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Secure Some Snazzy New Skewer Recipes

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Stick it to run-of-the-mill skewer recipes and instead pile on unexpected ingredients.

Kabobs remain one of my all-time favorites because all it takes is imagination or a peek into cultures outside your own. Spring dishes that are light, easy and quick-cooking (due to the small cubes involved) are the results.

Ted Allen, host of Food Network...Read more

Slide Into Grilling Season with Gourmet Sliders

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Sliders, perhaps draped in caramelized onions and exotic cheeses atop artisan rolls, are not just for chic nights out at bistros anymore. The tiny treat burgers are, of course, even quicker than bigger thinner patties to grill up at home and a memorable way to slide into grilling season.

Just buy preformed similarly sized patties or ground ...Read more

Steaming Vegetables Seems to Stimulate Health

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During spring, lots of eager eaters fill shopping baskets with loads of fresh vegetables to enjoy raw for their crunchy textures. It might be a steamer basket, though, that would be more in order, according to studies about how to lower your cholesterol.

Researchers from the USDA and elsewhere have shown that, when lightly steamed, in vitro ...Read more

Sweet Potato Tots Are a Sweet and Healthful Alternative

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One of my favorite foods is a sweet potato tot. Is this surprising, since plain tater tots (without the infusion of sweet potato antioxidants and fiber) are so decadent and diet busting? Not at all; the slight sweet flavor that comes along with the sweet potato makes it perfect for the addition of innovative sauces, like the honey-mustard one ...Read more

There Is No Mystery to Homemade Matzo

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Often families play "find the matzo" during the Passover Seder dinner and children search the house for the hidden treasure. However, a hidden treasure you may have been overlooking is the preparation of your own homemade matzo.

With the convenience and quality of store-bought matzo, it's little wonder few people make their own, but it's a ...Read more

Kids on the Receiving Ends of Culinary Gifts Can Learn to Be Givers, Too

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Perhaps a child in your life was the recipient of an Easter basket filled with treats this spring. A powerful tool, though, to teach generosity is to allow kids you care for to become givers, too, and the weekend kitchen is a fitting place to start.

"Handstand Kids," a series of books by Yvette Garfield, a law school graduate with a strong ...Read more

Easter Leftovers Liven Up Spring

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Advice abounds for Thanksgiving and Christmas leftovers. Easter, though, is just as delicious an opportunity for lively leftovers. The ham and lamb that linger overnight make the foundations of next-day stupendous sandwiches, casseroles and even innovative choices like the potpie that follows.

Condiments also can be reused with success, such ...Read more

Pull Together Pulled Meats as Easy One-Pot Meals

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Anticipation regarding grilling season can be a thing of the past. Grilling season can be all year long in your kitchen. A delicious way to prove that is by easily pulling together some delicious pulled meats right on your kitchen stovetop.

Many of us only have been treated to the saucy delicacy served between soft thick sandwich buns at ...Read more

Deliciously Punch Up the Protein

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My favorite vegetarian food is bread. That's because it's Food for Life's cinnamon-raisin sprouted loaf that punches up the protein with lentils. Recently, I ordered by mail from their Web site the best ginger cookies I have ever tasted from Sans Bakery in New York City. They increased the protein quotient with garbanzo bean flour. HOPE vegan ...Read more

Grilling Turns Good Sandwiches Great

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The perfect sandwich, Bon Appetit magazine once declared, is a BLT. The way to improve upon that, they then noted? Grilling. Taste of Home magazine chimed in that submarines, too, of course, are super. What's more stupendous? Grilling.

Take such comments as part of a short course on creating snazzier sandwiches. Grilling turns good results ...Read more

Yogurt Becomes Yummier with Homemade Fruit-at-the-Bottom Layer

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Yogurt may be a store-bought staple in your house, but what could be much more exotic are your own homemade fruit-at-the-bottom varieties. Even those who already have yogurt makers may have never attempted that lively treat.

The addition of that lively, colorful layer (usually made with fruit preserves in home recipes) is really just an easy ...Read more

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