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Here's How: How to Install Plastic PEX Plumbing

Dear Pat: I am converting my old garage into a room for more living area. It has copper plumbing now. I need to add a wet bar and am thinking of using PEX. Is this a good idea, and how do I install it? -- Leslie A.

Dear Leslie: Making a garage ...

Here's How: Soundproof Your Existing or New Home

Dear Pat: We hear a lot of road noise in our house and noise from room to room from the kids. What can we do to make it more soundproof? When we build a new house soon, what soundproofing features should we include? -- Michelle A.

Dear Michelle: ...

Here's How: Strip Finish Safely From Old Woodwork

Dear Pat: I lived in a 100-year-old house for three years now, and I need to strip and refinish the interior woodwork. There are different types of wood. How can I strip the old finish without harming the wood? -- Gail J.

Dear Gail: Many of the ...