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Animal Appreciation Tales for Youngsters

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Kids who are knowledgeable about animals also tend to have an affinity for them and a passion for being kind to the environment. These new picture books introduce creatures many children may not know, but will certainly learn to love.

"Emu" by Claire Saxby; illustrated by Graham Byrne; Candlewick Press; 28 pages; $16.99.

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Love-Themed Tales for Young Readers

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Books about love, whether for a family member, a friend, a special someone or even a tree, don't need to be limited to Valentine's Day. These reads are special gifts that keep on giving year-round.

"Luna and Me" by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw; Henry Holt; 38 pages; $18.99.

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Smile- and Guffaw-Inducing Middle-Grade Reads

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Study upon study proves that reading is as important to education as studying and testing. It's also a healthy way to relax and become absorbed by a calm activity other than electronic screens. There "ain't nothin'" like a good book.

These new tales for middle-grade readers are imaginative, funny and adventurous.

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Empowering Picture Books

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From a modern tale about a mechanically smart Cinderella to a purplish way to banish nightmares, these bright new children's books empower kids and motivate them to conquer old stereotypes and fears.

"Interstellar Cinderella" by Deborah Underwood; illustrated by Meg Hunt; Chronicle Books; 32 pages; $16.99.

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Poetry Books To Entertain Youngsters

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April is Poetry Month. But all year long, kids can enjoy these imaginative, funny and inspiring ditties.

"Hypnotize a Tiger" by Calef Brown; Henry Holt; 138 pages; $17.99.

Author and artist Calef Brown calls himself an "enthusiologist," which is apparent in this lively book of whimsy and quirky verses. His 138 pages of oddities bring up ...Read more

Absorbing Reads for Middle Graders

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These new novels for 4th- through 7th-graders feature lions, aliens, a Bronze Age adventure, a boy who sets out to save his sister's life and the environment, and a heartwarming tale of a homeless girl.

"Feral Pride" by Cynthia Leitich Smith; Candlewick Press; 290 pages; $17.99.

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