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Getting People Vacinated

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When MTV celebrated its 29th birthday this summer, the music video channel had to face facts. Music videos have become super-popular on venues like YouTube and other streaming services, but not so much on MTV anymore. It's become a victim of its own success.

The same can be said for vaccinations: They're a victim of their own success. Although ...Read more

Moderate Caffeine Consumption Has Big Benefits

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The recent headline "Coffee Habits Impact Risk of Mild Cognitive Impairment" reminded us of a TV ad for Berlitz language school in which a German Coast Guard officer who speaks broken English replies to a mayday call. A ship's captain is pleading for help: "We're sinking, we're sinking! Can you help us?" The young German replies, "Um ... vut are...Read more

To B or Not to B

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You can never have too much of a cozy B&B, bumblebees or b-ball. But when it comes to B vitamins, research shows that you need the right amount of supplements to make your RealAge as young as it can be. And B-wise; over-B-ing promotes obesity, and it happens all the time now that foods are fortified with Bs and folks supplement with extra B ...Read more

Coping With Traveler's Diarrhea

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In 1984, Parker Bros. launched an Atari game that offered a new set of thrills: It was a treasure-hunting, puzzle-solving adventure called "Montezuma's Revenge." In it, Panama Joe (looking a bit like a pixelated Indiana Jones) took you through twists and turns on your way to a pot of gold or other treasures.

Unfortunately, traveler's diarrhea (...Read more

Moms Shape Minds By Talking to Their Children Like Adults

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The Police's "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da" became a Top 10 single on both sides of The Pond in 1980. Great song, but "all we want to say to you" is that it's not the best way to speak to your infant or toddler.

A bit of baby talk and mimicking a child's sounds during the earliest months of life makes an infant feel connected and understood, and it...Read more

Grab a Protein Blast Before You Head Into the Ring

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Things didn't look good for Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) when he fought Clubber Lang (Mr. T., who pitied the fool) in "Rocky 3." Then Rocky started taunting him, "You ain't so bad!" Clubber lost his cool and wore himself out, and Rocky won the fight.

The lesson? Whether you're off for a brisk walk or a championship bout, it's important to eat ...Read more

Avoid the Cookie Monster

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AVOIDWhen the Muppets' Cookie Monster grumbles, "Me want cookie! Om nom nom nom," his mouth-stuffing antics delight children and parents alike. But in Colorado, where recreational marijuana is legal and marijuana-laced cookies and other consumables account for 45 percent of the drug's sales, marijuana cookies can turn into lethal monsters.

That...Read more

Your Fat Chance of Beating Stress

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In Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life," the maitre d' of a French restaurant (John Cleese) persuades the monstrously obese patron Mr. Creosote (Terry Jones) to have just one more little after-dinner mint. When Creosote eats the mint, he explodes all over the restaurant.

True, a healthy amount of body fat has great powers: It promotes ...Read more

Screen Time and Alzheimer's

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When teen idol Chris Hemsworth played a computer hacker in this year's "Blackhat," moviegoers wondered how someone who spends his life sitting in front of a computer screen could look so over-the-top athletic. Wanna know a secret? He can't!

The average North American adult (70 percent are overweight) sits for five to eight and a half hours a ...Read more

Getting the Bugs to Bug Off

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In 2009's "Land of the Lost," when a mosquito of gargantuan proportions bites Will Farrell, he seems oddly oblivious. But for 20 percent of folks with just the right blood type, metabolism or a love of beer, being bitten by mosquitoes (over and over) can cause anxiety, itching and more itching.

What makes you mosquito bait? Skeeters favor folks...Read more

Are You a Nutritional All-Star?

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Outfielder Mike Henry Jordan played for the Pittsburgh Alleghenys baseball team in the 1890s and he's still on the list of players with the lowest batting averages ever! In his 125 times at bat he managed to connect with the baseball only about once every 10 times.

That same sorry stat applies to most Americans' nutritional plate appearances: ...Read more

Are You Missing a Chance To Save Your Life?

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In 1736, Ben Franklin famously said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." He was talking to his fellow Philadelphians about that city's extreme threat of fire. (He established the Union Fire Company to put out fires if prevention failed!)

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's weekly report recently sounded the alarm that ...Read more

Walk This Way

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When John Cleese paced across the floor in Monty Python's "Department of Silly Walks," there was no end to the ways he could think of to perambulate. But when it comes to getting in your 10,000 steps a day -- an essential building block of your good health -- there really is a right way to put one foot in front of the other, and a whole lot of ...Read more

Time For An Oil Change

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The Houston Oilers left Texas for Nashville in 1996 with the hope that becoming the Tennessee Titans would help improve their record of 16 losing seasons in 34 years. At first it looked like a promising move. They headed to Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000. But last year they had only two wins with 14 losses. Clearly, they're still in need of an oil ...Read more

Without a Gout

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When the cartoon character Courage the Cowardly Dog's owner Eustace Bagge is taken over by Big Toe, a menacing microbe that talks like Edward G. Robinson in "Little Caesar," you know that swollen, purple digit is up to no good. (Trust us on this one.)

The same could be said for the ever-increasing menace of swollen digits that often signal a ...Read more

Directional Brain Health

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Often cited as the worst blunder in the history of college football, Roy "Wrong Way" Riegels picked up a fumble in the 1929 Rose Bowl and ran toward his opponent's goal line, resulting in a safety. His team, University of California Golden Bears, lost to Georgia Tech 8-7. How could this happen to the All-American team captain?

The explanation ...Read more

Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom and All Of Us

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News reports pop up frequently about cultural expectations coming into conflict with moms and nursing infants: For example, a Virginia woman who was discretely breastfeeding in a Wal-Mart -- spotted only by a security cam -- was later tracked down by local authorities and arrested at her home. A Santa Cruz mom was breastfeeding her baby in her ...Read more

Building a Better Burger

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When Flint Lockwood's invention goes sky high and it starts raining hamburgers (buns and all) in the animated movie "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs," it was clearly time for him to contemplate building a better burger-making machine.

And since this summer, tens of millions of backyard chefs will cook up their version of the perfect grilled ...Read more

What's the Weight?

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The first tale in John McPhee's 1979 book "Giving Good Weight" details the life of local area farmers who bring their goods to New York City's Greenmarkets. Here, "giving good weight," means the farmers are giving you a good, square deal -- and that's just what you want.

But despite recent headlines about a study in the journal Obesity that ...Read more

How to Prevent Cataracts

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When Little Red Riding Hood exclaimed, "My, Grandma, what big eyes you have," the Big Bad Wolf replied, "The better to see you with my dear."

"But, Grandma, I thought you had cataracts," Red replied.

"I did," said the BBW, "but I had LASIK surgery, and I'm all better now."

That's when Little Red Riding Hood realized ...Read more

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