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Teens, Antibiotics, and Weight Gain

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In the 1980 sci-fi thriller "Altered States," Harvard Medical School professor Eddie Jessup (William Hurt) claims he entered an alternate physical and mental state by using drugs and an isolation chamber. Just recently, researchers at Johns Hopkins University claimed that people altered the physical state of their intestinal biome, where ...Read more

When Antioxidant Supplements Are Risky

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In 2014 Buffalo, New York, had record snow falls (as they often do). The Buffalo Bills had to clear 220,000 tons of snow off their football field before they could even think of playing the scheduled game against the New York Jets.

But clearing out trouble isn't always the smart move.

When it comes to cancer cells, the last thing you want to ...Read more

Older and Better at Correcting Mistakes

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"You can't teach an old dog new tricks." That phrase has been applied to human seniors for centuries (it first appeared in a book on animal husbandry in 1534). But a new study shows that it's pretty far off the mark! Researchers at Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute recently found that with age you gain not only ...Read more

Rekindle the Spark

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Quiz: Who has 50 percent less sex: The couple with two kids; the couple with no kids, the couple who live in Paris or the couple who live in New York?

Answer: The couple who has a TV in their bedroom! That's right. No matter where you live or how many kids you have, if you have a TV in your bedroom, studies show that you're having 50 percent ...Read more

PPIS and The Risk of Kidney Damage

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When O.J. Simpson was sent to jail in 2008 for robbery and kidnapping (not murder), it was for 33 years. Lots of people though that long term was a long time coming. Similarly, in medical research, two recent long-term studies of a medication for acid reflux were a long time coming -- and their verdict could change your life.

Since the 1990s, ...Read more

Is Yours Crack Pot or Crock Pot?

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When Holly Golightly's (Audrey Hepburn) pressure cooker explodes in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and she's thrown into the arms of the smitten Paul Varjak (George Peppard), such kitchen contraptions seem dangerous and romantic. But there's nothing to love about a crock pot that puts you at risk for food or lead poisoning!

Slow cooking can preserve ...Read more

Setting Up The Best Counterattack

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On Oct. 19, 1864, Confederate Lt. Gen. Jubal Early launched a surprise attack on Maj. Gen. Philip Sheridan's Union Army of the Shenandoah, and the Union soldiers were nearly routed. However, Sheridan launched a counterattack and won the Battle of Cedar Creek. Clearly, counterattacks can be very effective, especially in the Battle of the Bulge!

...Read more

Get Regular with a Cup of Coffee

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The Big Bang theory proposes that the universe is always expanding. The Big Crunch theory says that after the expansion, gravity will haul the universe back into a singularity, which will Big Bang all over again.

That expansion and contraction is sort of how your guts work. But to prevent them from going completely Bang and Crunch, here's our ...Read more

Parents and Preschool Emergency Plans

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Even Bob Hope had an emergency plan: "I keep an earthquake emergency kit in my house," he once said. "It's filled with food, water and a half a dozen writers."

But according to a new poll, a lot of parents (35 percent) have no idea what their child's day care or preschool emergency plan entails -- or if they even have one. The C.S. Mott ...Read more

How to Handle Adult Bullying

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You may think bullying is perpetrated only by nasty kids or mean teenagers. But in 2013 it happened among teammates in the NFL. Miami Dolphins second-year player Jonathan Martin accused veteran Richie Incognito of mercilessly harassing him. A subsequent investigation concurred, and lead lawyer Ted Wells called Martin's treatment "a classic case ...Read more

Wart Worry? How to Get Rid of Them

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In the children's book "The Witch With a Wart," an old hag discovers she has a wart on her nose (of course!). Eager to have it disappear, she brews up a magic potion, but gets the ingredients wrong, tripling her proboscis' problems. If she'd just known about duct tape! (More on that below.)

Warts, caused by a human papilloma virus (different ...Read more

The Hidden Health Benefits of Walking

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George Matthew Schilling is said to be the first person to walk around the world; he did it from 1897 to 1904. And according to Guinness World Records, the first verified global trans-perambulator was David Kunst, who trekked from June 20, 1970, to October 5, 1974. He walked 14,450 miles through four continents. But you don't have to go to all ...Read more

The Inconvenience of Convenience Food

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Did you fill up your tank and your stomach at the same stop? "Sure. It's convenient," you say. Well, since there are more than 151,000 convenience stores in the U.S. hauling in over $700 BILLION annually, that certainly seems to be the consensus. But grabbing food at spots that specialize in packaged snacks, sweet beverages and sugary desserts ...Read more

How to Safely Increase Your Sexual Energy

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Lamar Odom, NBA star and reality-TV personality, recently was stricken after reportedly using an herbal "Viagra." And while we've frequently warned you about the risks of taking unregulated and often toxic supplements for enhanced sexual performance (as well as for weight loss, an energy boost or to build muscle), it's finally become inescapable...Read more

Bring Addiction Into The Light: The National Night of Conversation

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What do Demi Lovato, Robert Downey Jr. and Drew Barrymore have in common? They all were addicted to drugs, but once they acknowledged the damage it was doing to their life, they entered recovery. Now, they're glad to talk about the reality of overcoming addiction and to help others understand the nature of the beast. As Lovato said in a 2014 ...Read more

What Are You Really Hungry For?

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When Bruce Springsteen croons "everybody's got a hungry heart," you can feel how desperate a person can be for love. So it's not surprising that psychologists agree with that analogy: Turns out if you're eating or drinking too much, you actually might be hungry for relationships.

According to Michael McKee, M.D., a psychologist at the Cleveland...Read more

Don't Be a Turkey This Turkey Bowl Season

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Dr. Mike's Cleveland Clinic sees plenty; so does Dr. Oz's New York Presbyterian Hospital: emergency-room visits for sprains, broken bones, contusions and concussions following a traditional Thanksgiving Day pickup football game. So here are tips that will keep you in good shape, and won't take a thing away from your day of fun.

Tip No. 1: Warm ...Read more

The Pill for C. Diff

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"What's up, Doc?" Bugs Bunny was a tough pill to swallow for both Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd. The wisecracking, Brooklyn-born bunny could even raise havoc on the moon! But there are some bugs that aren't so tough to take -- and they're packed into the latest FMT (fecal microbial transplant) capsule.

Encapsulated FMT's have been around for a ...Read more

Sinusitis is Nothing to Sniff At

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Among the world's billions of people, Israeli researchers claim there are only 14 types of noses! Albert Einstein's "fleshy nose" is the most common -- around 25 percent of folks sport that schnozzle.

But whether you share Albert's proboscis, have a hawk nose (like Barbra Streisand) or a bulbous nose (Bill Clinton), if you're one of the more ...Read more

Doctor Give Me The News Accurately

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When Robert Palmer sings "Doctor, Doctor, give me the news," you know he's gonna get diagnosed with a bad case of the romantic blues. But most of the time, it takes more than a song and a plea to let your doctor know what's really ailing you.

Unfortunately, patients (YOU?) often feel like their doc is not easy to talk to. In fact, studies show ...Read more

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