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Here's How: Strip Wallpaper the Easy Way

Strip Wallpaper the Easy Way

Dear James: I have been putting off redecorating my dining room because I hate stripping off wallpaper. It has that slick type of finish that is hard to strip. What is the quickest way to strip it? -- Michelle P.


Here's How: Build a Stone Pathway Yourself

Dear James: We just had a new home built, and we would like stone pathways through our yard and future flower garden. Is this a job that we can do ourselves? Do you have design and planning tips for us? -- Micki V.

Dear Micki: There are many ...

Here's How: Eliminate Dark Roof Stains

Dear Pat: We had a new light-colored roof installed about two years ago, and it has developed dark mildew stains, but there are no stains by the chimney. What could be causing this and how can we stop it? -- Julia K.

Dear Julia: Unsightly dark ...

Here's How: Build a Simple Screened Porch

Dear James: I love to sit out by my flower garden, but the insects eat me alive. I would like to build a small screened porch. Is this beyond the skills of a novice do-it-yourselfer? Any tips? -- Marta H.

Dear Marta: There is nothing more ...

Here's How: Install Inlaid Hardwood Floor

Dear James: Our old church has beautiful inlays in the hardwood floors. We are remodeling an old house and we want inlaid floors. Is this a do-it-yourself job and can inlays be added to old floors? -- Dawn S.

Dear Dawn: Inlaid hardwood floors are...

Here's How: Installing a Decorative Picket Fence

Dear James: I have always wanted a decorative picket fence around the front of my house. I want to build it myself so that I can afford it. Please give me some design and construction tips. -- Barb N.

Dear Barb: A decorative picket fence can make...