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Color of Money: Holiday giving is in the cards

WASHINGTON -- My husband and I were talking with our children about what they wanted for Christmas. All of them are in their teens and any pretense of Santa has long been gone. The holiday has now become their chance to break down our frugal ...

Color of Money: When free money isn't

WASHINGTON -- We have become a nation charmed by offers that something might be free. Especially when it comes to credit.

Let's look at the offers many consumers will receive as they shop for the holidays. Professionals call these promotions "...

Color of Money: Renting, reconsidered

WASHINGTON -- For as long as I can remember, homeownership has been a home run on the American Dream scorecard.

When I graduated from college, my grandmother gave me two choices -live with her or buy a home. In her mind, to rent meant I was a ...

Color of Money: A sibling's broken deal

WASHINGTON -- I've been inviting readers to let me share their family financial feuds and offer my advice.

The following is a dilemma one reader, who wrote to me during an online discussion, had with a sibling.

The family background: "I ...

Color of Money: Put a brake on long auto loans

WASHINGTON -- There are some things you want to run long.

I like two-week vacations so I can have time to wind down. A week is just not enough.

If you're an investor, the best thing going is that you have a long time to let your money work for ...