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Waist Not Want Not

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The "Ziggy" cartoonist Tom Wilson once wrote: "A waist is a terrible thing to mind." And boy, was he right! But if you've lost your waist and really want to get it back, you won't mind doing the work. You'll be wasting belly fat and reclaiming a younger RealAge! That's why, despite the challenge, it's something to embrace -- and then you'll be ...Read more

Fast Fasting and Slowing Down Disease

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Can you match the following authors, Benjamin Franklin, Plutarch (an ancient Greek moralist) and Paracelsus (one of the fathers of Western medicine), with their quotes about fasting?

1. Fasting is the greatest remedy -- the physician within.

2. The best of all medicines is resting and fasting.

3. Instead of using medicine, better fast today. ...Read more

Hidden Sugars Not a Sweet Surprise

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Lord Sugar (no kidding) is the star of the BBC One's version of "The Apprentice." (Think he'll end up as prime minister?) Sugar Shane Mosley is a three-weight world boxing champ. And WBA guard Ta'Shauna Sugar Rodgers is an up-and-coming star. They're all upfront about their ability to turn from sweet to ferocious when they're looking to beat ...Read more

Seeking Healthy Food Cultures

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Michael Moore's movie, "Where to Invade Next," shows the filmmaker "invading" other countries to seize their solutions to social problems for use here at home. When he looked at school lunches in rural France (they were serving a four-course meal with scallops as an appetizer), it was clear that the French promote nutritious food (with ...Read more

Viagra May Accelerate Skin Cancer Growth

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For all you guys out there who are taking Viagra (sildenafil citrate) for erectile dysfunction, we've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the first generic version of Viagra has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, so your costs are going down. The bad news is that a recent study found that your sildenafil ...Read more

Beginners Should Avoid the Risks of High-Intensity Workouts

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Insanity! Burnout! Super revved-up workouts are all the rage at gyms and online. One big trend: high-intensity sprint training. Long-favored by special forces elites and athletes like superstar wide-receiver Jerry Rice, it calls for a warmup, short bursts of high-intensity running for about 30 seconds, followed by a couple of minutes of downtime...Read more

Just How Antisocial is Social Media?

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Auntie Social is a columnist in the Irish Examiner who focuses on social-media marketing, but we bet "she" never imagined that her world of Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter would become, well, so antisocial for some folks.

From nasty, shaming tweets to the stress and anxiety that overwhelms teens ...Read more

DHA-Omega 3s for Expecting Moms

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As the trout said to the salmon, "Something fishy's going on around here." More and more evidence is piling up about the health benefits of eating foods high in DHA omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon and trout, and taking DHA-omega-3 supplements. And now, according to researchers at the University of Granada and King's College London, there's yet ...Read more

Checking Into The Hospital

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In hockey, cross-checking is when a player with both hands on his raised hockey stick slams into an opposing player. That's against NHL rules, and earns at least a two-minute penalty.

Now, checking into the hospital isn't as dangerous as that hockey check, but there are a few rules you should follow in order to stay safe. True, you won't face ...Read more

Artificial Sweetners and Functional Alterations

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After artificial turf (AstroTurf) was laid down on professional football fields, starting with the Houston Astrodome in 1966, football players suffered an alarming increase in knee injuries. The NFL replaced it with other artificial surfaces, but between 2000 and 2009, ACL injuries were still 67 percent higher on fake grass (FieldTurf) than real...Read more

Breastfeeding and the Workplace

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"Pumping Up with Hans & Franz" was a much-loved "Saturday Night Live" sketch with Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon that debuted on in 1987. The duo often insisted, "We're not here to talk, we're here to pump (clap) you up!" Pumping was what these characters did at work.

Unfortunately, for breastfeeding moms, pumping at work isn't that easy. Though ...Read more

Organ Donations On the Rise in the U.S.

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Nurse Jackie (played by Edie Falco), the married mother of two, was shagging her hospital's pharmacologist, and fans suspected it was just to support her oxycodone habit. So when Jackie forged a document to make a newly deceased patient an organ donor, many viewers saw this as the character's struggle to let her inner goodness win out over, well...Read more

Taking Yoga to Heart

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Although rescue dogs were first trained as paratroopers in 1944, the first military dog to skydive from an altitude of 12,500 feet was Sgt. Maj. Fosco in 2009. He jumped in tandem with U.S. Army 1st Sgt. Chris Lalonde. Clearly, that's an extreme case of a downward-facing dog.

For a less daredevil rendition, we suggest you try the yoga pose ...Read more

Vegan Diet Deficiencies

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When two-time Grammy winner Jason Mraz sings "I Won't Give Up," he might be crooning about his steadfast commitment to a vegan lifestyle. He grows flats of microgreens on a shelf under a window on his tour bus and lives on an avocado farm that yields 30,000 of the nutrient-packed fruit annually.

But it isn't easy for most folks to abstain from ...Read more

Your Brain on Fat and Too Much Sugar

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Grampa Simpson once said, "You know, you remind me of a poem I can't remember." He has something in common with actress Patty Duke, who once said, "I can't tell you what I had for breakfast, but I can sing every single word of rock and roll." Ah memory! Fickle for sure.

But you can protect your memory -- and remember every word of rock and roll...Read more

Taking Charge of Your Prediabetes

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In 2013, Tom Hanks admitted to David Letterman -- and the world -- that his doctor told him that the moderately elevated glucose levels, prediabetes, he'd had for the past 19 years "had graduated" to full-blown Type 2 diabetes.

All we could think was, "Nineteen years!?!" For 19 years he and his doctor had the opportunity to work together to ...Read more

Prophylactic Mastectomy May Have No Benefit

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Christina Applegate (2008) and Sharon Osbourne (2012) opted for double mastectomies after discovering breast cancer in one breast. They wanted to reduce their chance of developing cancer in the unaffected breast when genetic testing showed that they were at an increased risk. And they've done a great deal to reduce the fear of having what is ...Read more

Moving Kids Away From Bully Behavior

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In 1906, in order to sell his Square Deal, Republican president Teddy Roosevelt used what was called his bully pulpit to convince folks that projects like the National Parks program and consumer protection laws were good ideas. At the time, the term "bully" was an adjective meaning "top-notch," as in "bully for you" meaning "great for you."

The...Read more

Exercise During Class

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Ryan Fitzpatrick played sports from a very young age, but before becoming a starting quarterback in the NFL (he's the first QB to throw four touchdowns in a game for four teams), he earned an economics degree from Dr. Oz's alma mater, Harvard. (Mehmet played for the Harvard Crimson, but opted for a career in heart surgery!)

So, does playing ...Read more

The Right Chew

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In "Star Wars" can you understand what Chewbacca (played by 7 foot, 3 inch tall Peter Mayhew) is saying? Probably not. Seems only Hans Solo and crew can make sense of that mouthful of sounds. However, if you want to understand the Chewy in your life, you don't need ("What's for dinner?" is "uughghhhgh aarrragghuuhw aaaaahnr ...Read more

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