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Health and Beauty Tip -- Eyebrow Gel

Instead of using gel or mascara on your eyelashes, try a little petroleum jelly. This won't get clumpy as the day goes on.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Tinted Moisturizer

Mix a little of your favorite face powder with your favorite moisturizer. It will give your skin just a touch of color, and is far less expensive than commercial tinted moisturizers. If you want SPF protection, mix some powder with sunscreen.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Avoid Chapped Lips

Put an old toothbrush to good use. Before you go to bed, rub your lips with a toothbrush to slough off dead skin. It's best to do this before bed -- no more waking up with dry, chapped lips!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Ice Blue Eyeshadow

There are very few colors that work on anyone; ice blue is one of them. This complements nearly any eye and skin color without exception, so don't be afraid to try it! Just make sure you don't overdo it -- some people look better with a little, some with more.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Ease Pain When Plucking

Many people say to put ice on your eyebrows before plucking ... but this actually tightens pores and makes plucking more painful. Do the opposite and put a warm washcloth on your forehead first to open pores. Use ice afterwards to soothe any pain.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Plucking and Shaping Eyebrows

Make sure not to lose the curve of your eyebrows when plucking. A good way to do this is to pluck from underneath on the outer arch, and from above on the inner arch.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Quick Face Powder Fix

In a pinch, you can use corn starch as face powder. Don't use too much, though -- it can tend to make you look pale.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Don't Leave Makeup On

After a long day, you may not want to go to the trouble of removing all your makeup. If you're consistently leaving it on at bedtime, though, you'll be more prone to breakouts and clogged pores. If you simply don't have time, keep some cleansing wipes by your bed. A quick clean is better than none at all.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Make the Most of Hair Products

You don't need to use two different kinds of hair product to get the style you want. Use the same hair cream on wet hair (to tame frizz) as you do on dry hair (to hold flyaways). If you prefer gel, apply to damp hair for hold, then again to dry hair for shine.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Quick Hair-Drying

You can cut up to 15 minutes off your morning preparation time by trying this technique: with your dryer set on low, turn your head upside down and dry while using your fingers to style. Spend most of the time on the nape of your neck -- that's the area that takes the longest to dry. The outer layers of your hair will air-dry much more quickly.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Get the Most Out of Lipstick

You don't need to buy multiple tubes of lipstick to get different looks! If you want a glossy finish, apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your lips first. Dust your lipstick with some loose powder once it's applied for a matte finish, or pat it on gently for a stain. And for an evening style, mix your lipstick with a bit of dark eyeshadow.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Getting a Perfect Haircut

Make sure your stylist knows exactly what you want, and help her get it just right. Sit up straight in your chair, to make sure your posture (and thus your style) isn't skewed. And instead of just describing what you want, use your hands to indicate length and style wherever you can. This gives the stylist a better idea visually of what you'...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- Long-Lasting Eyeshadow

To keep your eyeshadow looking great all day, apply a little concealer to your eyelid before brushing it on. This will make it last all day!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Simple Make-Up Remover

Here's a quick fix for make-up removal -- instead of cold cream or just soap and water, try a cotton pad or ball with baby oil. Swipe it across your face. It works just as well as a commercial make-up remover.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Add Radiance to Your Face

When you're done applying your makeup, take your brush and apply a very light dusting of baby powder to give your face a radiant glow. Too much will make you look pale, though, so use it sparingly!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Eat Your Greens

Studies are showing that green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and collards are beneficial to your body's ability to keep itself healthy. The high amounts of vitamin E in each help fight chemicals produced by the body that can damage cells. But any kind of vegetable is helpful -- people who eat more than two servings of vegetables per day ...Read more

Health and Beauty Tip -- Exfoliate!

Dry, cold weather can cause dead skin cells to build up. Even if you don't usually use an exfoliator, now's a good time to start. You can also use a puff or a loofah. Use moisturizer afterwards to keep your skin soft.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Accessorize for Winter

Choose accessories that complement your winter coat. Heavy down parkas look great with knits, like striped scarves and ski caps. Pea coats are especially flattering with a cream-colored skull cap and mittens, and shaped wool coats go best with "girly" accessories like berets and cashmere scarves in pastels.

Health and Beauty Tip -- When to Use Facial Treatments

Cream, under-eye treatment, moisturizing lotion, or almost any such product works best at night, so apply it right before going to bed. If you use a lotion or moisturizer on your face, it's a good idea to use it on your neck and arms, too.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Nighttime Face Wash

Bedtime is the most important time to wash your face, to get rid of any dirt you've picked up during the day. Use circular motions when you scrub, and wash with cold water. Walnut scrub is great for oily skin, and dry of sensitive skin benefits from baby oil or wet cleansing pads afterwards.


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