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New Music to Inspire Kids' Worlds

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Kids hear more than enough four-letter words and dumbed down "adult" lyrics through car radios and in stores; they don't need more of it on their own time. These made-for-children CDs are smart, appropriate, fun and entertaining.

"I Believe in Little Things" from Diana Panton; Little Things; $16.

Oozing elegance and swinging soul, Canadian ...Read more

Rhyme It Up for Poetry Month

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April is National Poetry Month and a great time to introduce rhyming wordplay to young readers. Here are some worthy new collections.

"When Green Becomes Tomatoes" by Julie Fogliano; pictures by Julie Morstad; Neal Porter/Roaring Brook Press; 54 pages; $19.

This charming book begins when spring does, March 20, with a snow-covered tree and ...Read more

Fun New Books to Help Tots Make Changes

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The perfect toddler tale is not only entertaining enough for parents and kids but also offers some help within -- encouragement for potty training, a lesson in giving up the binky, an introduction to Mama's growing belly. These small books broach those topics and more.

"I Use the Potty" by Maria van Lieshout; Chronicle Books; 24 pages; $9.99....Read more

Rhyming Tales for Poetry Month

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April is National Poetry Month, a smart time to remind young readers of the joys and creative expression involved in poetry. One book is a unique group of poems about the power of music; the others are zesty rhyming tales for youngsters. These make incredible introductions to poetry.

"Jazz Day: The Making of Famous Photography" by Roxanne ...Read more

Bunny Tales for Easter and Every Day

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Who says bunnies and chicks have to be only celebrated in March and April? These adorable and funny tales make great read-aloud books any time of year.

"That's Not Bunny!" by Chris Barton; pictures by Colin Jack; Disney/Hyperion; 40 pages; $16.99.

Just like Wile E. Coyote, shifty Hawk swoops down unexpectedly to try to snag his prey -- not a...Read more

Zesty, Lively Books for Youngsters

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Picture books for very young children are plentiful, but are they all worth your time? Most are, but these are especially fun, vivid and action-packed, and one contains a very important message.

"I am Bear" by Ben Bailey Smith and Sav Akyuz; Candlewick Press; 38 pages; $15.99.

There aren't that many children's books starring bare purple ...Read more

Young Adult Books Even Old Adults Will Enjoy

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These new highly regarded young adult reads bypass age restrictions and will appeal greatly to all ages -- even adults who may feel above and beyond teen books.

"The Death and Life of Zebulon Finch, Volume 1: At the Edge of Empire" by Daniel Kraus; Simon & Schuster; 656 pages; $18.99.

Starring an unforgettable edgy teenage voice named ...Read more

Sea-Faring Adventures for Mateys and Captains

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So many thrilling adventures have been written about the sea and sailing. These are a few new ocean-faring, and in one case fog-faring, tales for young readers.

"The Boy Who Fell Off the Mayflower -- or John Howland's Good Fortune" by P.J. Lynch; Candlewick Press; 64 pages; $17.99.

Tales of the Mayflower's perils and of pilgrims shouldn't be...Read more

Cook, Color, Sing and Learn With a Child Today

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These innovative, creative new books will inspire kids to use their imaginations, have fun and learn new things.

"The Forest Feast for Kids" by Erin Gleeson; Abrams Publishing; 112 pages; $19.95.

More and more children these days are opting to be vegetarians. Parents worry, though, about whether all their nutritional needs can be met without...Read more

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