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Social Security Q&A: When should I apply for my benefits?

Q: How far in advance should I apply for Social Security retirement benefits?

A: You should apply three months before you want your benefits to start. Even if you aren't ready to retire, you should still sign up for Medicare three months before your 65th birthday. When you're ready to apply for retirement benefits, use our online retirement ...Read more

Social Security Q&A: How can I replace my lost Medicare card?

Q: I lost my Medicare card. How can I get replacement?

A: The easiest and newest way to get a replacement Medicare card is by using your My Social Security account. Go to for more information on how to create an account. You also can get a replacement Medicare card by calling us toll-free at 1-800-772-1213 (for...Read more

Social Security Q&A: When will I get my replacement card?

Q: I applied for a replacement Social Security card last week but haven't received it yet. When should I expect to receive my new card?

A: You'll usually receive your replacement card in about 10 days. We work hard to protect you, to prevent identity theft and to ensure the integrity of your Social Security number. To do that, we have to verify...Read more

Social Security Q&A: What are the rules for SSI eligibility?

Q: What are the rules for getting Supplemental Security Income (SSI)? I'm thinking about applying based on my disability.

A: To be eligible to receive SSI benefits, you must be disabled, blind or age 65 or older and have limited income and resources. Income is money you receive such as wages, Social Security benefits and pensions. Income also ...Read more

Social Security Q&A: Is there a time limit on disability benefits?

Q: Is there a time limit on how long I can receive Social Security disability benefits?

A: Your disability benefits will continue as long as your medical condition has not improved and you cannot work. Social Security will periodically review your case to determine whether you continue to be eligible. If you are still receiving disability ...Read more

Social Security Q&A: Can I apply for benefits online?

Q: My neighbor said he applied for Social Security retirement benefits online. Can you really apply for retirement without traveling to an office?

A: Yes, you can! And, what's more exciting, it's the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to apply for retirement benefits. Our secure website makes it simple, allowing you to apply for ...Read more

Social Security Q&A: Can my wife qualify for benefits on my record?

Q: My wife didn't work enough to earn 40 credits to qualify for Social Security retirement benefits. Can she qualify on my record?

A: Even if your spouse has never worked under Social Security, she can, at full retirement age, receive a benefit equal to one-half of your full retirement amount. Your wife is eligible for reduced spouse's benefits...Read more

Social Security Q&A: What is Supplemental Security Income?

Q: What is Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

A: SSI is a needs-based program that pays cash assistance to people with limited income and resources who are age 65 or older, blind or disabled. Children with disabilities can get SSI, too. SSI is funded by general tax revenues -- not Social Security taxes. To find out if you can get SSI, and how ...Read more

Social Security Q&A: What happens to disability benefits at retirement age?

Q: If I get Social Security disability benefits and I reach full retirement age, will I then receive retirement benefits?

A: Social Security disability benefits automatically change to retirement benefits when disability beneficiaries reach full retirement age. In most cases, the payment amount does not change. The law does not allow a person ...Read more

Social Security Q&A: Avoid retirement lines by filing online

Q: Is it true 10,000 people a day are retiring? What's the easiest way to avoid the crowds?

A: Yes. As the baby boomers reach their retirement years, Social Security is handling about 10,000 claims each day. You can avoid the crowds by filing online. You can complete your retirement application in as little as 15 minutes. It's safe, convenient ...Read more

Social Security Q&A: Why should I sign up for a my Social Security online account?

Q: Why should I sign up for a my Social Security online account?

A: my Social Security gives you a personal online account you can securely use to check your Social Security information and do business with us. With a my Social Security account you can:

-- Keep track of your earnings and verify them every year

-- Get an estimate of your ...Read more

Social Security Q&A: How do I replace a lost card?

Q: I'm 17 and eager to start my first summer job, but my mother misplaced my Social Security card. How can I get another?

A: If you know your Social Security number, you may not need to obtain a replacement card to obtain employment. However, if a prospective employer requests it, in most cases you only need to provide your Social Security ...Read more

Social Security Q&A: What do I report if I get SSI payments?

Q: What do I need to report to Social Security if I get Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments?

A: You need to report any changes that may affect your payment amount. This includes changes in your income or resources. You must report changes of address, changes in your living arrangements and changes in your earned and unearned income. To ...Read more