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VIDEO: Happy rescued wolf enjoys belly scratch

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- After being found abandoned in the wild, a wolfdog with a reputation for being antisocial bonded with a woman over a belly rub.

YouTube user Sarah and the Wolves shared a video of her petting the wolf named Lakomi, who appeared to smile while allowing Sarah to rub her belly.

Sarah explained that Lakomi had been found in the...Read more

Pup-arazzo: Dog with camera chronicles canines happy hours at parks

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MAPLEWOOD, Minn. -- The fur, sand and dirt flew as Tula bounced, sniffed and ran around the bank of the Mississippi River. An hour later she'd snapped thousands of photographs of her playmates.

Among the hundreds of dogs roaming Twin Cities parks every day, 4-year-old Tula is the only known pup-arazzo. A GoPro camera attached to her chest fires...Read more

Henrietta the hog comes home

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SILER CITY, N.C. -- Henrietta's home.

The pig found earless and with a big, bony mass on her foreleg in Sampson County earlier this year has moved to Pig Pals of NC, a sanctuary for miniature pigs.

At 400 pounds, there's nothing miniature about Henrietta. With missing ear flaps and guttural rumblings she looks and sounds like something more ...Read more

Behaviorist can help with dog's boundary issues

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Q: We have a 2-year-old collie shepherd mix who loves us, offers hugs and kisses and is loyal. But, when the dog and I are on the bed and my 20-year-old son enters the bedroom, the dog growls. Sometimes it's a bit scary. Last week he went too far. My wife and I were lying on the bed watching TV. The dog joined us with his head on her belly. When...Read more

VIDEO: Gentle crocodile shares bed with three curious cats

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MELBOURNE (UPI) -- An Australian pet owner shared video of her "strange bedfellows" -- three cats and a 17-year-old freshwater crocodile.

Melbourne resident Vicki Lowing, owner of Crocs N Critters Wildlife Demonstrations, posted a video to YouTube showing two young cats curiously approaching and attempting to play with Johnie the crocodile ...Read more

Dog rescued after spending five weeks trapped on the side of a freeway

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GALT, Calif. (UPI) -- California police were able to rescue a dog that had been trapped on the side of a local freeway for more than five weeks.

The German Shepard which became known as "Freeway Frieda" was rescued from the side of Highway 99 by Galt police.

"She was taken to Bradshaw vet for a broken leg and malnutrition/dehydration," they ...Read more

Canadian couple hold wedding in front of 1,100 cats

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PARLIER, Calif. (UPI) -- A Canadian couple traveled to California to demonstrate both their love for each other and animals as they were married in front of more than 1,000 cats.

In addition to being the largest cage free, no-kill cat sanctuary in North America, the Cat House on the Kings was also the site of the wedding between Dominic Husson ...Read more

For Pa. inmates, dog-training program has mutual benefits

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MERCER, Pa. -- Joe has trained 21 dogs during his stay at the State Correctional Institution at Mercer. This week, he is saying goodbye to the latest one, Tonka, a wiggly white Lab-terrier mix with a pink nose.

Every eight weeks, six dogs enter the minimum-security prison and are assigned to two inmates who are trained to prepare them for ...Read more

VIDEO: Cat becomes terrified while watching scary movie

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A new viral video making the rounds online features a cat becoming terrified while watching the horror film classic, Psycho.

Filmed by Andrew Parrish, the clip features his nine-month-old Tabby-Bengal mixed kitten named Topegi, glued to the television as Lila Crane famously discovers the dead corpse of Norma Bates.

Topegi ...Read more

VIDEO: Paralyzed kitten, Mac N'Cheez, gets lego wheelchair

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MASSAPEQUA, N.Y. (UPI) -- A kitten that was found paralyzed and abandoned by its mother on the streets of New York was given a unique makeshift wheelchair by a local veterinarian.

Massapequa Pet Vet shared video of the kitten scooting around for the first time in a wheelchair made out of Legos.

"Some of our very dedicated technicians went ...Read more

VIDEO: Cat faces off with snake being eaten by a frog

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SUPHAN BURI, Thailand (UPI) -- A cat in Thailand engaged in a bizarre standoff with a snake that was being eaten by a frog.

A group of bystanders filmed the strange encounter as the cat slowly approached the pair while the frog sat patiently with the snake in its mouth.

Much of the fight involved the cat stalking the duo and cautiously ...Read more

Dog rescued from rubble of partially collapsed house

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ST. LOUIS (UPI) -- Firefighters in Missouri rescued a dog from the rubble left behind when an uprooted tree caused a house to partially collapse.

The St. Louis Fire Department said in a Twitter post that Firefighters responded Wednesday to a report of a tree uprooted by severe weather falling on three houses, one of which suffered a partial ...Read more

VIDEO: Alligator stares down cat through home's glass door

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (UPI) -- An alligator was filmed having an intense stare-down with a house cat through the glass door of a home.

The video shows an alligator on the brick walkway in front of the home while a cat watches it from inside the house.

The gator comes in for a closer look at the cat, which holds its ground despite the reptile's ...Read more

Pinwheels deter birds from resting on car

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Q: I like to feed the birds in the front of the house. I have a bird feeder and several hanging holders with a honey block that goes in the holder. The birds love it and I watch the many beautiful red and blue and other-colored birds come feast on the goodies outside my window. I also have a bird bath for them, and it's fun to watch them drink ...Read more

30-year-old Texas cat named world's oldest

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MANSFIELD, Texas (UPI) -- A 30-year-old cat from Texas was officially given the distinction of being the "Oldest living cat" on Monday.

The Guinness World Records confirmed that Scooter the Siamese cat from Mansfield, Texas is the world's oldest living cat.

Scooter, who was born on March 26, 1986, has lived with his owner Gail Floyd since he ...Read more

VIDEO: High wire walking cat resists rescue attempt by Algerian authorities

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ORAN, Algeria (UPI) -- An Algerian Civil Defense crew's attempted rescue of a cat atop a street light nearly turned disastrous when the feline fled across a power line.

A video posted to YouTube by user Salah Oran, shows a civil defense crew in Oran province using a ladder in an attempt to reach a cat stranded at the top of a light pole.

A ...Read more

VIDEO: Missing New Mexico dog found in San Diego three years later

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SAN DIEGO (UPI) -- A New Mexico man was reunited with his dog, which had been missing for three years, after it was found in San Diego.

According to the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services, Ricardo Dominguez received the call that his 7-year-old labrador Brownie had been found while driving on Friday night.

County Animal Services...Read more

Pet danger zones to avoid this summer

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Summer in the city can be dangerous for pets.

Hot cars, swimming pools with steep sides or waterfront docks, and picnics where dogs can sneak a helping of raisins or grapes -- tasty to you but potentially poisonous to your animal friend -- all pose a problem, say veterinarians who work in critical care.

Popular summertime activities like ...Read more

Students give kitten surprise to teacher grieving cat's death

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FORT WORTH, Texas (UPI) -- A group of students sought to cheer up a teacher grieving the death of her cat by buying her a pair of new kittens.

Rachel Hanhart tweeted a video of the surprise as she and her fellow classmates Ashlei Mahan and Sheridan Swindel adorned their teacher with a bouquet of flowers and two new kittens.

"We surprised our ...Read more

Is there any truth to 'crazy cat lady' nickname? Study says maybe

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PHOENIX -- Cats have always been that furry friend that provide a form of stress relief and companionship. But a new study links them to the exact opposite.

Researchers from the University of Chicago have found cats may potentially cause a psychiatric disorder in humans.

"It freaks me out," said Phoenix resident Theresa Rink, who owns four ...Read more