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Raising screen-free kids: If 2 hours a day is the norm, some parents say 'nope'

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For Katie Silberman, the turning point came when a house painter accidentally ripped out the TV cables.

Silberman and her husband, never big TV fans, had fallen into the habit of letting their sons, Lincoln, then 7, and Haven, 4, watch television. Now, with the electronic box quiet at last, they saw a chance for a fresh start. They told the ...Read more

Kids punished when parents are behind bars

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SEATTLE -- Mass incarceration has been hell on children. That's one of the least discussed of the many reasons for stepping away from locking up Americans in huge numbers.

One evening recently, the Scholars Strategy Network Northwest hosted an informal discussion of imprisonment's impact on children and families. It was held at the FareStart ...Read more

The ins and outs of supervising kids at a major park in a tourist-laden city

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CHICAGO -- During a recent visit to Chicago, relatives took Matt Fauske, his wife and two daughters to Maggie Daley Park, the city's attraction named after former Mayor Richard M. Daley's late wife and featuring 20 acres of playground, climbing walls and landscaped gardens along the lakefront.

But moments after the family, from Farmington, Utah...Read more