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Pair of puppies suspected of setting off burglary alarm

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. (UPI) -- Police in California discovered a pair of suspected canine criminals at the site of a potential home burglary.

Santa Clara county sherriff's office shared a photo of two puppies who set off a burglary alarm at a local residence.

"Sheriff's Deputies responded to a burglary alarm," police said. [Deputies] located ...Read more

Kitten rescued from car door panel by Florida sheriff's deputy

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SANFORD, Fla. (UPI) -- A stray kitten that managed to find itself stuck in a car door panel was rescued by a Florida sheriff's deputy.

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office shared photos of Deputy Anthony McDaniel working with other deputies and Seminole County Animal Services to free the small, black kitten from a woman's Dodge truck.

The ...Read more

VIDEO: Stray kitten interrupts Turkish news broadcast

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DENIZLI, Turkey (UPI) -- A kitten became an unexpected guest on a morning news program in Turkey after wandering into the studio.

The kitten appeared on a chair on the set of "Good morning Denizli" during a segment involving reading the news headlines before hopping onto a table full of newspapers, as seen in video shared by Kamu Gundemi.

...Read more

4-year-old Norah Kerr is sick, but that's not stopping her from saving Valley dogs

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FRESNO, Calif. -- Four-year-old Norah Kerr and her black lab, Sadie, are a super dog-saving duo.

The teamwork is obvious at Fresno Humane Animal Services last week, as Norah makes sure Sadie is interviewed for this column, too. With an arm wrapped affectionately around Sadie's neck, the little girl whispers a number of questions into her ...Read more

Sneaky blacktip shark steals fish from Florida spear fisherman

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TAMPA, Fla. (UPI) -- A Florida spear fisherman recorded the shocking moment a sneaky blacktip shark came up from behind and stole his catch.

Kevin Herzog of Tampa said he was taking his two hog snapper back to his boat Oct. 4 and was about 30 feet away from the vessel when he encountered the shark.

Herzog's video of the incident shows the ...Read more

Iowa rescue dog odd couple 'always cuddling'

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DES MOINES, Iowa (UPI) -- Two dogs at an Iowa animal rescue shelter have become an inseparable pair despite a significant difference in their sizes.

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa shared a photo of the canine odd couple as the tiny CC rested on top of the much larger Chewbacca.

"Meet our resident odd couple! Chewbacca and little CC are ...Read more

Two dogs rescued from drain pipe in Massachusetts

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BOXFORD, Mass. (UPI) -- Two dogs in Massachusetts were trapped in a drain pipe together for several hours before being rescued by local police.

Boxford Police Department shared photos of the two dogs, Winston and Rosie, who ran into the drain pipe while playing in their backyard.

"They got excited and ran down a drain pipe that runs from the ...Read more

Dog a hero, healer after Wichita woman's cancer diagnosis

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WICHITA, Kan. -- There are more 42,500 dogs registered in Wichita.

Only 38 are named Smokey.

And of those only one -- a shy, fawn-colored, 6-year-old, 7-pound Chihuahua mix, has helped keep Michele Longabaugh alive.

Reach for your hankies, dog lovers:

Smokey is good medicine.

He was just a pup

As told by Longabaugh, a Wichita registered ...Read more

VIDEO: Dog takes on role of 'step mum' to baby skunks abandoned by their mother

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MADRID (UPI) -- A family in Spain raising a trio of baby skunks rejected by their mother said their dog, Freddie, appointed herself "step mum" of the kits.

A video posted to YouTube by user Skunks & Co. shows Freddie gently interacting with the three skunk kits, which are being hand-raised by the family after being rejected by their mother.

"...Read more

VIDEO: Five tigers play in the waves at beach in Dubai

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (UPI) -- A viral video is causing a stir in Dubai due to its unusual subject matter -- five tiger frolicking in the waves of a beach.

