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Combat Obesity Starting in Preschool

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Norman "Chubby" Chaney seemed amusing in the "Our Gang" comedies of the 1930s and '40s as an overweight child (he was 3 feet, 11 inches tall and weighed 113 pounds). In part, it was because there just weren't many. Today nearly 18 percent of kids ages 6-11 are obese, as are 21 percent of those 12-19! Obesity is common and not funny, especially ...Read more

The Thrill is Back (Sort Of)

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The father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud once asked, "What does a woman want?" The pioneering sex researcher Alfred Kinsey puzzled over women's desires. Well, lately, if online bloggers are to be believed, one possible answer to both is: "A version of men's little blue pill to help ease sexual dysfunction!"

There are no medications approved ...Read more

Some Cognitive Activity Improves Exercise

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When British freestyle unicycle champion (2010-2013) Sam Goodburn juggles five pins and rides his unicycle across a tightrope, you know you're seeing multitasking at its highest level.

But for more down-to-earth sorts (like us) the idea of riding even a stationary bike and juggling or counting backward seems likely to slow us down so that ...Read more

Poison Ivy's 15 Minutes of Infamy

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Uma Thurman portrayed the villainess Poison Ivy in 1997's "Batman and Robin," and her effort earned her a nomination for that year's Razzie, or Golden Raspberry, for worst supporting actress! Seems Uma's Poison Ivy wasn't rash enough -- and moviegoers weren't itching to see her.

The same can't be said for real poison ivy; that villainous ...Read more

When Insisting on Healthy Eating Backfires

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The lyrics to Weird Al Yankovic's parody of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" sum up how parents inadvertently trigger bad food habits in their kids: "Don't want to argue, I don't want to debate/Don't want to hear about what kind of food you hate/You won't get no dessert 'til you clean off your plate/So eat it!"

According to Ohio State University ...Read more

Lack of Sleep Dings Memory and More

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The recent playoff games (NBA and Stanley Cup finals), as well as the World Series and NFL games on Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights later in the year, can keep you glued to your TV (if you're on Central or Eastern Standard time) until well after midnight.

But the alarm clock never goes off any later the next morning, and you may have to ...Read more

Litter Box Safe Moves

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When a drum of nuclear waste exploded in New Mexico last year, a chemical reaction between organic kitty litter (used to help absorb spills of uranium, plutonium and americium) and the drum's contents was to blame. Seems kitty litter can cause serious health risks!

For some people, the immediate hazard is a parasite -- Toxoplasma gondii -- that...Read more

Shocking News About the DIY Electro-Stim

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Recently, Nicola Duffy, from Dublin, Ireland, recorded her own close call with a bolt of lightning; so far, the video has shocked over 300,000 viewers on YouTube. Luckily, Nicola is OK, but bolts from the blue can cause severe injuries, or worse.

When applied correctly, however, electrical impulses in the form of electro-stimulation can ease ...Read more

Why Developed Countries Are Developing More Cancer

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The average North American eats over 130 pounds of sugar every year and consumes more than 60 pounds of sat-fat-laden beef, while the average American household has more television sets than people! No wonder 70 percent of North Americans are overweight or obese and cancer is the second leading cause of death. A massive new study published in ...Read more

How the Zombies Eat Your Brain

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If you're familiar with "Assassin's Creed" and "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain" or "Splatoon" and "Star Wars," chances are you or your kids are big-time video-game enthusiasts! More than $15 billion a year is spent on such digital distractions.

Worldwide, gamers spend an astounding 3 billion hours a week in front of their screens. The ...Read more

Moves to Keep Cholesterol in Check

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When hockey superstar Steven Stamkos and his team, the Tampa Bay Lightning, shut out the Rangers in game seven of the Eastern Conference play-offs to advance to the Stanley Cup finals, they showed how to keep an opponent in check.

Keeping your cholesterol in check as effectively as the Bolts checked the Rangers will give you an important ...Read more

Shop Until You Drop.. Pounds That Is!

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"Guy's Grocery Games" (Food Network) is a high-intensity, search-the-grocery-store-aisles-and-create-an-instant-dish-or-meal contest. And while chef Guy Fieri may be determined make contestants' supermarket experiences a little more manic than usual, just an ordinary shopping trip can be very challenging if you're trying to figure out what to ...Read more

High-Heel Hazards

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Steve Winwood may have thought the "Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys" was, in 1971 slang, "groovy." But the low moan of the high-heeled girls that's rockin' emergency rooms across North America isn't so melodic.

According to a new study from the University of Alabama Department of Public Health, from 2002 to 2012, the number of reported high-heel ...Read more

Are You a Fan of Team Wellness?

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A funny thing happened on Dr. Mike's way home from watching a last-second playoff victory by the Cleveland Cavaliers over the Chicago Bulls: He thought about eating a Cinnabon (didn't, wouldn't ever, but ...). True Cleveland fans know that rooting for the Cavs usually elicits a heightened stress response.

Then, two days later, he noticed how ...Read more

Microbiome and Health Solutions from Eating FNV

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MICRQuarterbacks Colin Kaepernick (49ers) and Cam Newton (Panthers), wide receiver Victor Cruz (New York Giants), NBA superstar Stephen Curry (Golden State) and actress Jessica Alba (a good sport) want you to get hip to FNV. That's Fruits 'n' Vegetables, the cool foods.

To get their point across, those celebs have made "ads" for fresh produce ...Read more

Skipping Meals Linked to Abdominal Weight Gain

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If skip tracer Dog Chapman and wife Beth are on your tail, you must have skipped out on something pretty serious, because there's a bounty on your head. But as unhealthy as it may be to have Dog hounding you, it's even unhealthier to skip meals.

Research says regularly missing meals can pack on pounds, especially around your middle, where ...Read more

Caffeine and Erectile Dysfunction

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There's been a lot of buzz lately about how coffee can perk up your sex life. Well, as Maxwell Smart (Don Adams/Steve Carell) says, if you want to "Get Smart," you "missed it by that much."

What's spot-on? Researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston found that men who consumed between 170 and 375 mg of caffeine a ...Read more

Older White Men Who Don't Take Their Vitamins Can't Jump

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Since his early college career and through 14 years with the Celtics, Larry Bird, 58, has played almost every position in basketball and held every post from coach to president (today) of the Indiana Pacers. But, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, that doesn't mean he isn't at risk for low bone density and osteoporosis -- 13 ...Read more

Don't Miss the Boat on Your Child's Behavior

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J.P. Morgan attended the launch of the Titanic in 1911; he even had his own suite and promenade on board. But when it came time for the doomed ship to set off for America, J.P. decided to skip the trip. Sometimes it's not so bad to miss the boat! When it comes to a child exhibiting emotional or behavioral problems, however, parents who miss that...Read more

One-Stop Doc Shopping for the Whole Family

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Can you name the BBC's wacky sci-fi show that's been running off and on since 1963? "Doctor Who" is now a super-series. It focuses on a time-traveling, personality- and appearance-changing character known simply as The Doctor, and millions of fans find it endlessly entertaining.

But wondering about "Doctor Who" is not so enjoyable for the ...Read more


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