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My Pet World: Readers' questions answered by experts at Clinical Animal Behavior Conference

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LAS VEGAS -- These reader questions were answered by attendees of the of Clinical Animal Behavior 2015 Conference, Sept. 25-27, presented by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians and Academy of Veterinary Behavior Technicians.

There is available and qualified help for pet ...Read more

My Pet World: Lyme disease a continual issue in dogs, and humans

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Lyme disease is diagnosed more readily and responded to differently in animal health compared to human health. Two veterinarians and two experts on tick-borne disease in people spoke on Sept. 10 at an unusual forum in Syracuse, N.Y. It was unusual because it is rare for medical professionals on the animal and ...Read more

My Pet World: Owner believes dog is skittish on stairs because he sees a ghost

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Q: When we moved into our house, it seemed as -- in general, Max our 9-year old German Shepherd mix, became a tad more skittish. We've lived here just over a year, and last week Max began to hesitate at the same spot going up stairs, at the very last stair from the top. When he does this he looks around, as if he's looking for something. I've ...Read more

My Pet World: It's important to get older cats tested for kidney disease

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Q: My vet said that soon my 8 year-old cat should be tested for kidney disease. Still, Lucky, appears to be just fine, eats well, and as you know cats today live 'till they're even 20. So, why do the testing? -- B. J., Montclair, NJ

A: You do the testing for two reasons. First, because you can. A new test for Chronic Kidney Disease called ...Read more

My Pet World: Many drawing attention for National Puppy Mill Awareness Day

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"Do not listen to blatant lies from pet stores selling puppies," said Victoria Stilwell, former host of Animal Planet's "It's Me or the Dog," and spokesperson for National Puppy Mill Awareness Day, which is Sept. 27. "Obviously people are unaware that pet stores, flea markets and many websites sell puppies from puppy mills, as no ...Read more

My Pet World: There are many ways to dial down a cat's anxiety during flights

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Q: My 4-year-old cat is afraid of his own shadow. During the winter, we fly south, taking the cat along with us in the cabin of the plane. The first time, I gave him a tranquilizer, which worked. The second time, the same drug made him crazy; he scratched and his eyes rolled back in his head. The third time, we didn't give him anything and he ...Read more

My Pet World: You can steer your dog out of panic mode during thunderstorms

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Some dogs are better at forecasting the weather than the National Weather Service. They know a storm is approaching before we do. They pace, salivate, tremble, whine and become "Velcro dogs" (sticking to you like glue) even when a storm is an hour away or more. By the time the tempest arrives, the pet may be in full panic mode.

Some owners ...Read more

My Pet World: Boosting dog's confidence can stop piddling

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Q: About a month ago we acquired a 1-1/2-year-old, 12-pound dog. She'd been an outside dog and is not spayed. She now lives indoors 100 percent of the time. She's totally housebroken for bowel movements, but urinates indoors, especially when our grandson pets her. Will this stop after she's spayed? -- F.C., Spartanburg, SC

A: Spaying helps ...Read more

My Pet World: Research may soon lead to treatment for cats with FIP

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Susan Gingrich is upbeat about the most devastating illness in cats, feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Gingrich established the Bria Fund with the Winn Feline Foundation 10 years ago after her little Birman, Bria, succumbed to the fatal disease.

"We felt helpless. I just wanted to do something, to...Read more

My Pet World: Dry air, not altitude, makes fleas more sparse at high elevations

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Q: I live in the Sierra Mountains of California because there are no fleas. I wonder if this is a phenomenon nationwide. I haven't seen a flea or tick above 3,000 feet. Does altitude make that much difference? -- J.M., via cyberspace

A: "It's not as much about the altitude as it is about the dry air," says veterinary parasitologist Dr. Michael ...Read more

My Pet World: New test allows early diagnosis of chronic kidney disease in cats

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Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) may be the most common illness of aging cats. If cats live long enough, at least one in three will at suffer from CKD. What's more, according the Banfield Pet Hospital State of Pet Health 2012 Report, the disease is on the rise in cats, increasing 15 percent from 2007 to 2011.

"I have no doubt that many cats go ...Read more

My Pet World: A pet-friendly fountain beats sipping from the fish tank

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Q: Is it OK for Diego to drink from the fish tank? -- C.H., via cyberspace

A: It's a mystery as to whether Diego is a dog or cat, but emergency veterinarian Dr. Heather Loenser, of Lebanon, NJ, can offer advice because, for the most part, it doesn't matter.

"A salt water tank might be more of an issue, depending on much water Diego is drinking...Read more

My Pet World: Stem cell therapy shows promise for helping pets

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TORONTO, CANADA -- A Winn Feline Foundation symposium called "What's New, Pussycat? Advances in GI Therapy" was held on July 2 in Toronto, Canada. While stem cell therapy continues to be controversial in U.S. human medical circles, Winn and other groups are funding research on how it might be used to treat various illnesses in ...Read more

My Pet World: Confused bird needs a time out!

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Q: I have two cockatiels. Sugar we found on the roadside. She's about 5 years old and rather skittish. After a couple of months, I thought she could use a companion, so we got Sweetie, also a female. The pair quickly bonded. Sugar has become more tame, but Sweetie more wild. In the past year, I've noticed Sugar seems to want to mate. She ...Read more

My Pet World: A cure remains elusive for cats with FIP

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Q: My 6-month-old kitten is suffering from the wet form of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). In an effort to ease Ashley's pain, my veterinarian removed fluid from her chest and gave us an antibiotic for her. After five days, Ashley's breathing became labored again, and the veterinarian said, "there's no hope." Once again, he took out some ...Read more

My Pet World: Novice candidate Limberbutt hopes to claim the chair in the Oval Office

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One more candidate for President of the United States has just tossed his hat into the ring - or his little sparkle ball. Candidate No. 23 officially registered with the Federal Election Commission back in May, but has only recently begun to speak out, and getting press in such a competitive field isn't easy.

The candidate is a political novice...Read more

My Pet World: Learn to say "no" to over-eager lap dog

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BOSTON, MA -- This week, your pet behavior questions are answered by the ultimate experts, veterinary behaviorists attending the 2015 Veterinary Behavior Symposium, held July 10 in conjunction with the Convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Many of the contributors answering questions here also happen to be ...Read more

My Pet World: At summer's peak, protect your dog from the heat

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If you're hot, you can be certain that your dog is hotter.

"Dogs don't deal with heat as well as people," says emergency veterinarian Dr. Heather Loenser, of Lebanon, NJ. Panting isn't as efficient to help maintain body temperature as sweating is. It turns out that sweating like a pig is actually a good way to deal with sweltering summer temps....Read more

My Pet World: Training can curb pooch's passion for jumping on guests

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BOSTON, MA -- Veterinary behaviorists attending the 2015 Veterinary Behavior Symposium on July 10 in conjunction with the Convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association chimed in to answer your questions this week.

Some experts answering questions today also contributed to "Decoding Your Dog," authored by members of ...Read more

My Pet World: Dog flu now spreading beyond the Chicago area

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"We don't live in a bubble, and our pets don't, either," notes Dr. Jerry Klein, supervising veterinarian at Chicago Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center in Chicago. The Windy City is where this spring and summer's outbreak of dog flu began.

"I'm not surprised about what's happening," he adds.

Currently, the canine influenza strain, called...Read more

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