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Color of Money: Finances as a family matter

WASHINGTON -- Lots of the questions I get from readers involve their friends, families and finances.

Here are some topics that came up during my online chats from folks seeking advice about money situations close to home.

Q: My daughter has ...

Color of Money: For elderly, it's time to talk

WASHINGTON -- Not long ago, I focused one of my weekly chats on eldercare.

Joining me was Tim Prosch, author of "The Other Talk: A Guide to Talking with Your Adult Children About the Rest of Your Life."

Here's an edited transcript of that ...

Color of money: Choices caregivers must make

WASHINGTON -- She just wouldn't move. My sisters and I had a meeting with our mother to talk about her living situation. It was hard to care for her when she lived in another state.

After two strokes, she had trouble walking. She needed help with...