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It's Just a Hobby, Or Is It?

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Bonnie Raitt says that her parents would drag her out to play the guitar for visiting family and that picking and strumming was just a childhood hobby. The Wright brothers needed something to break up the monotony of selling and repairing bicycles, so they looked around for an interesting pastime -- and built an airplane!

Clearly, you never ...Read more

Put a Smile On Your Kids Plate

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The smiley emoticon may seem a little, well, overused and in your face, but the sign of good times and good spirits has a long and rich history.

Some say Smiley Face started in 1963, when graphic artist Harvey Ross Ball was paid $45 by the State Mutual Life Assurance Company to create a graphic that would cheer up its dispirited employees. But...Read more

One More Reason to Be Sour on This Sweet

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What do "The Waltons," "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Little House on the Prairie" have in common? They pulled on your heartstrings, even if they were kinda sappy. In some things, a touch of corniness is welcome.

But when it comes to your food, researchers at UC Davis and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Western Human Nutrition Research ...Read more

Rading is Brain Food for Kids

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From "Counting Kisses" to "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," and from "The Cat in the Hat" to "Where the Wild Things Are," the books that were read to you as a child have a special place in your memories. But there's more to snuggling up on Mom or Dad's lap while he or she reads to you than you may realize.

Being read to expands a child's ...Read more

Can You Stand It?

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"Standing is stupid/Crawling's a curse/Skipping is silly/Walking is worse," Shel Silverstein wrote in the illustrated children's book "A Light in the Attic." He was funny, for sure, but wrong, oh so wrong.

It turns out it's too much sitting that'll do you in before your time. By not moving your muscles, you lower the production of good-for-you...Read more

The Beet Goes On

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When Sonny and Cher recorded "The Beat Goes On" in 1967, did they know that beets are a standout vegetable packed with phytonutrients and complex vitamins that reduces bodywide inflammation and supports a healthy cardiovascular system? Probably not, but they did have a pretty La-DEE-da-DEE-DEE attitude. But, it's true.

If you're old enough to ...Read more

Don't Get Kids Drunk on Sugar

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When SpongeBob SquarePants gets drunk on ice cream in his self-titled movie, he rants, reels and generally steps in it! Seems a sugar buzz can put even a high-strung animated character on a Rocky Road. Well, now researchers are declaring that cartoon story is not so make-believe.

"Sugar is the alcohol of childhood!" says a panel of doctors, ...Read more

More Evidence of MMR Vaccine Safety

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Last December, when nine NHL players from the New York Rangers, the Anaheim Ducks and the Minnesota Wild all came down with the mumps, teams gave all players who wanted them booster shots of the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine.

Since a mumps vaccine became available in 1967, incidents in the U.S. have plummeted from around 186,000 cases ...Read more

Your Physical Re-Imagined

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Like a lot of guys, comedian D.L. Hughley avoids checkups: "My wife knew I was horrified of doctors. [She] said, 'You haven't been to the doctor in four years, so I set up a physical for you. Since you're in your 40s, you're going to have a prostate exam. They call it a 'digital exam.' I thought it meant a camera!"

Whether you're like D.L. and ...Read more

Thumbing Your Nose at Tension Headaches

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Pressure to perform at work, school or home can cause a lot of self-imposed stress and pain. It's "something you feel when you don't know what the *** you're doing," says Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. And he sure proved that in Super Bowl XLVIII, from the game-opening 2-point safety for the Seahawks right down to the last fumble. Although ...Read more

How a High-Fat Diet KOs Your Slim Genes

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When Morgan Spurlock went on a fast-food binge for his documentary "Super Size Me," he not only packed on pounds, he felt increasingly awful. And it wasn't just because of all that bad food in his gut. Seems that eating a really high-sat-fat diet actually alters the genes that control your muscle metabolism!

Researchers from the department of ...Read more

The Pen and Journal Are Mightier Than Stress

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New Age writer and self-help author Natalie Goldberg has said: "Whether you're keeping a journal or writing as meditation, it's the same thing. What's important is you're having a relationship with your mind."

That relationship can help you let off steam and reduce your stress response. You can complain and rant to your heart's content; you're...Read more

Variety is the Spice of Life and Strengthens the Aging Brain

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When the West Auckland Old Farts soccer team takes the field, you might assume from their name that they're not very serious about winning. But you'd be wrong. The members of that football club in northern Australian have effectively cleared out the cobwebs (they actually trounced the rival Glenfield Cobwebs twice one season) that can come from ...Read more

To Salt or Not to Salt, That is the Question

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Yogi Berra once confided, "I didn't really say everything I said." We're not sure if he said that before or after he said, "Take it with a grin of salt." But anyway, that's what we're doing when it comes to giving you advice on salt, because there is so much conflicting info out there that you have to, well, you know -- what Yogi said.

The ...Read more

Food Combos That Promote Weight Loss (and Some That Pack on Pounds)

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If you're watching the NBA playoffs, you're seeing a lot of head fakes from the likes of B-ball All-Stars LeBron James and Stephen Curry. These moves open lanes and get them to the basket. And when Bad Carbs and Proteins fake out your head (and they do), they go right by your brain's defense and straight to your basket, too, for a slam dunk!

...Read more

Advertising Helps Make Kids Overweight

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Wow! That's Dora the Explorer on a box of frozen treats. And you know what Dora's discovered inside that box? High fructose corn syrup, liquid sugar and a bunch of great dyes. Good sleuthing, Dora!

But wait! Her image is there to attract, not educate, young consumers, and it works, making bad-for-you food youngsters' top picks. That's why the ...Read more

What's Sweet About Sweat

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In a 1984 Dry Idea antiperspirant commercial, football coach Dan Reeves was asked about the three "nevers" it takes to be a winning coach. He answered: "Never let the press pick your starting quarterback. Never take a last place team lightly. And, really, no matter what the score, never let 'em see you sweat." But sweat you must if you want to ...Read more

Don't Be a Sat-Fathead

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The Urban Dictionary defines "fat-head syndrome" as someone who acts like a blowhard. But researchers at Louisiana State University's Inflammation and Neurodegeneration Laboratory have found that a diet high in saturated fat (more than 13 percent of calories from sat fat) can cause a lot more than a bad case of know-it-all-itis! It affects your ...Read more

Be Brave (and Healthy)! Try These Foods

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Anthony Bourdain ("Parts Unknown" on CNN) and Andrew Zimmerman ("Bizarre Foods" on the Travel Channel) made their careers by eating exotic -- and sometimes hard to swallow -- foods. Zimmerman says the 10-year-old tofu at Taiwan's House of Unique Stink (that's its name!) is horrific, and Bourdain admits Icelandic fermented shark, hakarl, is ...Read more

FMTs Are Better Than We Thought

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Even though the first fecal microbiota transplants to treat Clostridium difficile were performed on people around 1958, the Beatles' 1967 "It's Getting Better All the Time" couldn't have been referring to the treatment's growing effectiveness. But we have to admit, it's true -- the success of FMTs is doing just that.

Those of us in the medical ...Read more


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