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Color of Money: Giving graduates their ABCs

WASHINGTON -- I've been thinking about the advice I would give this year's graduates.

You might expect me to tell them about the importance of saving or the need to take advantage of any workplace retirement plan. I could also urge them to pay ...

Color of Money: The money management lecture

WASHINGTON -- My 16-year-old son will be working for the first time this summer. He already has plans to buy an iPad with his earnings. And he made the mistake of telling me.

What followed was another one of my lectures that ended with him ...

Color of Money: Getting the most out of college

WASHINGTON My newspaper stylebook contains a prohibition on using a title such as doctor with a persons name. But I have to break that rule for Dr. Joyce A. Joyce, a professor Ill never forget.

I remember the first day of her black literature ...

Color of Money: Showing love with gifts

WASHINGTON -- My 16-year-old son was following me around the store recently, trying to pry out of me what I wanted for Mother's Day.

"Your love is all I need," I said. "That and promising to take care of me in my old age." He wasn't amused.

He ...