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Recipe Finder: Olive Garden's pineapple tiramisu

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Fredona King from South Bend, Ind., wrote saying she is a big fan of the tiramisu served at Olive Garden restaurants. She said she has tried several recipes, but they were not as smooth and creamy as what is served at the restaurant. She was hoping I could find Olive Garden's recipe for her.

These days, there are multiple websites that provide ...Read more

Recipe Finder: Salmon mousse makes great cocktail party treat

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Lynn Chambers of Baltimore was in search of a recipe for a salmon mousse similar to the one she enjoyed at a recent dinner party. She said her host had made the mousse in a fish-shaped mold and garnished it with olives for eyes. Chambers thought it was beautiful and delicious.

Stanley Scherr of Baltimore heard about Chambers' request and knew ...Read more

Recipe Finder: Jell-O salad makes a refreshing, retro dish

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Ellen Rogers of Granger, Ind., was in search of the recipe for a dish that her mother used to make with orange Jell-O, shredded carrots and small pineapple bits. She cannot locate the recipe and she has been unable to re-create the same taste.

Patricia Walter of Kingsville, Md., saw Rogers' request and thought she knew exactly the recipe Rogers...Read more

You won't miss the meat with stuffed eggplant

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Bette Arnold Henderson of Bradenton, Fla., was in search of a recipe for baked stuffed eggplant, like the one she and her husband used to enjoy some years ago when they lived in Santa Barbara, Calif. It was served at Mariann's Italian Villa, and they liked the dish so much it came to be the only thing they would order from the restaurant's ...Read more

Recipe Finder: A ricotta pie recipe rooted in Italian tradition

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Gloria Luperini of Timonium, Md., was looking for a recipe for ricotta pie that she said is popular in the Italian-American community. She said that she has gathered many different recipes for the pie and has tried at least two that have been unsatisfactory. She was hoping a reader would be able to share a tried and true family recipe.

Dee ...Read more

Recipe Finder: Breakfast casserole puts a new spin on brunch

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Patty Wolfe of Boise, Idaho, was looking for a recipe for a breakfast casserole like the one that her sister-in-law used to make in the 1960s. She said it was rather unusual because it was made with whole eggs that were dropped into indentations in a bed of rice and baked.

I did not receive any recipes that were exactly what she described, and ...Read more

Recipe Finder: Chili mac

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Patty Wolfe of Boise, Idaho, was in search of a recipe for a chili like the one her mother made for dinner when she was growing up in Indiana. She thinks her mother got the recipe from an aunt who lived in Texas and recalled that it had elbow macaroni, cheese, kidney beans and chili powder in it -- more like a cross between chili and macaroni ...Read more

Recipe Finder: Mini cheesecake

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Sue Hamilton of Boise, Idaho, was looking for a recipe for making miniature cheesecakes with a berry topping. She said she had them at a wedding a while back. The little cheesecakes surrounded the wedding cake, and Hamilton thought they looked beautiful and tasted great.

Savanna Schaefer of Olney, Md., shared her recipe for mini cheesecakes ...Read more

Recipe Finder: Pizza in a tunnel

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Sue Rinker of Baltimore was looking for a recipe for something she called "pizza in a tunnel." The dish had traditional pizza ingredients inside some kind of dough or crust rather than on top. She said she made this dish for family dinners many years ago when her children were young, but it was not a big hit at the time so she did not hold on to...Read more

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