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Beware! It's a Spooky Time of Year

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Young ones and shy ones will benefit from a gentle dose of Halloween before the big day. These funny, non-scary books will introduce young kids to a sweet dress-up holiday that will soon be their favorite.

"The Haunted Mansion" with music by Buddy Baker and lyrics by Xavier Atencio; illustrations by James Gilleard; Disney Press; 32 pages; $17...Read more

The Message of the Day Is Equality for All

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These new books educate and inspire kids about civil rights and the importance of equality for all. It's vital for children to know about those people in history who helped forge a path for equal rights. Young people today need to understand the message that kindness to all is of utmost importance, and that they are never too young to make a ...Read more

Autumn Tales for September's Transitions

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Fall is magical to kids; jumping in piles of leaves, donning that new cozy jacket, and anticipating Halloween's excitement. These books ease children into the cooler, crisper season.

"Wonderfall" by Michael Hall; HarperCollins; 40 pages; $17.99.

Short poems highlighted by titles with the word "fall" in each one -- Thankfall, Dutifall, ...Read more

Art Stars in a Gallery of New Children's Books

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It's never too early to introduce kids to iconic art. These new books feature an interactive collection of art from Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Henri Matisse.

"Andy Warhol Coloring Book"; Mudpuppy Publishing; 32 pages; $9.99

With clean, white backgrounds and a bold banana on the cover, this coloring book for all ages stars 32 black-and...Read more

Celebrate America's Beauty and History

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The USA Olympic teams exceeded expectations a few weeks ago. These books carry the country's patriotism by showcasing its beauty, history and strength.

"Around America to Win the Vote" by Mara Rockliff; illustrated by Hadley Hooper; Candlewick Press; 40 pages; $16.99.

In 1916, Nell Richardson and Alice Burke set out in a little, yellow car ...Read more

Haunted Mansions, Norse Gods and Forest Frights -- Oh, My!

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Disney Publishing Worldwide has evolved from movie- and TV-related spinoff books to valuable, high-quality fiction. These new books will appeal to middle schoolers with a thirst for adventure. Also on slate are two books fraught with topical issues and emotion.

"Tales From the Haunted Mansion: Volume 1, The Fearsome Foursome" by Amicus Arcane...Read more

Books to Help Ease Kids Back Into School

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These lively picture books will remind students that school can be fun and exciting. From Pete the Cat to an awesome otter to an apprehensive kindergartner, in these new reads, everybody returns to school for new experiences.

"Otter Goes to School" by Sam Garton; Balzer + Bray/HarperCollins; 32 pages; $17.99.

Otter and her pals, Giraffe, ...Read more

A Re-Look at the Important Books of Black History Month

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Now is a great time to introduce stories of strong black Americans to kids. These thoughtful books will help them understand the past through tales of strength and perseverance, and remind them of the importance of equality. From the 40th anniversary release of a classic to the story of Selma to a personal immigration story and a fun book of ...Read more

Read, Read, Read Before School Starts!

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These fun picture books full of wordplay and stories of vacations and beach time fit the hot August bill perfectly. Please remember to read with your children often, even in summertime.

"Cockatoo, Too" by Bethanie Deeney Murguia; little bee books/Bonnier Publishing; 34 pages; $17.99.

Last night my son told me that "Buffalo buffalo buffalo ...Read more

Elvis, the Beatles, Frank and a Man Named Jelly Roll who Might Have Invented Jazz

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Children have always been intrigued by music's greatest, from the classics to jazz to rock and roll. These new books for young readers chronicle some of music's finest, most innovative icons.

"Elvis: The Story of the Rock and Roll King" by Bonnie Christensen; Henry Holt; 32 pages; $16.99.

Youngsters will love knowing that before Elvis Presley ...Read more

Summery Picture Books With Zest and Sizzle

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Studies show kids lose much of their reading skills if they're idle during summer vacation. It's extremely important -- and fun -- to keep reading all summer long. These are summer-themed picture books about swimming Sasquatches, beaches with baby turtles and garden bugs.

"Follow the Moon Home: A Tale of One Idea, Twenty Kids, and a Hundred ...Read more

Summer Reads for Teen Girls

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These engrossing, fun, smart novels make great beach and poolside reads, and their stories are deeper than typical romance fodder.

"The Way Back to You" by Michelle Andreani and Mindi Scott; Katherine Tegen Books/HarperCollins; 384 pages; $17.99.

This witty novel will make readers cry and laugh. It's the heart-tugging tale of a girl and a ...Read more


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