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Here's How: Use Drain Cleaners for Clogs

Use Drain Cleaners for Clogs

Dear James: Our house is not even 10 years old yet and we are starting to get occasional clogs in the drains. Do you think that the plumbing was not done correctly? What drain cleaners are best to use? -- Patty H.


Here's How: Seal Blacktop Driveway Properly

Dear James: Our house is four years old, and the blacktop driveway looks like it needs to be resealed. What is the best type of sealer to use on it, and are there any special techniques to apply it? -- Jen F.

Dear Jen: As with people, looks can ...

Here's How: Add an Easy-to-Build Bedroom Closet

Dear James: My clothes seem to be reproducing, and there is little room in the bedroom closet for my husband's things. He is threatening a trip to Goodwill. How can I build a simple second closet? -- Joan

Dear Joan: Building a second closet ...

Here's How: Proper Installation of Wood Siding

Dear James: I plan to save a few bucks and install wood siding myself on a room addition. It is near a lake and humid, so I worry about rust stains from nails. What is the best way to install the siding? -- Lynn R.

Dear Lynn: Your concerns about ...

Here's How: Build a Simple Backyard Tool Shed

Dear James: We have a two-car garage, but it is filling up with mowers, garden tools, etc. My husband scratched my Accord twice last week. Could you please give me some tips for building a simple storage shed? -- Pat D.

Dear Pat: It is amazing ...