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Grumpy Cat measured for Madame Tussauds animatronic

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SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -- Madame Tussauds released video of famed feline Grumpy Cat being measured for an animatronic addition to the museum's San Francisco location.

The video, posted to YouTube, shows how Grumpy Cat -- real name Tardar Sauce -- "tolerated" the Madame Tussauds team measuring her for the creation of the San Francisco museum's ...Read more

German cat snuggles, gently strokes snoring pig

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BERLIN (UPI) -- A German miniature pig owner shared video of one of her prized mini-hogs receiving a naptime snuggle and gentle stroking from the family cat.

The video, posted to YouTube by user Nicolle von Eberkopf, shows miniature pig Moritz taking a snore-filled snooze while his feline buddy cuddles him and strokes his face.

Nicolle said ...Read more

Paw washer, other pet products come to rescue of dog, cat owners

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Dog and cat owners take note: Several pet-related products have come on the market recently to make your life easier -- and cater to your favorite pet.

Paw Boss

There are certain unpleasant aspects to having a canine companion. Dog breath. Picking up after Mr. Flapdoodle's backyard excursions. Cleaning muddy paws.

That last task, though, has ...Read more

VIDEO: Kitten 'patiently' accepts some 'wet doggy love'

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WARSAW, Poland (UPI) -- A Polish dog owner who adopted a stray kitten that showed up at her door posted a video of the tiny feline "patiently" putting up with some wet doggy love.

The video, posted to YouTube by user Alto Dog, features Alto the shepherd dog and Apache the kitten getting to know one another shortly after the young cat ...Read more

Boys unleash a long shot for president: Bailey D. Dog

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CHICAGO -- Running for president is so easy, even a dog can do it.

Or at least the dog's name can appear on the Federal Election Commission's list of nearly 800 potential candidates for president.

Candidate ID P60009883, also known as Bailey D. Dog, is a black Labrador who lives with the Rubin family of northwest suburban Long Grove. He was ...Read more

Volunteers find shelters for animal refugees of Washington wildfires

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SEATTLE -- When Mary Provstgaard and her extended clan were forced out of their Okanogan, Wash.-area homes by fire, there was no way they were going to leave their animals behind.

So a recent Friday morning found them camped out in tents and trucks outside the Red Cross shelter at Brewster High School with two dogs, three cats, four rabbits, ...Read more

VIDEO: Adorable baby 'can't control her limbs' around the family cat

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A pair of proud parents introduced their baby daughter to the family cat and filmed the newborn's enthusiastically overjoyed reaction to the sight of the kitty.

The video posted to YouTube by the Merkley Family begins with the couple's newborn daughter having a relatively calm moment in her crib before her mother comes in to...Read more

Blind girl seeks lost cat: 'Beyond Eyes' is a journey of discovery

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Here's a premise for a plot that's sure to bring out the tears: A blind girl can't find her best friend, a neighboring cat. If "Beyond Eyes" were a movie, it would come with a giant red warning light: Here be sadness.

Thankfully, it's a video game.

That's not to say "Beyond Eyes" doesn't tug on the heartstrings -- it absolutely does -- but the...Read more

VIDEO: Cat ignores pet door, turns handle to enter house

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A pet owner who spent an hour and a half installing a cat door shared video of his feline companion's "epic" rejection of the offering.

The "Epic Cat Door Fail" video, posted to YouTube by user Philo Cat, features Philo the cat in his owner's yard after the installation of a cat door.

"Yesterday, I spent an hour and half ...Read more

VIDEO: Wet cat pleads for an end to bath time: 'No more!'

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BANGOR, Maine (UPI) -- A Maine cat owner shared video of a bath-weary kitty appearing to exclaim "no more" while pleading for an end to its soggy misery.

David Savage posted a video to YouTube starring a sopping wet kitty on a leash inside a sink making her displeasure known with vocalizations.

"No more?" Savage asks the cat in the video.

