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Color of Money: On 401(k)s, fees really do matter

WASHINGTON -- You may not believe it, but there really are government forces trying to help you become better informed about your workplace retirement plan.

I wonder if their efforts are in vain.

The Department of Labor is moving ahead with a ...

Color of Money: Financial life lessons

WASHINGTON -- If you want a better financial life, it often starts with taking a look at the way you are living.

Just think about it. When would you even have time to do a budget or come up with a plan to pay down your debts when you're wired in ...

Color of Money: Opening the mailbag

WASHINGTON -- I like to hear from readers, especially those who have specific questions about financial issues. Here are some letters I'd like to share with you.

Q: Given the increased frequency with which credit cards are being compromised, I ...

Color of Money: Don't be 'bitconned'

WASHINGTON -- I was talking to someone about Bitcoin and mistakenly called it "Bitcon."

"Oh, what a Freudian slip," the person said.

I wasn't trying to comment about the legitimacy of the digital currency. Bitcoins can be used to buy products ...

Color of Money: When tax season is fraud season

WASHINGTON -- As much as you may loathe tax season, there are people who rejoice during this time of year.

They see it as prime time for picking people to victimize. Unscrupulous folks know taxpayers are eager for ways to get a large refund. They...

Color of Money: Debt dash to financial freedom

WASHINGTON -- There's an old joke that goes: "How do you eat an elephant?"

"One bite at a time" is the answer.

The larger point, of course, is that a seemingly insurmountable task can be conquered if you start small.

I've always believed the ...