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Color of Money: Is that tax break worth it?

WASHINGTON -- Two questions left over from a recent chat got me thinking again about people's fixation with the home mortgage deduction.

Understandably, around tax time, people wonder if they're getting all the deductions and credits they are ...

Color of Money: The talk a parent needs to have

WASHINGTON -- As parents, we care for our children until they can fend for themselves. Then one day, the roles are reversed. Our kids become the caretakers.

Perhaps you won't need assistance in your senior years. You would be one of the lucky ...

Color of Money: The familiar trap of payday loans

WASHINGTON -- If I said, "Don't rob Peter to pay Paul," you would probably understand that I was warning against making a desperate move to fix a financial problem that often makes a bad situation worse.

Yet millions of people do just that when ...

Color of Money: Get your affairs in order

WASHINGTON -- Through the years, I've shared a lot of personal stories. I do so because I hope to spare others from making financial mistakes.

I want to tell you about something I'm going through that I hope will lead you to take action -- today....

Color of Money: ACA push going to the buzzer

WASHINGTON -- What does March Madness have to do with the upcoming deadline to sign up for health insurance? Not a thing.

But the Obama administration is using the excitement over the brackets for the NCAA basketball tournament to sell people on ...

The millennials come of age

WASHINGTON -- It's no secret that many members of the millennial generation are struggling financially. They may be the first cohort to end up worse off than their parents.

The sheer number of millennials -- about 80 million -- makes then a ...