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Color of Money: Broke before lessons learned

WASHINGTON -- There are times when you're right but you wish you weren't. This is one of those times.

Ten years ago, a reader wrote to me asking for advice about his relationship with his girlfriend. It was near Valentine's Day, and he wanted to ...

Color of Money: Freshman financial orientation

WASHINGTON -- Thousands of high school graduates will be starting their first semester of college shortly, and no doubt they've got a long list of things they want and need.

But don't just send them off with dorm-room essentials or a backpack of ...

Color of Money: Keys to real happiness

WASHINGTON -- I'd like to make a confession.

I watch Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." I know. Don't judge me until you hear why.

I'm intrigued by many of the housewives' shows. I used to watch the ones about the women in Orange County ...

Color of Money: The physical way to fiscal health

WASHINGTON -- I didn't think you could sweat in a swimming pool.

"You're at 50 percent, now push it to 80 percent," my water fitness instructor yells over the blaring music. The tempo is about to increase. Those of us in the class prepare for ...