The...Read more

Having Rover as a new roommate can create beastly complications

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So you're moving in with someone, and it turns out he or she already has a roommate -- one that is sometimes smelly and at times quite charming.

In furry form, that is.

What happens when your new roommate -- whether a friend, significant other or family member -- has a pet?

Navigating someone else's adoration for an animal can add a thorn to ...Read more

VIDEO: Australian cat sits still for vacuum cleaner grooming

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SYDNEY (UPI) -- An Australian cat owner shared video of an unusual grooming technique -- using a vacuum cleaner to tidy up the feline.

The video, posted to YouTube by user Hanboner, features an unusually patient cat sitting still and allowing a human to run a vacuum over its fur.

The cat remains calm during the unusual grooming ritual and even...Read more

VIDEO: Waxed floor repeatedly foils cat's jumping attempts

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A persistent cat trying to jump into its cage found itself repeatedly foiled by its nemesis: a freshly waxed floor.

The video, posted to YouTube by America's Funniest Home Videos, features the feline repeatedly attempting to jump from the floor to the elevated cage, but each time making it mere inches off the floor due to ...Read more

Putting on a circus with 14 felines? It's as easy as herding cats

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NEW YORK -- Samantha Martin was anxious, and it wasn't because she was living in a bus with 14 cats, two white rats, a groundhog and a chicken named Cluck Norris. That's normal for her.

She was anxious because she had just three hours to prepare the felines, the fowl and the rodents for their first performance in New York City before a sellout ...Read more

Backyard chicken trend's sad consequence: abandoned birds.

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CHICAGO -- The orphan chicken came to Robert Grillo in the usual way.

A woman who'd found the injured bird slumped on the side of the road on Chicago's South Side scooped up the chicken, came across Grillo's name online and sent an email. It happens about five times a week to Grillo, a soft-spoken, part-time graphic and Web designer who has a ...Read more

Zoo welcomes adorable (and endangered) Malayan tapir

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MINNEAPOLIS -- For only the second time in 22 years, the Minnesota Zoo has successfully bred an endangered Malayan tapir.

The zoo unveiled the striped-and-spotted calf this week, although the 25-pound male will stay out of public view while he bonds with his mom, Bertie.

"Malayan tapirs are endangered, and this birth is a significant ...Read more

Dog cares for liger cubs rejected by their mother in Russia

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SOCHI, Russia (UPI) -- A trio of liger cubs rejected by their mother at a Russian zoo are being cared for by a black Labrador retriever, officials said.

The Sochi zoo said the three cubs, fathered by a male lion named Simba, were rejected by their mother, a liger named Marusya, shortly after their birth in early August.

The zoo said a black ...Read more

26-year-old Oregon cat dubbed world's oldest

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SISTERS, Ore. (UPI) -- An Oregon cat that turned 26-years-old Aug. 1 has reclaimed the title of the world's oldest living cat, Guinness World Records confirmed.

The record-keeping organization said Corduroy, owned by Ashley Reed Okura of Sisters, Ore., held the title of the world's oldest living cat in 2014, but surrendered the title when a cat...Read more

Found near death in a park, loner pit bull finally has a best friend

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Merit is a sick, emaciated dog found lying in the bushes in Chicago's Grant Park in May. And his story has taken a twist. An amazing twist.

"Unbelievable. Never in a million years would I have guessed the outcome would have been as great as it is," says Sue Naider, president of Trio Animal Foundation, which has overseen Merit's recovery.

First...Read more

VIDEO: Coast Guard video shows hoist rescue of three men and a dog

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KAPOLEI, Hawaii (UPI) -- The U.S. Coast Guard shared video of the hoisting rescue of three men and a dog stranded on an inflatable raft after their boat sank.

The Coast Guard said an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew was dispatched Sunday from Air Station Barbers Point after a mayday call came in about 12:44 p.m. about a 70-foot catamaran sinking ...Read more