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Person to Person: Having class is more about what you don't say

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Do you have an out-of-control teenager who's giving you a hard time? Maybe you've yelled something like: "You idiot! Can't I teach you anything?!"

Or, are you quarreling with a neighbor who's always making trouble? Maybe you've screamed a few obscenities in the backyard -- actually hoping that neighbor heard you.

It can be tempting to slam ...Read more

Person to Person: Great music can enhance your relationships

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It's always easier to perform tasks and make extra effort if you're in a good mood.

If your home life, relationships, or job efforts are keeping you stressed, try playing some of your favorite tunes.

Music is an instant mood changer, and it can give you energy you didn't know you had.

Consider our friend Deborah. She was looking forward to a ...Read more

Person to Person: How to bridge gaps dividing all people

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Do you worry about the safety and security of our world? People seem to be clashing over many different issues these days.

For all of us, preserving a sense of community should be a top priority. We need to bring people together and forge strong connections.

Imagine for a moment that you live in a beautiful home worth two million dollars. But,...Read more

Person to Person: Could 'The Bully Police' idea help crime victims?

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Have you ever wondered why the criminals and bullies seem to be winning?

One reason is that society places too much time on their side. By the time they are confronted, it takes weeks or even years to bring them to justice.

"I feel helpless a lot of times," says a District Attorney General in the Northeast. "I've had people call my office ...Read more

Person to Person: Finding an authority figure can help solve your problems

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Are you experiencing a stressful situation with an abusive spouse, impossible tenant or a co-worker who's driving you crazy?

Sometimes in life, we run up against a problem that totally overwhelms us.

In these difficult situations, you have to keep looking until you find someone with power to help you -- a true authority figure.

For example, a...Read more

Person to Person: Cooling your emotions can help solve problems

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Has something or someone recently got you extremely upset? Maybe you are involved in a legal matter. Or, are you facing off with a bully of some type?

When we face a huge problem, we tend to let our emotions run away. We pace the floor and ponder how to strike back. We fantasize about how to straighten somebody out.

Cooling your emotions and ...Read more


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