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Person to Person: Find common ground to strengthen relationships

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Are you ready to reject a sibling, spouse, or coworker because you argue constantly?

Most of us have a few relationships that rub us the wrong way. However, if we all dumped each person who got on our nerves, we'd have no one left.

Every single person in the universe has some irritating traits or character flaws.

But, changing others is not ...Read more

Person to Person: Why good listening skills empower relationships

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Have you ever noticed that some people seem to absorb everything you say, while others tune you out?

People who ignore others, failing to fully connect during conversations, hurt relationships. Why? Because failing to listen denotes disrespect. It's like saying, "You are not important to me."

When others do carefully listen to you, you tend to...Read more

Person to Person: Why victims of sexual molestation don't tell

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Do you imagine that only women are sexually groped or assaulted? Think again. Men report that they experience the same violation of their bodies.

A very good-looking man, who is a close friend of ours, told us over 10 years ago that a nurse at his doctor's office came onto him. Looking at this experience from a man's viewpoint gives a different...Read more

Person to Person: Change yourself to deal with difficult people

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Do you keep hoping and praying annoying people will change for the better? If so, you are likely dreaming. That annoying whiner in your civic group or that family member who lives in a tailspin will likely stay the same forever.

A better approach is this: Figure out how you can do things differently. If you change, others will be forced to ...Read more

Person to Person: How to take control of your life

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Do you realize that managing your overall life experience requires you to say yes or no more clearly? In other words, you have to make good decisions and you have to set boundaries.

Consider a young woman we'll call Erika. She is so full of warmth and love for others that she is injuring her own future. She needs to learn how to say no. Erika ...Read more

Person to Person: How to build teamwork in marriage

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For those of us who've experienced divorce, we know the negative feelings of brokenness. At some point, our happy union either dissolved or exploded. The teamwork we'd pledged to honor went sour.

To examine how a marriage crumbles, we all need to remind ourselves the truth about any relationship. Even a basic friendship requires dedicated ...Read more

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