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Color of Money: A sibling's broken deal

WASHINGTON -- I've been inviting readers to let me share their family financial feuds and offer my advice.

The following is a dilemma one reader, who wrote to me during an online discussion, had with a sibling.

The family background: "I ...

Color of Money: Put a brake on long auto loans

WASHINGTON -- There are some things you want to run long.

I like two-week vacations so I can have time to wind down. A week is just not enough.

If you're an investor, the best thing going is that you have a long time to let your money work for ...

Color of Money: Holiday shopping boot camp

WASHINGTON -- We, the anti-consumerists, are losing the battles to curtail the consumerism that drives America, especially during the holiday season.

Again this year, major retailers are leaping over each other in an effort to be the first to ...

Color of Money: Picturing our financial behaviors

WASHINGTON -- It took a few years of running a financial ministry at my church before I realized the program needed to be revamped.

Initially, I would have participants start with creating a budget. But by the time we got midway through the 10-...

Color of Money: The marriage premium

WASHINGTON -- This year, I'm celebrating 23 years of marriage.

In addition to the joy of being wed to my best friend, our relationship has economically lifted my life and that of my nuclear and extended family. Being married has netted results ...

Color of Money: The many perils of student debt

WASHINGTON -- Someone said to me that I make too big a deal of student loan debt.


I heard similar comments before the housing crisis. We now know how that turned out.

Next month, thousands of college graduates will see an end to their ...