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Person to Person: Qualities we need in a US president

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As we examine candidates seeking party nominations for president, it's interesting to note the personality traits and belief systems of each person.

First of all, it's likely we all agree that every person running already possesses a lot of inner strength. Most of us would hate to deal with the mudslinging and the dodging it would take to deal ...Read more

Person to Person: Strong marriages are key to a strong nation

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In our society, many people are struggling to find happiness, work/life balance, and mental well-being.

Most people would agree that we all gain much of this emotional health when we belong to a reasonably close-knit family. Family life gives us many of our warm and fuzzy feelings.

In our nation, however, family life is disintegrating. This ...Read more

Person to Person: Men should discuss their emotions

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Do you discourage your 7-year-old son from crying when he's hurt? Or, do you ignore the emotions of your teenage son who's agonizing over a breakup with a girlfriend?

It can be tempting to tell any male, whether young or old, that emotional outbursts are unacceptable.

Throughout the ages, men are told to toughen up and put a lid on their pain....Read more

Person to Person: Dealing with difficult relatives during the holidays

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Are you worried about socializing with family members for holiday celebrations? If so, you are not alone.

Maybe you have an uncle who drinks too much. Or, do you have to deal with your irritating in-laws?

"There's always drama during social events that involve lots of family members," says a psychologist we'll call Allison. Allison is a friend...Read more

Person to Person: Addiction to technology can hurt relationships

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Do you feel compelled to check email every 10 minutes? Or, do you compulsively text as you eat, wait for a movie to start, or sit at red lights?

If so, your laptop, smartphone, or tablet might be controlling more aspects of your life than you can imagine.

According to John O'Neill, director of addictions services for the Menninger Clinic in ...Read more

Person to Person: Steps to keep your mood up when facing tough issues

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Do you feel tired and unable to push toward your goals? Do you feel like a robot that needs new batteries?

All of us can reach the point of forcing ourselves to function. But if we look at what's behind this, we may see that a bad mood or depression is contributing to the tiredness.

What we say to ourselves is a powerful driving force. So, we ...Read more


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