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Good Gut Health = Good Health

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Gut health was one of the hottest topics at this year's annual Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics convention held recently in Boston. The choice of carbohydrates and more importantly, dietary fiber, play an important role in influencing the gut microbiota.

Then there are prebiotics and probiotics. Nutrition research has pinpointed specific ...Read more

Cold and Flu Prevention

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We're heading into the cold and flu season, and Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter offers some diet and lifestyle tips that can help protect you.

--Get vaccinated. While no flu vaccine is 100 percent effective, studies show that the vaccine will reduce your risk of flu-related hospitalization.

--Eat more fruits and vegetables. The antioxidants, ...Read more

Nutrition News: Worth the Splurge

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As a dietitian, there are a few foods that make me think -- even though I know they're classified as healthy, they come with a high calorie price. Foods like avocados, dark chocolate, nuts, red wine and even olive oil.

So are they worth spending your calories?

The Food and Drug Administration says "yes".

Just last week, the FDA changed its ...Read more

Nutrition News: Diabetes Risk and Your Diet

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Diabetes Risk and Your Diet

What you eat really can increase your risk of diabetes. In a study by researchers at Harvard, eating less of the right foods over a four-year period resulted in a 34 percent increase risk of type 2 diabetes.

The study, which was published online in the Diabetes Care Journal, followed 124,607 adult participants who ...Read more

Exercise for Your Brain Health

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It may take more than a simple walk around the block, but a new study finds that vigorous physical activity in midlife can help reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

A long-term study of twins reveals physical activity may reduce the risk of cognitive decline later in life. Following up with more than 3,000 twins 25 years after they provided ...Read more

Nutrition News: Should You Go Gluten-Free?

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We seem to fear gluten these days like we used to fear fat and carbs. At a recent women's conference I attended, the buffet line included four large signs declaring the salad, vegetables and chicken were all gluten-free. The people standing in line next to me wondered if that was a good thing?

Gluten-free diets seem to be the latest fad, yet ...Read more

The Truth About Carbs

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Most of the time, carbs get a bad rap. Some people claim carbs are fattening and others claim carbs trigger cravings. But lumping all carbs together -- like doughnuts and oatmeal -- simply isn't right.

The carbs in bread, cereal, pasta, potatoes, sweets and soda are considered "bad" while carbs in legumes, fruits, vegetables and dairy products ...Read more

Fiber to the Rescue

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For those of use trying to maintain or lose weight (and that covers most of us), there may be a simple answer that many of us overlook: getting more fiber in our diets.

The average American gets about 17 grams of fiber a day, but we need much more -- women need 25 grams a day and men need 38 grams.

If getting more fiber is the only dietary ...Read more

Little Steps

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One thing I've learned in the 25 years I've been a dietitian: Little steps/everyday decisions make a big difference in a healthy diet -- whether it's what you order at the fast food restaurant, or whether you choose to eat fruit instead of a sweet. Those little steps become the big thing that helps you maintain, gain or even lose weight.

Here's...Read more

Food for Olympians

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Most of us love watching the Olympics. To see the expertise, stamina and agility of the athletes is amazing.

Ever wonder what they eat? What does it take to fuel the strength, speed, endurance and grace of Olympic athletes?

It takes years of training and hard work, and sports dietitians are part of many Olympic hopefuls' team -- helping to ...Read more

Nutrition News: Lowering Cholesterol

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If your cholesterol numbers are high, you can blame your genes -- and perhaps a diet of eating too many higher fat animal products. Many of our bodies make more than enough cholesterol. When we eat foods high in cholesterol -- foods from an animal -- it's easy to boost our cholesterol levels. But what we choose to eat can also lower our ...Read more

Take a Walk, Lower your Risk of Heart Disease

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Even if you can't exercise for a long time every day, it's still worth doing when you can, especially when you are younger.

A new study, published in the journal Circulation, finds that younger women who exercise just 2.5 hours a week, or 30 minutes a day for five days a week, may cut their risk for heart disease by up to 25 percent.

"The ...Read more


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