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Person to Person: Steps to become that take-charge person

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Do you know people who manage to stay calm in a crisis and solve tough problems? All of us tend to lean on these types of people, because they don't freak out under pressure.

However, to become mature and stable, any of us will have to work at it. Most of us aren't typically born with great problem-solving instincts.

Any teenager or young ...Read more

Person to Person: Breaking big problems into bite-sized pieces

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Do you have giant problems looming over you? If so, you may be in panic mode.

Situations that can really rock anyone's boat will include: losing one's home in a fire or flood, having an adult child with grandchildren move back into the nest, getting fired, being in a bad accident and coping with anything adversely affecting your health, ...Read more

Person to Person: Is a world without race or gender bias possible?

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Are you one of those idealists who would like to see more harmony in the world? You know how this goes. You hear strange comments about other people, and you know these comments aren't fair.

We live in a world where gender, nationality and race may always be an issue.

For example, one of our friends adopted a daughter from Russia in 1998. ...Read more

Person to Person: You need to have quality of life in these 12 areas

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Do you feel powerful in certain ways, but weak in others? For example, maybe you manage money well, but you keep failing at relationships. Or you might have a great circle of friends, but your bank account is always a mess.

You want a harmonious life that works on all fronts, but you keep missing the mark.

That's because all of us need ...Read more

Person to Person: Cooling employee burnout helps the bottom line

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Do your employees or co-workers seem bogged down and unmotivated? Are they taking longer to finish routine projects, or do they make too many excuses about why they can't keep up with the workload?

If so, these individuals may be wrestling with burnout. In today's complex society, we all deal with dozens of issues in our personal lives before...Read more

Person to Person: How to set limits for yourself and others

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Do you find yourself saying yes to too many requests? Are you so stressed out you feel like you're juggling knives?

You know how this goes. If you try to give up a task, or postpone something, you feel like a dagger is going to flip up into the air and slam down into you. Your boss, your friends, or somebody will be let down.

Most of us have ...Read more

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