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Books for Youngsters to Celebrate Black History Month

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Help young readers understand the past with these tales of strength and perseverance. From the 40th anniversary release of a classic to the story of Selma to a fun book of poetry, these books pay homage to American heroes.

"Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry" by Mildred D. Taylor; Dial/Penguin; 276 pages; $18.99.

40 years ago, Mildred D. Taylor ...Read more

Vintage Stories Brought to Life in New Ways

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New York Review Books is one company known for reissuing some of the best children's tales from the past. Here's their latest batch of retro wonders, plus some other vintage reissues.

"Now Open the Box" by Dorothy Kunhardt; The New York Review Children's Collection; 64 pages; $16.95.

This is my new "old" children's book favorite and will be ...Read more

Sprinkle Some Reading in with Valentine's Day Candy

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This Valentine's season, read some loving, lighthearted new picture books to your kids. These books are funny and beautiful and promote positive heartwarming messages of the importance of friendship and love.

"Here Comes Valentine Cat" by Deborah Underwood; illustrated by Claudia Rueda; Penguin/Random House; 82 pages; $16.99.

I laughed out ...Read more

2015's Most Imaginative Picture Books

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2015 saw releases of many amazing picture books. Here are a few of the finest, chock-full of magic, creativity and imagination.

"The Storm Whale" by Benji Davies; Henry Holt; 28 pages; $16.99.

From a quaint home on a beautiful coast (that looks a lot like New England), a boy watches his dad go off to work every day on a fishing boat. One day...Read more

Books That Celebrate Freedom and Peace

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Current events in our culture today focus on our need for peace and understanding. These new children's books introduce readers to the important principles of freedom, kindness and positivity.

"Seeds of Freedom" by Hester Bass; illustrated by E.B. Lewis; Candlewick Press; 32 pages; $16.99.

This true story of integration of Huntsville, ...Read more

Award-winning, Classy Books as Holiday Gifts.

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Need a gift for a child that will last years and offer art appreciation, education, imagination and wonder? Books fill that bill. These are award winning tales that will make perfect presents. They're also some of my favorites of 2015.

"Home" by Carson Ellis; Candlewick Press; 36 pages; $16.99.

A lovely tribute to the cozy and awe-inspiring ...Read more

Christmas Books Add Joy.

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These bright and wonderful new books will help kids anticipate one of the year's most festive holidays.

"Jingle Bells" by James Lord Pierpont; illustrated by Niroot Puttapipat; Candlewick Press; 12 pages; $19.99.

James Lord Pierpont penned the song "Jingle Bells" for children to perform at a Thanksgiving concert in 1857. It's now one of the ...Read more

Books Make the Best Presents

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Best advice I have this holiday season? Give books as gifts. They don't require batteries or SIM cards; they're educational and full of art and wonder. Here are a gaggle of brand new gift-worthy books for youngsters.

"Counting Lions," by Katie Cotton; illustrated by Stephen Walton; Candlewick Press; 32 pages; $22

This amazingly beautiful ...Read more

Books That Offer Sage Advice

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These new books for kids will help motivate and advise young readers. They also tackle very vital and timely subjects, such as guns and bullies.

"Taking Aim: Power and Pain, Teens and Guns" by Harper Teen; 348 pages; $17.99.

"One powerful subject. Sixteen different voices" is how this bold new book describes itself. Sixteen acclaimed authors...Read more

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