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Cream Cheese: Sometimes the Less Creative, the Better

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If you have been to a cheese tasting, chances are it didn't include cream cheese, but maybe it should have. The differences between various brands of cream cheese are no less important to bagel or cheesecake lovers than the nuances between hoity-toity aged cheeses from around the globe are to gourmands.

Easily spreadable cream cheese is an ...Read more

Sweet, Sweeter, Sweetest: Mix It up When It Comes to Your Desserts

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Not only did Los Angeles' High Tea Cottage serve cake as part of a 90th birthday high tea celebration for the Queen of England earlier this year, but their everyday tea services rival the world's best. That's because they've instituted an innovative serving technique that immediately highlights and adds interest to whatever they are featuring,...Read more

Medical Studies Can Be Our Cooking Teachers

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Fashion experts may advise that red and orange clash in an outfit, but, when it comes to helping regulate your blood sugar, their future pairing may be ideal. A study conducted by the University of Warwick Medical School in the UK found that 32 overweight and obese people who took capsules made from compounds of the fruits for eight weeks showed...Read more

Make Sure Your Pure Olive Oil Isn't Pure Fiction

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I had just finished drizzling two teaspoons of extra-virgin olive oil into a decaf coffee-dark chocolate stevia-flavored smoothie I had created to replace a sugar- and caffeinated one I loved from a juice chain. Nutritionists have urged adding healthy fats, especially olive oil, to our diets for decades. I'd been practicing as they preached ...Read more

Both Guest Lists and Ingredient Lists Can Make Parties Intimate

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When I sent out printed invitations for a fiftieth anniversary party my brother and I were throwing for my parents, the first line read: "Please join us for an intimate evening in celebration of..." and then went on with the rest of the details. By using the word "intimate" I was trying to signal to the guests how important each one's presence...Read more

Delicious Deli on Demand

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For many, quality delicatessen meals are strictly a take-out treat, complete with long lines. However, sometimes the best deli food is as close as a take-out from your kitchen to your dining room.

"Sometimes, people get so used to eating a type of food in a restaurant that they would never think to make it at home," said Judy Zeidler, author ...Read more

Give Your Favorite Foods Summer Makeovers

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Cakes, pies, cookies, donuts, cupcakes. These kinds of treats are welcome any time of year. However, if you give them a summer makeover, you're in for innovative and custom-made delights.

Du-par's, a more than 75-year-old award-winning Los Angeles bakery/restaurant chain, is famous for its pies. Fresh peach is featured during summer. However,...Read more

Celebrate Cheddar in Apple Pie

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Judith Fertig spent years creating and compiling the greatest the United States had to offer when writing her outstanding cookbook, "All-American Desserts: 400 Star-Spangled, Razzle-Dazzle Recipes for America's Best Loved Desserts." However, one of her favorites is an old English twist on an American favorite: cheddar cheese accenting apple pie....Read more

Summer Fruit Dresses Up Nicely for Parties

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Famed San Francisco chef Deborah Madison loves a juicy bite of fresh fruit on a summer day. After all, in addition to founding Greens, one of the first farm-driven restaurants in the country, she is the author of "Seasonal Fruit Desserts from Orchard, Farm, and Market."

But as spirited as fruit alone is, Madison notes that added spirits are ...Read more

Surprise Dad with a Seasonal Pizza

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What to surprise Dad with this Father's Day? Seasonal pizzas are the perfect solution. Innovative, with their use of fresh, warm-weather vegetables (like the corn, arugula and heirloom tomatoes in the recipes below), unlike some gifts, they most likely will not soon be forgotten.

"Ease" is the operative word. Though gourmet, they can be ...Read more

Cheers for Creative Chips

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Sometimes, when we've grown up without the benefit of tasting homemade versions of processed foods, we don't realize how easy they are to prepare ourselves. That's often the case with chips.

Potato chips? Corn chips? Tortilla chips? Bags bought in the supermarket are usually the norm for such snack foods. But fresh, warm, innovative home ...Read more


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