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My Pet World: How dog food has evolved over the years

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Q: When I was a child it seems that we were able to feed our dogs any food my mother bought at the supermarket that week and they all lived long lives. Now both my dogs -- a poodle mix and a yellow lab -- have food allergies. Other friends of mine that have dogs seem to have many of these same issues and I wondered why things have changed so ...Read more

My Pet World: How to build an efficient dog pen

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Q: My son recently got a Labradoodle puppy. She is now 4 months old. He has had her since August. He just finished building a dog pen. It is large about 20 feet long. The problem is she won't poop or pee in the pen, which is on a cement slab. She holds it till she is on the lawn. My son puts her poop in the pen to show her, no luck. Any advice ...Read more

My Pet World: Adding pumpkin to a dog's diet may help with weight-loss

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Q: We were watching some of your hilarious YouTube videos and caught one where you were talking about adding pumpkin to a dog's food so that it would lose weight. Could you please explain in more detail why a dog would like pumpkin? My Boxer is very overweight and we have tried everything else and nothing has worked so we are willing to try ...Read more

My Pet World: At what point do you say goodbye to a pet?

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Q: My Chihuahua is 16 years old and my family members are putting pressure on me to put her to sleep. They say it is a pity to see her bump into walls as she cannot see very well and that I am only keeping her alive to satisfy my own needs and not hers. She seems happy enough to me -- she still eats and goes to the bathroom on her own. She does ...Read more

My Pet World: A fence may help stop your dog from barking at others

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Q: My husband and I very recently adopted an eight-year-old rescued golden lab mix. He was in foster care for six months where he lived with two dogs and a cat. He is a mellow, sweet and adores humans. But when I have him in the backyard and dogs walk past the street, he goes into attack-mode, snarls and barks. It takes all of my strength to ...Read more

Help migrating birds by putting out bird feeder

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Q: Now that it is September, I want to put my bird feeder back up in the yard, but I was told that if I do then it will prevent some birds from migrating south for the winter. I need your opinion on this please? -- Fay Brooks, Manorville, N.Y.

A: Well my opinion does not mean anything here as it is a scientific fact that it is the change in ...Read more

My Pet World: Helping a cat understand both uses for a litter box

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Q: I saw your article regarding cats not urinating in the litter box. My 13-year-old female cat has gradually stopped using the litter box to poop. I have three litter boxes that are kept in the garage that I clean out daily. She poops on the garage floor. This has been going on for two years. Initially, she used the floor once or twice a week, ...Read more

My Pet World: How to keep turtles happy, healthy and clean

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Q: I have two red eared slider turtles. I got them last year when they were the size of half-dollars. Now in a 75-gallon tank with a sunning rock and two different lights, they are 5- and 6-inches, each. But I can't keep the tank clean for more than four days even with a filter. I've heard that some people feed their turtles in a separate tank, ...Read more

My Pet World: How to help a cat go back to using the litter box

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Q: I have had two female cats, sisters, for 8 years. Two weeks ago I smelled cat urine on my couch and then a day later I caught one cat in the act of urinating on the couch. I quickly scolded her and thought that was the end of it. Then I saw her doing it the next day and the day after it I saw her sister do it. A friend told me it may be that ...Read more

My Pet World: Dealing with a cat's nighttime antics

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Q: We adopted an adult cat from the shelter two years ago. She is a wonderful and sweet kitty. She used to sleep in bed with us but would run downstairs right as we fell asleep and would meow until my husband would carry her back up like a baby. Now she wants to sleep downstairs but often meows at around 3 a.m. Why is she doing ...Read more

My Pet World: A look at the dry food versus canned food debate

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Q: A recent column of yours said canned cat food is preferable to dry cat food. My vet asks what I feed my cats at each visit but has never said to switch to canned cat food even when one of them had "issues" with vomiting. He recommended several things to try until finally, I found a dry food for sensitive stomachs that has helped. What are the...Read more

My Pet World: How to protect yourself against an aggressive dog

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Q: What do I do when I am walking my dog on a leash and a loose aggressive dog comes after my dog? Our neighborhood has a lovely nature trail that is dog-friendly and I walk there every day. One day, a dog who lives right by the entrance of the park, broke loose from its chain and came after my dog. If the owner had not been there to grab her ...Read more

My Pet World: Troubleshooting tips to help a cat enjoy petting

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Q: We have a pretty tabby we named Tin Tin. She started coming around to my garden a few years ago. We started feeding her outdoors and then she was ours. However, she will not allow being touched and doesn't purr. How can we entice her to allow human touch? She likes companionship and follows me wherever I go. We started giving her treats, ...Read more

My Pet World: Try to take the dog's point of view when teaching it to be house broken

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Q: I purchased a puppy a couple of months ago that was 10 weeks old. I have been trying to house break her ever since then. She is a Chihuahua crossed with a Dachshund and weighs 5 pounds. I must take her outside at least 15 to 20 times a day. What happened recently makes me question if she will ever get trained: I noticed she peed in her bed. ...Read more

My Pet World: What does it mean when a dog licks you?

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Q: I have a 6-year-old golden doodle, Sophie, the most wonderful, loving pet. My problem (if you can call it a problem) is her continually licking my face when she is sitting near me. Does it have a meaning or is it only a reaction to what I had taught her previously? I would love to know if it is love or a game for her, or does it have any ...Read more

My Pet World: Does diet and ice cubes affect a dogs teeth?

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Q: I was very interested in your recent comments on canned vs. dry food. We feed our 7-year-old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel canned food in the morning and dry food in the evening. He also loves to chew on ice cubes. He has had several teeth removed due to decay found during his semi-annual dental checkups. Admittedly, we rarely brush his teeth...Read more

My Pet World: The myth of owning a Siberian husky

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Q: My son loves wolves and he wants to get a Siberian husky but I heard that since they look like wolves they act like them too, and that they can turn on you, and be unpredictable. I wanted to know your opinion on this. -- Cindy Greco, Las Vegas, NV

A: Actually if you placed a wolf next to a Siberian husky, you would see that they do not ...Read more


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