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Easy Red-White-and-Blue Menus for July Fourth Meals

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July Fourth is a time for festivities and fireworks to celebrate our nation's birthday. If we want to up the chances of enjoying more birthdays for ourselves and those we love, we might want to turn the parties into health-improving ones.

Long known in nutritionists' circles as "SAD," the standard American diet is infamous for being long on ...Read more

Upgrade Dad to Room Service for Father's Day

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Room service on vacations is always a special treat. For Father's Day, why not give Dad a special break and upgrade him to room service or a special "staycation" (the kind where you have fun at home)?

When it comes to the kind of fun, indulgent fare we can easily imitate at home, just a few words pop to mind: room service and mini bar. Doesn'...Read more

Gourmet Tricks that Still Leave Time To Spend with Dad

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Father's Day sometimes provides a challenge. Perhaps you want to challenge Dad to tennis, basketball or checkers just to spend cherished time with him, but you also want to provide those gourmet touches that make holidays so special. Don't worry about having to give up one for the other.

It's all in the details -- and why not make those fine ...Read more

Sneak Healthful Ingredients Into Fun Kid Mug Meals

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Many kids may be off from school soon, but kids are never off from eating. So why not, during school breaks, make eating not only fun, but sneakily nutritious and a part of easy cooking lessons?

Mug meals fit everything on the aforementioned checklist. A bored kid, while supervised, can prepare a single-serving meal in seconds. Powdered hot ...Read more

Don't Give Up Slow Cooking During Warm Weather

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During warm-weather months, many families are more on-the-go than ever, with jam-packed, activity-filled days. Quick, thrown-together, indistinguishable meals are often the solution. Sometimes, nutrition suffers, too.

If you think the nutrient-filled, hearty dishes whose flavors meld for hours in quick-prep, low time-commitment slow cookers ...Read more

Give Your Garnishes a Spring Fling

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The burst of flavor from the edible garnish I ate almost overtook my entire spring meal. Technically, the pretty truffle with the piped white lines welcoming me to my place at the table should have been an after-meal treat, but I popped it ahead of time. It was a spring blueberry truffle from the See's Candies chain, and it was juicier and ...Read more

Practice Both a New Language and Preparing Adventurous Spring Recipes

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Why not go to Nice for lunch this spring? Although visiting the capital of the French Riviera would be nice, you could avoid the crowds -- except for the foot traffic of your own family in your own kitchen -- and still reap some of the benefits.

Looking up foreign culinary words you or your kids might not be familiar with and then preparing ...Read more

Make Delicious Tea and Spice Blends

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Over the years, most moms who cook have surprised their families with incomparable dishes sprinkled with their secret one-of-a-kind spice blends. A fun, easy and economical idea is to return the favor by stirring up unique tea, fresh herb or spice blends as custom gifts for your mom. These remain my all-time favorite homemade gifts to recommend....Read more

Savor Sides that Seamlessly Switch Identities

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Usually entrees are not only the stars of meals, but of leftovers the next day, too. Don't shun your sides, though. In fact, they often can do double-duty and easily transform into the centerpiece of an entirely new meal.

When you are dealing with vegetable-based side dishes, the news gets even better. You can energize a main dish with the ...Read more

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