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Creativity in the Kitchen Can Save Valuable Holiday Time

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Fortunately, I was reading a book on creativity just before I settled on the dressing I would prepare for my festive holiday salad. "Positive Living and Health: The Complete Guide to Brain/Body Healing and Mental Empowerment" by Mark Bricklin and the editors of Prevention Magazine was a vintage tome of more than 500 pages that I bought last year...Read more

Let Thanksgiving Centerpieces Inspire Holiday Meals

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As Thanksgiving nears, the only place many busy people may find "plenty" is in a horn of plenty, the cornucopia -- which emanates from Greek mythology and serves as a fruit-filled holiday centerpiece by many modern cooks. "Plenty," on the other hand, would not often be used during the holiday season when describing time; rushed moments caught ...Read more

Cold Weather Comfort Food Combination of Cinnamon and Sugar Goes Gourmet

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The multimillions-selling cookbook author and TV cooking series host known as The Pioneer Woman (aka Ree Drummond) might just circle the wagons around me for the careless and surprisingly healthful way I make the winter childhood staple comfort food of cinnamon-sugar toast. In 2010, Drummond declared on her popular blog that started her empire...Read more

Let Holiday "Trial Runs" Liven Up Your Autumn Meals

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Do you throw surprise parties for the winter holidays each year? Perhaps you do without knowing it if you ever serve first-time dishes at Thanksgiving or Christmas. As exciting as it is to jazz up meals with new recipes, results may instead emerge as hit-or-miss revelations.

Practice runs with delicious dividends are a better idea, and serve ...Read more

Pairing Apple Cider Perks It Up

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If you think nothing beats hot or iced apple cider during early autumn months, try pairing the beverages with food. Since sweet, spicy and savory all go equally as well, you are in for some fun menu planning.

Even before you get to the food, cider creativity can rule:

--Jazz up your ice cubes. Make a puree from a foundation, like the peeled,...Read more

Collecting Paper for Projects Can Pay Off

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Do you have a collection of recycled paper bags or empty juice cartons alongside your wine collection? Jodi Levine considers it a valuable addition. The "lifelong crafter," who spent 19 years on Martha Stewart's staff as craft editor at Martha Stewart Living magazine, editorial director at Martha Stewart Kids magazine and product designer for ...Read more

Even Easy Recipes Can Be Customized

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You don't have to be at a restaurant to be picky about ordering your food. Demand the same from yourself or whoever is cooking at your house. As Burger King famously told us for 40 years while showcasing every imaginable variation on a burger: "Have it your way!"

The surprise may be that even easy recipes are ripe for customization. As autumn...Read more

Fall Into Some Easy Autumn Soups

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As another busy fall begins to fall into place, once again, hearty soup is one of the most economical, easy and tasty treats of the season. The contents of soup pots, however, don't have to be either homemade or store-bought.

"Halfway homemade" can equal some super-spoonfuls that start with a foundation of canned soup, like low-sodium chicken...Read more

Wowed by a Whisk

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I saw my whisks a lot more than I used them. That's because long ago, in an act of rare arts-and-crafts around the house, I made a sculpture of sorts of my collection of unused whisks, which ranged in size from about two inches high to a foot, and from flat, to thin to fat. I repurposed a slatted silverware holder from one of those chic wooden...Read more

Carrots Are Sweet Treats in More than Cakes

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The next time you are in the mood for dessert, consider sauteing that bunch of carrots in your vegetable bin in butter and then giving them a long, luxurious hot bath in coconut milk. The silky result, when crowned with spices, golden raisins and crushed pistachios, is a rich pudding that just may make you forget there is any dessert ...Read more

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