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Books That Offer Sage Advice

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These new books for kids will help motivate and advise young readers. They also tackle very vital and timely subjects, such as guns and bullies.

"Taking Aim: Power and Pain, Teens and Guns" by Harper Teen; 348 pages; $17.99.

"One powerful subject. Sixteen different voices" is how this bold new book describes itself. Sixteen acclaimed authors...Read more

Friendships, Whether Real or Imaginary, Are Vital

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Imaginary friends are real to many preschoolers. They're also a creative, comforting part of early childhood development. These books tell reassuring tales about the importance of friendships, both invisible and real.

"Imaginary Fred" by Eoin Colfer; illustrated by Oliver Jeffers; HarperCollins; 46 pages; $18.99.

Wow! What a perfect picture ...Read more

Real Life is Just as Fascinating as Fiction.

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Non-fiction books can be as exciting as those that are made up. These picture books capture the perilous journey of wild horses, the Motown sound, bees and honey and much more.

"Wild at Heart: Mustangs and the Young People Fighting to Save Them" by Terri Farley; photographs by Melissa Farlow; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; 196 pages; $19.99.

...Read more

Books About Intelligent Animals Emphasize Creatures' Importance

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Fu Manchu the orangutan was so smart he outwitted zookeepers time and time again. Tsaki the donkey goes from working animal to beloved family member, while GQ the quail is curious and venturing. Kids love reading about intriguing animals. The ones in these books are worthy of discovering.

"Orangutan Houdini" by Laurel Neme; illustrated by ...Read more

Rocking With Hip Tunes for Youngsters

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Until I began reviewing the newest in children's music, I thought most of it was all lollipop-sweet nursery rhymes. A lot's changed since my teens were small. Kids' tunes are as lush, rockin' and satisfying as any adult ones. Check out the following, available in CD and digital formats.

"Bon Voyage" by Jazzy Ash; Leaping Lizards Music.

...Read more

Tune Up Your Autumn With Playful Music

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Kids' music has come a long way. Here are some of the newest and most playful, thoughtful, lush CDs to have come my way in a while. This is part one of two columns full of happily pleasing family music.

"Simpatico" from Renee & Friends; One Melody Records; $11.19 CD, $8.99 digital

"Simpatico" reeks of coolness, from its zippy opening "Gather...Read more

Gentle Halloween Books

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These slightly spooky tales will get your little ones in the mood for Halloween -- without scaring them silly.

"Happy Halloween, Witch's Cat!" by Harriet Muncaster; HarperCollins; 28 pages; $15.99.

Harriet Muncaster's charming picture book lives in a world of adorable miniatures with whimsical animation added that makes you feel like you're ...Read more

Elvis, the Beatles, Frank and a Man Named Jelly Roll

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Children have always been intrigued by music's greatest, from classical composers to jazz musicians to rock and roll idols. These new books for young readers chronicle some of music's finest, most innovative icons.

"Elvis: The Story of the Rock and Roll King" by Bonnie Christensen; Henry Holt; 32 pages; $16.99.

Youngsters will love knowing ...Read more

Books to Help Children Navigate Elementary School

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Schools are starting, and many young children need help, reassurance and a bit of guidance so they aren't fearful and apprehensive.

"You Make Me Happy" by An Swerts and Jenny Bakker; Clavis Books; 28 pages; $16.95.

Sofia likes a boy in her class very much. She likes how he makes faces and tells other boys to leave her alone. But Sofia feels ...Read more

Poetry Books Make Reading Fun

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Introducing imaginative poetry books to young readers is a great way to get them back into the reading mode.

"Hypnotize a Tiger" by Calef Brown; Henry Holt; 138 pages; $17.99.

Author/artist Calef Brown calls himself an "Enthusiologist," which is apparent in this lively book of whimsy and quirky verses. His 138 pages of oddities bring up ...Read more

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