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Even Easy Recipes Can Be Customized

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You don't have to be at a restaurant to be picky about ordering your food. Demand the same from yourself or whoever is cooking at your house. As Burger King famously told us for 40 years while showcasing every imaginable variation on a burger: "Have it your way!"

The surprise may be that even easy recipes are ripe for customization. As autumn...Read more

Fall Into Some Easy Autumn Soups

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As another busy fall begins to fall into place, once again, hearty soup is one of the most economical, easy and tasty treats of the season. The contents of soup pots, however, don't have to be either homemade or store-bought.

"Halfway homemade" can equal some super-spoonfuls that start with a foundation of canned soup, like low-sodium chicken...Read more

Wowed by a Whisk

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I saw my whisks a lot more than I used them. That's because long ago, in an act of rare arts-and-crafts around the house, I made a sculpture of sorts of my collection of unused whisks, which ranged in size from about two inches high to a foot, and from flat, to thin to fat. I repurposed a slatted silverware holder from one of those chic wooden...Read more

Carrots Are Sweet Treats in More than Cakes

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The next time you are in the mood for dessert, consider sauteing that bunch of carrots in your vegetable bin in butter and then giving them a long, luxurious hot bath in coconut milk. The silky result, when crowned with spices, golden raisins and crushed pistachios, is a rich pudding that just may make you forget there is any dessert ...Read more

Roasted Marshmallows? Why Not Summer Fruit Instead?

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Temperatures rise in summer. Let the temp climb for just a few minutes in your kitchen, too, when it comes to preparing summer fruit, and you are in for an unrivaled treat.

"Preparing" warm weather fruit? Aren't they juicy and perfect just chilled and by the handful? No doubt about that. On the outdoor grill, too. When you heat that way, you ...Read more

Kishka or Kasha? There Are Delicious Differences

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Kishka or kasha? Let my confusion lead you to a possibly newfound, yet old-fashioned delicious family meal. I was trying to remember the difference between the two. I hadn't heard either of those words in a while, not since my Hungarian grandmother used to whip up some Eastern European specialties decades ago.

I misremembered "kasha" being ...Read more

Virtual Camp Can Be a Delicious Experience

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No matter how much you love your kid, if you're in the middle of a long summer break, do you sometimes wish he or she could go and explore space for a while?

Google, NASA and the nonprofit educational organization the Khan Academy made that wish come true for children and parents everywhere. Camp Google is no farther away than the url: camp....Read more

Turn Your Vegetables Into Secret Compartments for More Vegetables

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Rick Rodgers may be one of the only people to have compared red bell peppers to Matryoshka dolls, the famed sets of wooden Russian "nesting" dolls, each with smaller dolls placed inside each other. That's a good reference, though, for "The Big Book of Sides" author's recipe for tomato- and olive-stuffed bell peppers. Hollowed red bell pepper ...Read more


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