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Copycat Recipes May Be Easier Than You Ever Dreamed

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Thai cuisine is my favorite, so much so that I once traveled the country reporting on the cooking I did with some masters. One of my favorite foods is the creamy, slightly spicy peanut sauce anyone who orders Thai takeout food will recognize as the condiment served with satay sticks and traditional Thai raw vegetable salad.

I've tried to ...Read more

Squash Cravings with Good-for-You Seasonal Foods

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Cold-weather dining often means cozy comfort foods that fill out our winter sweaters. Seasonal super foods, though, are the answer. They help with slimming down, squashing cravings (especially all the hearty varieties of winter squash) and tempting the taste buds.

Acorn squash, sugar pumpkin and sweet potatoes are excellent cooked as is, but ...Read more

The Scent of the Holidays

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I got my best holiday recipe this year from a garden designer. I was reading about California nursery co-owner Greg Salmeri and I translated his "best garden tip" into an indoor tip that I tested. Salmeri had told Better Homes & Gardens magazine that his best garden tip is: "Add fragrant plants, such as rosemary, scented geranium, sage and ...Read more

Substitution Savvy Extends Beyond Just Ingredients

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Recipes often give helpful options for ingredient substitutions or extensive variations. Savvy cooks can save time by looking for other changes that can be implemented.

Use your cooking knowledge to determine what steps can be altered without affecting a good final result. A vegetarian recipe I recently made inspired me. I had all of the ...Read more

Stay Slimmer This Season with Flavor Infusions

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Indulging in favorite foods often may mean replacing favorite clothes that have grown too small. If you crave pizza and milkshakes more than you do carrots and celery, you may notice the difference not only on your dinner plate, but on your scale. During the holiday season, when there are so many other chances to indulge, it can be even more ...Read more

Centerpiece of Family Thanksgiving Dinner Can Be Used for Community Service

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A cornucopia can do more than serve as a centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table; it can serve the community and your family members as well. Traditional cornucopias -- which have been mentioned in mythology since 5 B.C. -- are symbols of abundance. During modern times, they are often centerpieces in horn-shaped baskets that are overflowing ...Read more

Turn the Spotlight on One Special Seasonal Ingredient, Rather Than a Slew

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Food writers often want to encourage you to become a master of every seasonal ingredient under the sun or snow clouds, depending on the time of year. That makes for a fairly long shopping list and lots of energy spent on various techniques. In order to use your time wisely both in and out of the kitchen, why not instead focus inventively on ...Read more

Meal Delivery Delivers Cooking Pointers

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Meal prep services that send you a box of ingredients and cooking instructions of course can improve your skills and expand your recipe repertoire. However, I was surprised recently to note just how much a lazier option did the same.

Full-fledged finished meal delivery is the easy way out. Often bought by the week as part of a weight loss ...Read more

Have a Homemade Halloween Every Day

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Formal Halloween parties are full of orange-and-black-colored treats and tempters. One day a year, though, just isn't enough. Like all of the coffeehouses and bakeries in our neighborhoods that advertise spook day goodies well ahead of the holiday, why not make every day in your house that is prior to Halloween an homage to orange and black ...Read more

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