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Here's How: Install Attic Access Ladder/Stairway

Dear James: We have a large dry attic. I want to store my off-season clothes in plastic bags in the attic, but I do not feel safe climbing a stepladder. Can you tell me how to install a folding ladder? -- Michelle W.

Dear Michelle: Most builders ...

Here's How: Install New Decorative Interior Doors

Dear James: Our house is 35 years old, and I want to spruce it up. All the interior doors are plain flat hollow doors. I want to install some new decorative ones. What are the best, and are they difficult to install? -- Cindy K.

Dear Cindy: ...

Here's How: Quick-to-Build Garage Shelves

Dear James: We live in a condo with limited storage. My husband agreed to clean the garage if I build storage shelves. I am a novice DIY'er, but I want to show him I can do it. I need some tips. -- Marge W.

Dear Marge: It sounds like your husband...