The video, recorded at an unknown location near the Burj Al Arab hotel, which can be seen in the background, shows the five tigers strolling in the sand and frolicking in the waves at ...Read more

Diggin' In: Dogbane: Good for insects, bad for dogs

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Interesting fruits and seeds in the fall garden add a visual interest that draws the eye as much as stunning flowers do.

Summer-flowering native dogbane is one of those very plants.

"After pollination, fruits appear as long cylinders that split open, releasing seeds covered with long tufts of silky hairs, easily dispersed by the wind," says ...Read more

University in Philadelphia seeks permanent home for library cat

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PHILADELPHIA (UPI) -- A cat who has taken residence at a university outside Philadelphia is seeking a forever home after sustaining an injury.

Haverford College's resident library cat, known as Valentino or "HaverCat," is up for adoption as it returned to the university after it was injured near the campus.

"You may have heard the news—I was...Read more

'Fat' and 'lazy' Washington cat finds his inner 'hero' to foil burglary

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OLYMPIA, Wash. (UPI) -- A Washington state couple said their normally "fat" and lazy cat channeled his inner hero when he helped foil a burglary at their home.

Kerry and Barb Gansberg said their cat of 10 years, Strider, is best known around their Olympia home as a bit of a glutton and layabout.

"Well, he's fat and he's lazy," Barb ...Read more

Kitten rescued from barbed wire on 50-foot high castle wall

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PEMBROKE, Wales (UPI) -- A kitten in the United Kingdom was eventually brought to safety after it was stranded in barbed wire on a castle wall.

The male black and white kitten was seen thrashing about in the barbed wire atop the 50-foot tall walls of the Pembroke Castle in Wales, according to RSPCA Cymru.

"It was just by chance someone saw the...Read more

Man receives stranger's dog after posting about missing pug on Facebook

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CULBURRA, Australia (UPI) -- An Australian man wound up with more dogs than he started off with after posting about his missing dog on Facebook.

Luke Neville shared a picture of his pug Bella after she went missing near Culburra beach in New South Wales.

That night Neville returned to his porch to find that someone had dropped off another pug ...Read more

VIDEO: Pug receives 'Hometown Hero' award for alerting family to electrical fire

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MERIDIAN, Idaho (UPI) -- An 11-year-old Idaho pug credited with saving his family from a fire is making history as the first non-human recipient of the local "Hometown Hero" award.

Jaxson, a pug credited with saving owner Mikaela Sebree and her family by alerting them to a sparking electrical outlet that was rapidly turning into flames, was ...Read more

VIDEO: Kitten rescued from 12th story ledge in Singapore

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ANG MO KIO, Singapore (UPI) -- A kitten found stuck on a ledge 12 stories up a building in a town in Singapore was rescued by animal care officers.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Singapore shared video of the daring rescue as workers reached out of the building's windows to secure the stranded kitten.

"When our rescue ...Read more

Istanbul statue honors casually lounging cat

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ISTANBUL, Turkey (UPI) -- A statue honoring a local cat who became famous for lounging casually on a set of stairs was unveiled in Istanbul.

The statue was unveiled in celebration of World Animal Day and depicts Tombili, a cat who became beloved in the area for resting its arm on a cement step while lying down on a lower level.

Locals mourned ...Read more

Semi-transparent glass bathrooms open at China tourist location

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CHANGSHA, China (UPI) -- A Chinese tourist location has opened semi-transparent glass bathrooms for guests not overly concerned with their privacy.

Photos shared by CCTV News show the restroom facilities featuring slightly fogged glass doors which opened to the public at the Shiyan Lake Resort in Changsha city on Thursday.

"This 'au naturel' ...Read more

Rescue group finds homes for Kuwaiti dogs in Baltimore

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BALTIMORE -- As the dogs touch down on a plane from Kuwait, each arrives with a story: Hope was the last survivor pulled from a pile of dead puppies; Stella was stabbed eight times; Mandy is recovering from pancreatitis.

Jennifer Yoon recalls their histories as she scrolls through pictures of some of the 152 dogs her organization has rescued ...Read more

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