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Person to Person: How to offer emotional supports without getting drained

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Are your co-workers, close relatives and good pals telling you all of their problems?

Just listening to everybody's madness may have you avoiding the phone or live contact.

For example, one group of senior citizens told us they've stopped having their weekly coffee klatsch. Why? Because it was turning into a stressful "therapy session."

This ...Read more

Person to Person: Tempted to have an affair? Beware a cascade of complications

Life Advice / Helping Yourself /

Are you facing the temptation to cross the line and have an affair? Maybe a voice inside your head tells you it will be worth it, and furthermore, no one has to find out.

Most likely, though, you'll be wrong on both counts. While plenty of people escape a shaky marriage or bad relationship by engaging with a lover on the side, many married ...Read more

Person to Person: Expecting the unexpected the only way for parents

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Years ago, when my baby was learning to sleep through the night and her older brother was starting preschool, when my husband was searching for a post-grad-school job and I was changing mine, I remember thinking "I can't wait for things to get back to normal."

And then my baby was starting preschool. Her brother was starting big-boy school. My ...Read more

Person to Person: Bringing out the best in others is real power

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Have you ever watched a war film, a cowboy movie or a science fiction episode where somebody was trying to conquer somebody else's world? The drama was quite engaging, wasn't it?

In these situations, somebody has to win, and somebody has to lose. It's over when the loser is really hurt or put out of commission totally.

But in real life, the ...Read more

Person to Person: Being too optimistic can work against you

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Have you ever stayed in a bad job or a bad relationship way too long? Maybe you feel so optimistic that things will eventually change, you don't run when you should.

You know how this goes. You're one of those people who always looks on the bright side. You convince yourself that if you keep on smiling, things will start to ease up.

For ...Read more

Person to Person: Make time, don't 'find' time, for your relationships

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Do you wish you could make more time for family, friends, or new acquaintances?

After all, we all must invest quality time to make relationships work.

When we have to choose whether to spend time with people, do more work or take care of personal responsibilities, we can feel torn.

There doesn't seem to be enough time for everything.

Time is...Read more

Person to Person: Money scammers can destroy relationships, lives

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Have you experienced any type of theft concerning your bank account or business? If so, it might have hurt you in many ways, along with your family.

For example, a beauty products company with a vendor cart in a mall illegally extracted $3,500 out of our friend's credit card account. This was two weeks before Christmas last year. Our friend's...Read more


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