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Both Guest Lists and Ingredient Lists Can Make Parties Intimate

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When I sent out printed invitations for a fiftieth anniversary party my brother and I were throwing for my parents, the first line read: "Please join us for an intimate evening in celebration of..." and then went on with the rest of the details. By using the word "intimate" I was trying to signal to the guests how important each one's presence...Read more

Delicious Deli on Demand

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For many, quality delicatessen meals are strictly a take-out treat, complete with long lines. However, sometimes the best deli food is as close as a take-out from your kitchen to your dining room.

"Sometimes, people get so used to eating a type of food in a restaurant that they would never think to make it at home," said Judy Zeidler, author ...Read more

Give Your Favorite Foods Summer Makeovers

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Cakes, pies, cookies, donuts, cupcakes. These kinds of treats are welcome any time of year. However, if you give them a summer makeover, you're in for innovative and custom-made delights.

Du-par's, a more than 75-year-old award-winning Los Angeles bakery/restaurant chain, is famous for its pies. Fresh peach is featured during summer. However,...Read more

Celebrate Cheddar in Apple Pie

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Judith Fertig spent years creating and compiling the greatest the United States had to offer when writing her outstanding cookbook, "All-American Desserts: 400 Star-Spangled, Razzle-Dazzle Recipes for America's Best Loved Desserts." However, one of her favorites is an old English twist on an American favorite: cheddar cheese accenting apple pie....Read more

Summer Fruit Dresses Up Nicely for Parties

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Famed San Francisco chef Deborah Madison loves a juicy bite of fresh fruit on a summer day. After all, in addition to founding Greens, one of the first farm-driven restaurants in the country, she is the author of "Seasonal Fruit Desserts from Orchard, Farm, and Market."

But as spirited as fruit alone is, Madison notes that added spirits are ...Read more

Surprise Dad with a Seasonal Pizza

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What to surprise Dad with this Father's Day? Seasonal pizzas are the perfect solution. Innovative, with their use of fresh, warm-weather vegetables (like the corn, arugula and heirloom tomatoes in the recipes below), unlike some gifts, they most likely will not soon be forgotten.

"Ease" is the operative word. Though gourmet, they can be ...Read more

Cheers for Creative Chips

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Sometimes, when we've grown up without the benefit of tasting homemade versions of processed foods, we don't realize how easy they are to prepare ourselves. That's often the case with chips.

Potato chips? Corn chips? Tortilla chips? Bags bought in the supermarket are usually the norm for such snack foods. But fresh, warm, innovative home ...Read more

Nutty Spelt is Special

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Spelt is special, but it's such a little-known ingredient that its benefits may go uneaten.

Spelt is an ancient European grain that is related to wheat. If yogurt parfaits or other current commercial products that use the nutritional powerhouse get us curious to include it in our own cooking that's a bonus.

Although a bit lower in fiber than...Read more

Crush the Culinary Competition with Crushed Red Pepper

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What instantly brings back the memories of the best pizza parlors, whether they are in your own neighborhood, or even pizza meccas like Boston, Chicago or New York City? In addition to the sawdust often found almost ankle deep on some authentic joints' floors, it's the flavor of the rust and gold flecks of crushed red pepper. Besides often ...Read more

Grilled Dips Make for a Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

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Kick off warm-weather barbecuing season this Memorial Day weekend with unforgettable grilled dips sure to make a splash. These remain my favorite easy entertaining solutions.

Dips, of course, are often non-gourmet affairs that involve no more than mixing together a couple of cold and dry ingredients. That's fine most of the time, but if you'...Read more

Tea Cocktails Tempt at Spring Showers

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The best kind of spring showers are wet, not from sprinkles of rain, but the pouring of innovative cocktails at bridal and baby showers. Tea infused into cool cocktails is a refreshing, delicious and healthful treat.

Haley and Lauren Fox, the sisters who dreamed up Alice's Tea Cup, New York City's hottest tea emporium, when they discovered ...Read more

Secure Some Snazzy New Skewer Recipes

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Stick it to run-of-the-mill skewer recipes and instead pile on unexpected ingredients.

Kabobs remain one of my all-time favorites because all it takes is imagination or a peek into cultures outside your own. Spring dishes that are light, easy and quick-cooking (due to the small cubes involved) are the results.

Ted Allen, host of Food Network...Read more


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