at and taste a dish in a restaurant and ...Read more

Celebrity dish: A meal stars dream of eating after the Oscars

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Just because you're all dressed up for a big event, it doesn't mean that you're craving the culinary equivalent of a tuxedo or designer dress. Often, the exact opposite is true.

Take, for example, the annual Academy Awards, which takes place this coming Sunday evening. Since 1994, my Wolfgang Puck Catering team and I have prepared the food for ...Read more

Cuban sandwich proves that a panini by any other name taste just as delicious

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As a chef with restaurants on three continents and the good fortune to travel and eat my way around the world, I am always fascinated to see how so many dishes that may at first seem unique to a particular cuisine actually have close cousins in other countries.

Fried chicken, for example, is undeniably all-American; yet, I grew up eating ...Read more

Made with love: Charming your valentine is a piece of cake

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"Say it with chocolate" seems to be one of the most popular themes of Valentine's Day, and for very good reasons. Chocolate, so luscious and sweet, is one of the world's most popular flavors. Studies have shown that naturally occurring substances in chocolate actually make us feel better, happier and maybe even more romantic. And ...Read more

It's soup season! Chase the winter chill away with a zesty bowl of soup

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Last year, much of the Midwest and Eastern U.S. endured snowstorm after snowstorm. Right now, where I live in Southern California, we're in the grip of what meteorologists have been saying may be the biggest El Nino rain system ever.

Yes, winter can feel like a burden. But I like to think of it in much more optimistic terms: It's perfect soup ...Read more


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