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Health and Beauty Tip -- Lemons for Your Face

Lemon juice, with its high acid level, can help remove age spots. Don't expect to see results right away -- it tends to take several weeks. If you prefer, you can try red onion instead.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Bronzing Powder

In a pinch, you can use bronzing powder as a natural-looking blush. It can also reduce the noticability of a double chin.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Stylish Eyeshadow

Even if you're just doing simple makeup, ideally you should use three shades of eyeshadow. Use the darkest color on the lid, the lightest just below the brow bone, and fill the rest with the medium shade.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Don't Neglect Your Appearance

Even if you're staying home today and no one is going to see you, go through your regular hygiene routine. Skipping a day could be detrimental to your skin, hair, and teeth ... and keeping up will make you feel better, too.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Simple Blemish Safeguard

It's not surprising that just about anything near your face can affect how clear your skin is. Make sure to keep the mouthpiece of your phone clean, and don't chew on your writing utensils -- or, if you can't help it, wash those, too.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Clean Your Brushes

Dirty makeup brushes can build up with oil and bacteria with repeated use ... and if you're prone to acne, this can be especially disastrous! Clean your brushes and applicators at least once every two weeks. You'll be amazed how effective this is!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Storing Perfumes

Make sure all your perfumes and colognes are capped tightly and kept out of direct sunlight -- they don't have to be kept cold, but a cool, dark place helps it last longer. And don't save up several different perfumes for later. The scent will change over time. Use it when you get it!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Applying Perfume

Only use perfume on your skin, on your pulse points; anywhere else, it won't last (and won't be very detectable). Don't apply any behind your ears, and when you put it on your wrists, don't rub them together -- this will alter the scent.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Short Hair

If you have long hair and have decided to get it cut short, do so slowly over time. It's better for your hair, and not quite as shocking to your friends and family!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Bad Haircuts

Even if you're trying to grow out a bad haircut, make sure to keep it trimmed properly. In the meantime, bandannas and hair accessories can be used to your advantage to keep you looking at least somewhat stylish while you wait for your hair to get back to normal!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Time for a Haircut

You should get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks to avoid problems with split-ends and flyaways. If the ends of your hair are getting fuzzy, that's a good sign that you're overdue for a cut.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Choosing Scents

You may not know it, but your favorite scent is actually influenced by your body chemistry -- you're very likely to pick something that works for you if you go by instinct. Before you buy that bottle of perfume, though, wait a few minutes after you've sprayed some on from the tester. Scent can change given time.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Hydrating Your Skin

If you don't use extra-moisturizing cream already, switch to it for winter. For extra hydration, apply it while your skin is still wet.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Showers for Winter Skin Care

As nice as a hot shower may feel first thing in the morning on a winter day, don't make it too hot. This makes it more difficult for your skin to retain moisture. Watch the temperature, and cool the water off a bit right before you get out. Your skin will lock in more moisture, and you'll avoid that nasty cold shock when you get out of...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- Curly Lashes

When using an eyelash curler, use a blow dryer to heat it up first. This will make it work much better and give you even curlier lashes!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Cleaning Brushes

Want to get combs and hairbrushes clean? Soak them in ammonia for a minute or two -- it works a lot like the cleaner hairdressers use for their tools. Make sure to wash them off afterwards.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Keep Eyeliner in Place

One you're done applying eyeliner, brush a little powder shadow in a matching shade over the liner.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Make Your Makeup Last

To make makeup last all day, spray mineral water on your face once you're finished with it. Don't try to dry it off; it will dry on its own, and keep your makeup from fading.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Bright Colors in Fashions

If you believe you have a "problem area" in your figure, use bright colors to draw attention elsewhere. For example, women with wide hips might benefit from a brightly-colored top.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Products for Dandruff

Dandruff and a flaky scalp are two very different things -- dandruff tends to stay at the root of your hair, while the little white flakes that most people think is dandruff is actually flaky scalps. Make sure to read shampoo labels closely to make sure you're getting the right product. Many companies mismarket their products as dandruff ...Read more


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