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Yogurt Becomes Yummier with Homemade Fruit-at-the-Bottom Layer

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Yogurt may be a store-bought staple in your house, but what could be much more exotic are your own homemade fruit-at-the-bottom varieties. Even those who already have yogurt makers may have never attempted that lively treat.

The addition of that lively, colorful layer (usually made with fruit preserves in home recipes) is really just an easy ...Read more

Spreading Germs is Healthful with Wheat Germ

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There's one germ you should try to catch. Until recently, it was difficult to find whole-grain products -- like breads, crackers and bars -- in supermarkets, and many families tucked away a bottle of wheat germ in their pantries to sprinkle over the void. Though, fortunately, whole grains are now a store staple, wheat germ is a simple, yet ...Read more

Sean Kanan's Valentine's Day Recipes Keep on Giving

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How much does Sean Kanan love you? He loves you so much that he might not only prepare you gourmet pork chops atop braised red cabbage for Valentine's Day, but he'll leave a bonus gift of a papaya and arugula salad ingeniously crafted from the leftovers for your lunch the next day.

Kanan plays the deviously sexy Deacon Sharpe on the popular ...Read more

Spice Up the Oscar Race with Spicy Popcorn

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"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" may not have gotten a best picture Oscar nod in the recently announced nominations for the February 28 event. However, the film vying to become the highest-grossing movie of all time, is certainly a popcorn-worthy flick that has fans vying for how many times they can view it. One Austin, Texas, enthusiast saw it ...Read more

Hot Chocolate Warms Winter Recipes

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Thinking outside the mug when it comes to hot chocolate can be a toasty treat this winter. Hot chocolate "melts" are created in seconds to mimic gourmet chocolates, including familiar toppers like marshmallows. When wrapped in sachets, they become signature hostess gifts or party favors. When guests later unwrap them and drop them into heated ...Read more

Macaroni 'n' Cheese in Bed and Other New Year's Resolutions

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I'm glad to see that I'm not alone in my New Year's philosophy. As far as resolutions go, determine what you won't give up rather than rigidly planning what you will abandon.

As we move into the New Year, Sara Dickerman is getting a lot of attention for her angle. In "Bon Appetit: The Food Lover's Cleanse," she has written a non-diet book to ...Read more

Toast the New Year with a Caramels Tasting Party

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Caramels just might be the perfect guest for your New Year's Eve party. Everything from a fun caramels taste test, to a champagne cocktail fueled with caramel-infused apple cider, to a main course of mahi mahi swimming in a delicate champagne-caramel sauce can set the scene for a memorable theme.

Popular boutique supermarket chain Trader Joe'...Read more

Transform Kids' Holiday Eating into Holiday Cooking

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Yvette Garfield looked at kids and said she thought they can do more than just eat, they can cook -- and learn. That's how her Handstand Kids international cookbook series sparked almost a decade ago. It teaches kids foreign words and cultures through cooking, as well as associated gear like placemats. This year, Garfield, a law school grad, ...Read more

Give Yourself the Holiday Gift of Time Off from Cooking

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Five seconds flat. If that's your holiday entertaining philosophy, you're in luck. Santa's made a list of lucky ingredients and he checked it twice and wants you to know that if you keep these in your kitchen and sprinkle them on easy store-bought or homemade dishes, you'll immediately give those meals the gift of holiday spirit. That's part ...Read more

Leftovers Liven Up Smoothies

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The best cooks are often wizards with leftovers. Partially opened products in their pantries and refrigerators may be all they need for masterpieces. Four-time winner of the James Beard Award and bestselling cookbook author Rozanne Gold, who for many years was co-owner of New York City's famed Rainbow Room, once told me in an interview that a ...Read more

Creativity in the Kitchen Can Save Valuable Holiday Time

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Fortunately, I was reading a book on creativity just before I settled on the dressing I would prepare for my festive holiday salad. "Positive Living and Health: The Complete Guide to Brain/Body Healing and Mental Empowerment" by Mark Bricklin and the editors of Prevention Magazine was a vintage tome of more than 500 pages that I bought last year...Read more

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