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Three Surprising Ways to Keep Your Health Resolutions

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New Year's resolutions can lift you up with a rush of optimism and determination ("I WILL lose 25 pounds and exercise regularly!"). But too often they're followed six to eight weeks later by the self-defeating thought, "I just can't do it!"

But still you resolve, year after year, to become as healthy as possible. As Oprah once said: "Cheers to ...Read more

Water, Weight and Windows of Opportunity

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Once gold-medalist Michael Phelps was in training, he was up to his neck in water and seemed to leave his self-destructive habits behind. Could it be that there's something about water that's just plain health-inducing? Well, making an ample supply of water available to school kids sure seems to clean up their bad habits -- at least when it ...Read more

Getting the Most Out of Exercise DVDs

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You may be a fan of Jillian Michaels' BodyShred or Shaun T's CIZE Dance Workout, but oversexualized, boot-camp-style exercise DVDs can backfire big time if you're new to working out, have body-confidence issues or are dealing with injuries or physical restrictions.

Researchers at Oregon's College of Public Health and Human Sciences recently ...Read more

Get Vaccination Information Before You Need It

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In the animated Disney comedy, "The Emperor's New Groove," haughty Yzma (Eartha Kitt) dismisses the concerns of one unfortunate subject: "You really should've thought of that before you became peasants!" Pretty funny line, since no one ever decides to be a disadvantaged peasant.

But here's one thing you can decide, before your actions put you ...Read more

How to Reduce the Risk of Accidental Pain Medication Overdose

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Last October the chronically injured former NFL safety Tyler Sash died from an accidental overdose after mixing two powerful pain medications. Unfortunately, overdose of opioid pain meds takes the life of 17,000 Americans annually, and in many cases the victims don't believe they're abusing the medication; they're simply taking it for post-...Read more

Debunking the Healthy Fat Myth

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William "The Refrigerator" Perry weighed 382 pounds when he helped the Chicago Bears win the 1986 Super Bowl. If anyone could pull off "fat, but healthy," it would be a super-size, superstar player like Perry! But down the road, The Fridge developed a roster of health woes.

That shouldn't surprise you, but there's been a lot of talk about "fat,...Read more

USPSTF's Final Word on Breast Cancer Screening

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In football there are bubble, middle, slot and slip screens, all designed to fool the defense and let the quarterback throw a short pass for necessary yardage. No one used those screens more last year than the Kansas City Chiefs, who completed a league-high 5.36 screen passes per game.

Breast cancer screening is also an effective game-winner, ...Read more

Beware Alcohol Excess

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There was a time when being plotzed was considered funny. Do you remember the comedians Foster Brooks and Dean Martin? Foster, slurring every word: "Have you ever been in Schenectady?" Martin: "No." Foster: "Neither was I. It must have been a couple of other guys."

Those days are long gone. But Americans' inclination to drink too much has never...Read more

Staying Home When You're Sick is Good for the Herd

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You've seen the commercials with the message: Moms (and Dads) don't get a day off. That company wants you to buy its product and get to work! And it's the same message from a guy in a suit downing an elixir to hide his symptoms so he can make a presentation to co-workers. Not smart!

If you're that sick, you're probably infectious; you'll pass ...Read more

The Hazards of Hyping Super Thin

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A woman walks into a doctor's office with a carrot in her left ear, a stalk of celery in her right and an asparagus spear in each nostril. "Doc, what's wrong with me?"

"Well, obviously," replies the doctor, "you're not eating properly."

But seriously, the hazards of not eating properly are no joke. You know how dangerous excess weight can be (...Read more

Three Best Ways to Stay Young at Heart

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Three is a number with a lot of power: There are three dimensions (length, depth, width); three parts to time (past, present, future); we live on the third planet from the sun (Mercury, Venus, Earth). But for you, the most powerful threesome is found in a trio of ways to roll back your RealAge -- by 35-40 years by the time you're 85! They're ...Read more

Sudden Cardiac Arrest May Not Be So Sudden

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In spring training 1961, a rookie pitcher took the mound, and his blistering fastball earned him the nickname "Sudden" Sam McDowell. It stuck through his 11 seasons with the Cleveland Indians until the six-time All-Star, one-time Pitcher of the Year and Indians' Player of the Decade, flamed out in the early 1970s.

Turns out it's all too easy to...Read more

The 'D' You Can't Live Without

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Some folks say they couldn't live without the music of Dee Snider (of Twisted Sister) or Dee Clark (he sang "Raindrops"). And while we understand the sentiment, the Dee you really can't live without is vitamin D-3.

This powerful nutrient is found in wild-caught salmon, sardines, cod and egg yolks. It's added to cereals and to regular, soy, ...Read more

Bike Safety for Kids with ADHD

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

Once hedge-funder Martin Shkreli got his hands on the rights to the life-saving, toxoplasmosis medication Daraprim, he raised its price from $13.50 per pill to $750. Risky business. That move launched a cry for legislative control of runaway drug prices (it's about time). And the FBI has now arrested him for unrelated securities fraud.

But ...Read more

Stopping Addiction Before It Gets Started

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In Joseph Heller's 1961 novel "Catch-22," a bomber pilot is considered insane if he continually flies combat missions without asking to be relieved from duty. And an insane pilot must be relieved from duty. But if a pilot asks to be relieved from duty, that means he's sane, and he has to keep flying. Hence, catch-22.

Today, addiction to opioids...Read more

Roughing Up Your Gut

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Bird's nest soup. Sounds like it's high in good-for-you fiber (twigs and leaves), right? Think again. This Asian delicacy, said to aid digestion, strengthen the immune system and even increase libido, is actually made from the saliva of the swiftlet bird.

It's packed with calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium, but not gut-pleasing roughage. ...Read more

Get Your Stand-Up Routine Together

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George Carlin had a classic stand-up routine about bad drivers: The car in front of him had its turn signal on for miles and miles. Then he realized that the car's blinker wasn't stuck; the driver was simply going around the world to the left!

If you're someone who's stuck in one position for long periods of time (86 percent of American workers...Read more

Close Encounters with New Sexual Dysfunction Criteria

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

The 1977 blockbuster "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" was about how startling it would be to meet new lifeforms and how that would forever change life on Earth. In 2013, a lot of people who had previously been diagnosed with sexual dysfunction were told they were only having a close encounter with that often-startling condition.

Seems they ...Read more

Magnesium the Magnificent

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What do J.K. Simmons ("Whiplash") and Morgan Freeman ("Million Dollar Baby") have in common with magnesium? They're both Best Supporting Actors, just like that essential, but hardly starring, mineral that's required for a good production of YOUR life!

Magnesium is used by 300 of your regulatory enzymes that control muscle, nerve, protein, bone,...Read more

Shape Shifting Fat Cells

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

According to new research from Kyoto University in Japan, fat cells transmogrify -- just like creatures who change from human form into an animal. Think Michael J. Fox in "Teen Wolf" (1985) and characters like "Star Trek's" Odo, who change from liquid to solid, and back again. And it's surprisingly easy to get fat cells to make that change!

Fat...Read more

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