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Person to Person: Exploitation of the elderly is common

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Can you imagine that you, or any of your friends, would ever harm an elderly person? You'd likely rank this possibility as very low, right?

Maybe you find it hard to fathom that lots of older people are in harm's way.

Well, think again.

We live in a society where adults neglect their parents in many ways. And, money often plays a role.

For ...Read more

Person to Person: The fine art of doing nothing will help reverse burnout

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Do you feel guilty and highly uncomfortable when you do absolutely nothing? Maybe you fidget and squirm, looking for your smartphone to scan for incoming text messages. Or, do you itch to check your email?

Learning to relax is not that simple. Most of us stay so busy, pushing our stressful emotions to the background, that working on our ...Read more

Person to Person: Value of filling up others' emotional bank accounts

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Do you ever wonder why your boss is often irritated with you? Or, do you have a teenage son who always seems ready to throw a fit?

We live in a world where stress abounds, but it helps to stay ahead of it. You can do that, to some degree, by pumping emotional support into other people.

Some people are emotionally empty, so if you drain their ...Read more

Person to Person: Ask the right questions to get the right answers

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Have you had difficult experiences in life because you failed to face the truth?

For example, maybe you dated someone addicted to alcohol. You hated to admit this person wasn't going to change, so you stayed in the relationship far too long. You lied to yourself to make it work.

In any relationship, or life situation, it can be tempting to ...Read more

Person to Person: It's great to do business with mature adults

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We all need to realize that we run our lives on the strengths of other people. None of us can make it on our own.

In an ideal world, all of us would have thoughtful, helpful people in our circle of life.

For example, imagine having a doctor who is devoted to keeping you healthy. Or, picture having a great auto mechanic who fixes your car and ...Read more

Person to Person: Beware of people trying to hurt your relationships

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Have you ever suspected a co-worker, in-law, or adult step-child trying to rip a hole in a relationship you cherish? This person may be jealous and plotting to destroy what you've taken years to build.

If so, take needed steps to protect yourself.

Keep in mind that a relationship is a "structure" between two people. Creating that relationship ...Read more


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